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Woman Dressed In White


This is my 2nd story posted. Since then I've learned quite a lot. But a regular visitor I used to have when I was a kid has come to my attention, that she may have been something other than my imagination.

When I was about 5, give or take a year or two, I would wake up for whatever reason in the middle of the night, usually from nightmares. Upon waking up I was ready to scream for my mom, but my nightmare would be wiped from my mind as I saw a woman standing in my doorway. She would always be dressed in a long white night gown. She was a tall woman, with long black hair, sort of curly. Anyway I was terrified of this woman, whether because I was little and automatically creeped out. I do not remember her posing any threat to me.

When I would see this woman I would scream for my mother. She would soon come (my parent's room is right next door and it literally takes three steps to get in there room from mine). It would always feel like it takes her forever to get to my room. I would never want to go running into her room for fear that the woman would hurt me. But my mom and dad would always tell me it was my imagination. I would insist it wasn't, but I soon gave up seeing as no one really believed me.

Now that I know ghosts are real, I've been thinking back for the last couple years. What if what I saw was a ghost? I saw her almost every night. I would forget all about her in the day, until I was awoken and there she was, watching me. She never moved any, just stayed in the same position, watching. I honestly don't know how I remember this so clearly but I do. It definitely was not a dream or a hallucination. The weird thing is, me and my mom were talking a couple months back about her past ghost experiences and I brought up the woman. I described her as best as I could remember, which is pretty good, seeing as I can remember her as if she still visited. Apparently she died long before mom came in the picture. She only saw her once in a picture. But of course we can't be sure that s who I was seeing, because I need the picture to clarify. But I will never get my hands on that picture because my nanny has it and well. That's just how she rolls. She's not very cooperative. Nicest thing I can say about her I think lol.

Anyway, I don't think I will find out ever if I was seeing a past relative or not, but if I was, it doesn't make sense because she was better than our family. And I don't say that meaning snobby. You kind of have to know my family to understand. Anyway, she was doing good for herself and only came out once and a while. She and dad never got along great or whatever so I'm not thinking she would want to be check in on me?

My Mom had a theory that it may have been something watching over me? So, realizing this story is pretty much longer than intended, sorry about that, ill close my story with a "any ideas of what I was seeing when I was little?" It definitely was no dream that's for sure.

Peace out and much thanks


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Julien (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-04-12)

I have had exact the same experience about the same age!
Waking up in the night and waiting for her to come.
First I was scared and put my pillow over my head but it did n't help. Instead I was sitting in the center of my room and there she was in the doorway. White women, white curly hair, white face (no facial recognitions) and tall.
I remember that I wasn't that scared after a while. My parents room was also next to my room about 3 meter.
When I asked I wanted to go to my parents room she brought me to my parents bedroom and lay me down on bed in the middle.
I had this experience back then so many times that I was aware that I wasn't sleeping or dreaming. I could even control most things when I was dreaming Except when I was aware of the white women. I remember a other one but she had red/ orange hair and she did had kind of a face. She wasn't scary but I had bad feelings and felt like I had to avoid her.

Hope you could contact me
(I couldn't find a place4 PM u)

silvac4 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-03)
same happened to me!. Long story short, I had a dream that I was in a bad (i'm leaving out some details) and I felt a presence that scared the shiat out of me (it happened a lot before) and then the moment I stop't fearing it, a tall woman in a long white night gown and black long curly hair (the hair was about breast covering length) appeared next to my bed, I didn't look her in the face because I was to scared. She tryed to pull me to her not physically but with a force I couldn't see, out of fear I forced myself to wake up, but then when I woke up she was standing next to my bed in my room!, she was staring at me, I tryed to move but my body wouldn't listen to me, and then she pulled down my blanket to the floor of my feet using a force of some kind because she diden't move to do it, I tryed to scream but I couldn't,then she tryed to pull me out of my bed with the invisible force from before, it felt like something wraping around you and trying to pull you (it diden't hurt)., somehow I managed to move my head to the right away from her very slowly because it was like my whole body was numb, I tryed to knock on the wall with my finger but I couldn't manage to make a sound because I couldn't add force to the knocking. I felt hopeless and start prying the first thing that came to my mind and it was "Thank's to the woman in white with the black hair that let's me stay" I repeated it over and over about 5-10 times while trying to make a shout. The first sound that suddendly came out was very low like a small Aaa... But right after that I screamed. And got up really fast before I couldn't move agine or something. I turned on the light and I just said to myself "never doubt that it was real". And that is how I remmber that it was real no matter what.

My email is "silvac4 [at]" if you had the same experiece please talk to me. Maybe there is something incommon between us that can solve this case. Beside this case I have a few more that happened to me aswell
greenwelll (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-22)
hey I read your post and I happen to have seen this woman that you wrote about at that same age... She would be at the foot of my bed stareing at me. She would sscare me to the point of that I couldn't even yell for my parents. I didn't feel threatened by her but she still scared me
UnknownBen (4 posts)
15 years ago (2009-04-12)
I cliked this because this is exactly waht I see...

Accept mine has Blonde hair and is brushing her hair... But she is wearing a white long night gown... I used too see her all the time atmy old house... Alwaysinfront of the mirror that was there before we even moved in... Although when I saw her I wasn't afraid I was just stunned because I realized it wasn't my imagination because I saw her in the same spot everytime.
Jason (5 posts)
15 years ago (2008-11-15)
hi Tara, I think that it might be your spirit guide?
Especially because you say that it might be one of your passed family members.
Try paying attention to your dreams to see if shes in any of them.

If you want to talk any more about it feel free to add me on msn. My address is on my profile


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