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Visions and Stitches


When I was a little girl, I could sometimes look out the bus window and tell what kind of mood my mom was in, I'd get home and I was so right it was scary! After a couple years of this I couldn't do it anymore. Then a few years later my 'visions' replaced it.

The first time it happened I was having a normal conversation with a friend and I had a 'vision' of me falling, it was like I was actually there. I didn't tune out or anything it happened in like a split second but I saw it happen. Then after a month of these visions I climbed a gate and tripped while jumping off it, and landed on those big gravel rocks you get for your driveway. I had to get 15 stitches. Then after that I saw myself tripping over sticks and such and well I tripped, and tripped and tripped again. I'm a very clumsy person.

Then it happened again two years later. Out of nowhere I had another 'vision' of something silvery blue come crashing down on me, like I was actually there. These visions went on for maybe 2 months. Stupidly I had broken a full-length mirror and taped the part that was still good to my wall. Well one day I was fighting with my mom all day and my door was slamming non stop, and I kept looking at it saying to my self I should take it down, but I never did because I was scared of cutting myself. Eventually that tape came off and just like in my visions that mirror, reflecting my blue painted walls came crashing down on me cutting my finger, having me get 7 stitches. OUCH!

I also have moments of deja vu. Like I'll be watching a movie that is totally new and I've never seen it before in my life and I know what is going to happen. The outfits, it all seems familiar. I tell myself it could have shown in previews of that movie... But I don't think so.

Also 6 years ago I had a cat. We had him for 2 years. He was house trained and everything. He mewed at the door when he wanted out to do his business. And mewed again to come back in. He was smart.

One night he was out doing his business but he was out longer than normal. It was summer and my window was opened. I could hear my cousins dog outside a few yards away from the house he was barking and my cat was screeching, my cat was terrified of the dog. Anyway I had a feeling, a very strong feeling that my cat was gone.

The next morning he hadn't come inside and my mom had waited up for him too. And he would have stayed out on the porch if we had gone back to sleep. But he wasn't there I yelled and yelled for him to come. He was like a dog, if you called his name he'd be there by your side in a flash. Well he never came.

He came back 2 years later, and all through that time I knew he wasn't dead. And when I saw him I was proven right. But that cat hated dogs and was more terrified of dogs than normal cats. So when she saw my new dog that I had adopted a year and a half ago he ran. I never saw him again. For a year I had the same feeling that he was alive. But now... That feeling is gone. But I don't know it could have disappeared along with the feeling I had about my moms moods.

My mom has told me that she was haunted by the ghosts of soldiers because she used to live in an old war house with a bunch of her friends. She could hear them going up and down the stairs at night, and there was this very heavy door leading to an attic that took the strength of all 5 women to open. It was always closed but at night my moms sister, who slept in that room would wake up screaming because it was wide open. She also told me that she was very good at the tarot and Ouija board, often playing role as the medium. I am also good at the tarot, and other methods of divination. Her grandfather was a warlock and was also able to shape shift. I know she's not lying she's a very honest person - except when it comes to telling me what she got me for Christmas, ha ha.

Please help me. What I would like to know is are my visions a gift or a curse? Next time I get these visions, is there a way maybe I could strengthen them to maybe know what is going to come crashing down on me or what I am going to fall on to prevent more stitches? Because I really cannot take anymore stitches there have been way to many accidents.

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