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The Little Boy I Never Knew


When I went to my mother's new house for the first time, I had a very hard time sleeping. I tried my best to stay awake by watching movies and eating but finally when my eyes couldn't stay open any longer I went to sleep with my mother in her room. Something about the house from the beginning didn't seem normal. Not bad, but not normal. I don't see shadows or misty clouds out of the corner of my eye but before I climbed into bed with my mother I felt very uneasy.

Suddenly the image of a small boy with freckles, very mousy with short blond hair and glasses came to mind. He wears a white and red striped button down dress shirt. His name is Dexter or Derek or something with a DE in his name. This boy looks at me with a cold and an unsure look like "Where am I?"

I've never considered myself a phsycic or clairvoyant but for a long time every now and then I feel uneasy feelings wash over me like I'm not alone.

When I was younger- around 3 years old I lived in a trailer with my brother, mother, and father before he left my mother. I woke up and remember walking into the living room where there was a rocking chair nearest to the window. I saw my mother in her bathrobe smoking but I could clearly see through her but I climbed up onto the rocking chair and into her lap. The only thing that stood out was the lit up ash at the end of her cigarette and the smoke billowing from it. I fell asleep in her lap but when I woke up I was in my bedroom. My mother says now that she doesn't remember this ever happening. This is the only thing I can remember from before my dad left.

I need to know if it is possible that I could be physic? I study Tarot now and find myself becoming increasingly good at it. I only know how to do a 3-card reading but every time so far I've been told I was accurate by 100%

Please help me to believe that this is a possibility and I'm not crazy.

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