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Real Premonitions Or Coincidence?


Ever since I was little, I've been able to "sense things." They were always bad things, like I'd get a really bad feeling something bad was going to happen and in a matter of a few days, it would unfortunately come true. These are right about 75% of the time.

I told my friend about it and then he said to try and control it. I don't exactly know where to start to try controlling it, but ever since he told me about controlling it, it's becoming more and more accurate. Usually, it's just a feeling, but now, if I pause and think, I can get an idea of what that "bad feeling" is about.

The most recent one was this: I was eating when my friends were talking about windows. Immediately when I heard the word "windows" I got a terrible feeling something bad was going to happen. But since I couldn't think of anything plausible, I just decided I was probably wrong. Well, that night, when I was trying to sleep, my roommate [in college] screamed as she looked outside her window. She said she saw something "weird and alien-like." And she even had a story about her sister who said she had seen aliens.

I was so terrified; I began to cry to my embarrassment. I cried because nothing this real had ever happened. Usually the rest could've easily been put into a category of "coincidental thoughts." But this; I'm not sure if it's coincidence any more.

Also, I don't want to lose this gift. I don't label it a curse or anything. I just want your opinions on whether you think this is just coincidence or something else.

Also, my great uncle had a gift of using Tarot cards and seeing the future.

So do you think I got it from him?

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aarie (1 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-25)
heyy snafubaby and krista can you contact me on my mail id... Arpitmumbai.pune [at] itss some thing important... I need help as well...
Hoping for a reply... Have a great time ahead:)
snafubaby (4 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-05)
Hi, and thanks for sharing! I am totally in awe of your story. I can sometimes foretell things that are going to happen, or get a bad feeling about things that may happen, like premonitions. Sunday night, I was reading a website that I frequent, when one of the posters in the forums said that he was laid off of his job of many years, and would have to sell lots of his possessions to make ends meet. I immediately got a feeling of dread. I didn't know why, but perhaps I was just fearing the worst thing that could happen at the time in my own life. Then last night, perhaps that feeling of dread reared it's ugly head, because I received a suspension from my job for retaliating against a female there by calling her a profane name. She was causing me grief yesterday, and after complaining to management before about idiot people there, which they never did a thing about, they slapped a 3-day suspension on me. Now, I am facing an uncertain future, wondering if they will terminate me or if I will be able to keep my job. I will find out thursday. Somewhat of the same thing happened about a year ago. I was outside the building, after work, talking to my friend. He was saying bad things about someone at work, and I was hoping nobody heard us, because they would accuse me of doing it, too. I was fearful that someone might of, and the next day, I was waiting for both of us to be called into the office by management, and perhaps get terminated. Luckily I wasn't terminated, but he did lose his job! He didn't get terminated because of what he said about the other person, but he got termed for another reason, far different from that. It had to do with an on-the-job accident. Still, it was too close for comfort! I don't know why some of us get these feelings of dread, or premonitions, or foresights, or whatever applies. I guess it just shows we are all spiritual beings, and we have the ability to sense things.

All my life I've had a fascination with the metaphysical side of life. Part of me wishes I never had this fascination, because of the things I've foresaw, and the things I've sensed. Bad things! However, sometimes, it's pleasant things, like there are times when I started singing a song that I like, and then the next song on the radio is that song. I am not talking about a popular song, or a current hit at the time, either. I was just thinking of a song, started to sing it, and boom - It's on the radio a few minutes later. Or I was thinking of a friend or family member, and boom - The phone rings, or there's a knock on the door, and it's them. Not sure why we don't have the same level of ability to foresee things, but we do have that ability.

One more occurance to share. Very recently, someone I never saw in my life was walking down the street near my house. A thought popped in my head, "That guy is going to say something to me..." The next thing I know, he's asking me if I want to sell my Sony PSP handheld game system that I was carrying.

Recently, after seeing a movie I saw before, "Final Destination 2", and a movie I haven't seen before, "Premonition", I can definitely relate to strange occurances in my own personal experiences.
blue_fire (1 stories) (39 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-03)
kristalove: Controlling it comes with believing in yourself, confidence that your premonitions/intuition is right. Sometimes meditation can tune in your gift stronger, with affirmation techniques (which always have to be said in present tense and in positive terms), which is telling yourself in a meditative state something like I know I have the gift of foresight and I know how to use it; also visualization, which is picturing the thing you got a bad feeling off of in your mind in a meditative state, what plays out or comes to mind during this is almost always right.

The biggest thing you can do to control it is have confidence that you truly have a gift, it will come through stronger, meditation is like maintenance/performance enhancing of the brain, kind of like supercharging, nos, rotating the tires and oil changes for cars.

Reading, reading, and more reading about your gift will help you understand more, and in turn bring more confidence on using it. It will also lead you to other techniques to sharpen your skills other than meditation, I suggest meditation cause it works for me, but its not everybody's cup of tea.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-08-01)
We are here because we are. That does matter so make the most of it and stay in touch and find your important place in life. The other stuff is interesting. I have an alien story, nothing dramatic, when I was 17. It's a true one, to me, because I saw it though I never told anyone. For decades I forgot it, then I remembered and laughed a little. My date was freaked a little those many years ago. Mostly I spend time caring for my children, but learning about other stuff is interesting. Getting to in touch or emotional might inhibit what we learn.

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