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Empathic Or Clairsentient?


Clairsentience and empathy is quite similar in how if your clairsentient your empathic, but if your empathic your not clairsentient. Yes I know that's a lot to take in. For me I have been chalking my ability up to be clairsentience because it's such a broad term. However I'm not so sure.

For me:

I SENSE emotions and energies, but I don't FEEL these emotions as though they were my own. I can sense energies and emotions of animals/people/nature. I have to wear my crystal at all times whether it's in my pocket or in my pencil case I have to have it around me. If not, right after lunch, fourth period, I'm so overwhelmed I have an unexplainable urge to curl up and cry. As if that's not enough, I feel completely drained. It's ridiculous. This also happens when just communicating online. When someone signs in I immediately know their general mood before they even say their greeting. Whilst talking to someone via IM I can sense if their energy is low or just different. Not just by how they are talking. I do relate a lot to empaths, again, I do not feel emotions as though they were my own but only sense, which is what has me a bit frazzled.

I am able to look at a picture, in the person's eyes, and tell their emotions at the time. For example; quite a while before the Chris Brown crazy ordeal, I was putting up a poster I ripped out of a mag and decided to try this on him. I didn't like what I saw. I didn't get a vision. Just... A bad feeling I suppose. Bad energy. Just bad. I brushed it off as nothing because honestly... But months later his face is plastered on the news for what he did to Rhianna. It absolutely blew my mind. I didn't predict this. I didn't have a vision of this. I just simply looked into his eyes and I just felt bad. This happens to me a bit too in general. I can look into someone's eyes and just 'know' and 'sense' if their someone I would want to hang out with. I found this for a clairsentient exercise and figured I'd try it out. I'm good at it apparently:/

Hopefully this helps:) Any feedback would be great =) Thank you!

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TristanE17 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2011-07-15)
i have this same ability and I can sense emotions through picture but I mainly feel the emotions of the dead. I feel past emotion the I don't know "refuse to die". They are strong but I feel a lot of violent and angry emotions. And its like they blur my concience and take over with this psychotic aftermath and I just feel like a complete lunatic. But I do feel the emotions of people who are extremely close to me. But before I ever started having any of my present abilities I dreamt that I was walking through a large field and there was this woman in a flowing white dress. She beckoned me and I followed and when we had walked to the edge of the treeline the sky turned bleak and she looked me in the eyes. Hers were a briliant green and she said to me, "If only you knew what we had planned for you." she said it in a voice like a mothers when she speaks to a baby. But ever since then I see her everywhere in my house. I kno she is there but she refuses to leave. When I feel her emotion I feel her telling me that I will be used to fulfill her dream in her past life. When this emotion comes I feel a party taking place and then I feel her emotions darken and one time when they took over I blacked out and when I woke up I was laying in the floor of my loft with a butcher knife in my hand!... Can nyone help?
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-18)
Tara9282 regardless if one is empathetic, sensative or clairsentient.
There will always be an exchange in energy.
I only believe all of this interaction regardless of whom may be classified as should know what makes them tick and how they operate, also self worth as AnneV has said is imperative.

I use stones I guess classified as as empathetic.

What does not give one understanding is normally Empathetics are by products of an environment usually having to be in the middle of things to help smooth things over, usually a peace maker feeling responsible to help.

You actually sound like a sensative with clairsentent ability.

One thing to do is use a loop of white light around yourself and the other individual, cut at the end of the interaction.

If you have feels, sensations not your own.
Send love and light to them. Saying if these are not mine I release you.
If they say you will identify that it's just you having an off day.

For this reason I firmly believe in using shielding. But shielding can be a problem to people whom do not meditate and work with the energy. For a shield is only an extention of our energy and will only work
When we understand and know how to manipulate it.
Habeshabatu (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2010-05-17)
I think this website will shed some light on your situation. I have been through exactly what you are talking about and instead of trying to word everything I am feeling. I think you should take a look here:


Peace and good luck:)

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