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Hearing A Voice Which Woke Me Up


Could someone please help me out a bit? I usually sleep pretty soundly and don't remember my dreams or anything that happens around me when I am sleeping. However, I have had dreams lately which I remember vividly (I remember the colours, touch, voice, everything). Yesterday, I woke up because I distinctly heard my name being called. It was a male voice (I don't know if I recognise it or not) and it was in my bedroom. I just woke up, looked around, and that's it. It felt like he was standing right by the door (my door was closed). I didn't feel scared or get a feeling of urgency. I have a relatively unique name (I am from India) and it was pronounced in an American accent.

I was reading through this forum and I haven't lost (i.e. No one has died) anyone close to me who is from the States. I also want to mention that even though I am stressed about stuff in my life, it is normal things which I have always been stressed about - work due for my classes, presentations coming up, stuff about work, family stressors. It is not undue, abnormal, or additional stress. I don't know what else to rule out.

My questions are: Could it be that someone was thinking of me and I woke up to being remembered by that person? Is it something else?

I don't know how possible it is to get a "feeling" (for lack of a better word) through forum posts, but if someone could please help, that would be great:) I also apologize if this was too much information or too little. Please feel free to ask and clarify. Thank you in advance for your time:)

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1020coco (24 posts)
7 years ago (2017-06-01)
My feeling about what happened is that you have been very busy in your dreams. There's a lot that you're experiencing and doing, perhaps helping others. Your guide was calling you back to your physical state. If you're feeling tired, then ask your guide to stay in your body and not travel around so much so you can get a good night sleep. Hope that helps.
babayag (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-30)
Check out this post:
Or this one on dreams:

Also, commenter [at] klamathstorm makes a great point and I agree. Sounds like it could be a Spirit trying to wake you up, given the accent, I'd say Spirit Guide.

Sometimes they'll do that (say your name, wake you up) in the middle of the night to get your attention. Especially after nautical night, it's the quietest time and the electromagnetic fields that would normally interfere with this sort of thing are at a minimum, as the world is at sleep, so it's the best time to get your attention. Very cool!

Hearing a Spirit's voice is called clairaudience, and it's a gift.
Adamnkenn (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-14)
I have to get this off my chest... I was at home after a day of work just relaxing on my reclining chair in my living room... As I sit there, I feel the weight of a very heavy blanket fal over me... I let the feeling go as if it is nothing but I slow began to lose feeing in my legs... It really seemed as if something was on top of me, trying to seduce me... I kept feeling a touch on my belt buckle... Later I went up to bed and was trying to fall asleep when I heard the mumbling of what sounded like 4-5 people around my bedside talking... I began speaking to them in my head and actually thought they were replying to me... I feel like a crazy person... But I don't know how else to explain this... At this point I feel very nervous and my heart is beating very fast... I then close my eyes to try and fall asleep when I hear a scream... Not the type of scream that wakes up everyone else in my house, but like a white noise that only I could hear and feel... The spirits around seemed very angry and as if they were threatening my life... I was scared to go to bed because I heard them speaking all night... I don't know how to explain this and really would like the input of someone else... This is the first time this has happened to me and I was extremely scared throughout the night
klamathstorm (3 stories) (5 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-13)
It could be someone thinking about you at that moment. It could be a message from Spirit trying to wake you up to something big that could be happening soon in your life. For me, I've had more along the lines of precognitive/clairvoyant dreams, including whole conversations. It depends on you and what your experiences are. But you're awake now!

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