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Body Snatchers Or Sleep Paralysis


I've been trying to develop myself for quite some time now. I'm learning the Tarot, always keeping my candles on, incense burning and water in a crystal glass so that no evil spirits or entities come into my spiritual moment. I also imagine myself surrounded by a white glowing shield for protection.

One night before I went to sleep I meditated in bed and I asked my spirit guide and guardian angel to guide me into seeing what the future holds for me. After a while I felt like I was in a limbo state (half asleep and half awake). I started to smell a putrefied odor (like something was rotten) and I felt that something evil was coming towards me, I dared not open my eyes. All of a sudden this evil entity passed right through me and laid down behind me and grabbed me by the neck and was shifting my soul on the bed (I know it was my soul because I felt as if I was going to fall off the bed but my body didn't move physically). I was terrified at what was going on and I was verbally telling the entity NO, NO and then I started to imagine my white glowing shield all around me, but it wasn't letting go, then I started to pray the Our Father over and over again and shouted out and asked (more like a demand) God to come within me and give me strength to fight this evil away.

All of a sudden, I felt a subtle change of temperature, like a chill starting from the top of my head to the tip of my toes and I saw my hands glowing. After many prayers, all of a sudden I felt that the entity let me go and it was really close to my face, like if it was smelling me, still I didn't want to open my eyes, because I was scared of seeing it and then all of a sudden something walked off the bed and I felt peace and not afraid anymore. Then my husband, in his sleep, turned over to my side and slept right behind me and his shoulder touched mine and I was at ease and finally fell asleep.

I was so shaken by this experience the next morning that I didn't meditate for a week. I haven't had any more experiences except for feeling cold spots in my house and sometimes I feel like someone is watching me. As a child I used to suffer of sleep paralysis and see shadows leaving my room, but I have never experienced an attack of this kind and I don't want to go through that again, can anyone give me advice and some info as to what really happened?

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chocolatesushi (8 posts)
12 years ago (2008-10-10)
about a week or so ago... I was laying in bed, my covers being pulled off by something that felt bad (I was fighting it of course) and then I was pushed off the bed, or so I thought... So I screamed in my mind "NO" over and over again, then asked for God to help me... Then it stopped... I was expecting to get up to climb back into the bed, but when I opened my eyes, I was on the bed...wierdness...i guess that was my soul being shifted... Sorry I'm not much help... But I say you should call out to the Higher Power of your belief to help you... It always works for me... Now that I think about it, this is a new apartment for me although my friends have been in it... But I still haven't cleansed it... Sea salt and sage... Try that...
superfreak (2 posts)
12 years ago (2008-09-11)
...scared "shiatless" what does that mean? - gift of energy -

God is love. Darkness does not like the light. Let light rule and you will always be protected.
giftofenergy (8 posts)
12 years ago (2008-08-25)
I'm new to this site.
My opinion is everyone has a spiritual "skill". My skill is being able to distinguish between different types of energies. The energy associated with an emphathic person is different than the energy associated with an astral travelor or a portal activator or a rock or a horse or etc. My learning has come from helping other people learn about their skill (s).

I had a similiar expericence with being "frozen" (not able to move) or call for help (sound stopped just 2 or 3 inches from my mouth) while I was being scared "shiatless". I'm glad that my experience wasn't as frightening as yours.

What I learned from that experience is energy flows in two different directions. One is you giving energy. The other is energy being taken from you. The energy being given is associated with "love". The energy being taken is associated with "fear", "confusion" or "choas".

I learned to stop the "dark ones" from taking my energy. How? LAUGHTER
The joke I told when I was scared "shiatless" was "Why did the chicken cross the road. To get to the other side of course..." I don't think it is funny now, but at the time I laughed. I can remember thinking to myself, "that isn't funny enough to make me laugh". But, I was laughing. Then I noticed the "dark ones" were gone. Every time they came back or any new dark ones come around, I'll tell the same joke, laugh and the dark ones leave.

When I was communicating with one of my spirit guides, I learned that the dark ones take our energy because that is their "food/nutrition". You stop feeding them and they will stop coming around.

One thing that applies to my skill is that the voice carries all of the energies associated with the "experience". I'm not as good at picking-up on the energies associated with writing about an "experience", yet. By helping I'm learning! That's why I help people.

If anyone would like to contact me you can reach me at giftofenergy [at] I have a phone plan that allows unlimited calls in the continental USA. Therefore, I don't have a problem making the call.

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