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I'm Having Trouble Believing I Have Precog Dreams


To start telling my stories I have to begin at the beginning. I can recall things from VERY early in life, under 2 years old. My first memory is of my mother accidentally putting me through a glass window. I was an infant, and I remember it, of course in her recollection it was straight forward, but in mine she picked me up, I saw dark shadowy bats flying at me and then pop! Through the window I went. I also recall my old apartment in north jersey looking over the couch out the window and waving goodbye to my father as he left for work. I was waving then waving at myself to see if I was waving correctly, then waving at him. No one else in the family remembers this, but I can describe the living room and position of the furniture, and that we were not on the ground floor. No one has ever told me those details. But I digress...

My first dream looking back (I am 34 now) I was a little kid, only 6 or 7. I had a dream of going out in front of my house and there was a rain puddle. In the puddle was a LOT of change (money). I was at the bowling alley with my parents sometime in the future and I was in the arcade with my siblings (back then you could run around free and you were generally safe) I went up to a pinball machine and the coin return was stuck. I messed with it and it popped free, and out came a flood of change, pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. I recall running to my parents and saying look! Its like my dream! All this change came pouring out! Trivial yes, but hey I was only 7.

I will post more procognitions at a later date, as I tend to ramble, but I also talk to my family after they have died. Usually by phone in my dreams. I do not know if these are just dreams or real experiences. I tend to believe they are real because in my "dreams" my surroundings are as in real life, no dream weirdness. When my nana died I was around 14. A short time later I dreamed that my mother called me to the phone and said it was nana. I was in my real house, everything is how it was in reality. I answered the phone and she said Hi Robbie (nickname only she called me). I just want to let you know that I am okay, and I will be checking in from time to time to make sure you are doing alright. I just remember saying, But nana you're DEAD!

I also had my friends mother call me when she passed away, same type of scenario, I remember thinking in my dream that it was strange for her to call me, as I was not her immediate family.

My most important one I am still trying to figure out is when my sister and nephew were killed. I have had many dreams with them. I also knew that she was going to die, but I only realized it after she was dead. I will post that story separately.

Anyway thanks for listening to the beginning, I just want to figure out if I have a screw loose or if I really see these things. I suffer from depression and sometimes I wonder if this "gift" is really just a manifestation of my illness.

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i11uminate (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-27)
Let me clear something up. Precog is like a prerecorded playback of your future. If you are dream interpreting, then that is premonition. 2 different abilities. Although all precogs odviously have premonition as well. I was born feb 24 1974 & just for fun that adds up to 11 any way you calculate. & I believe this is the 2 personalities of the contious/subcontious merge. 1/1 =1 OK... My story... I have always had this playback, but after Santa Claus & realizing everyone in school still believed it, kind of made me deny these dreams for awhile, but when I was 6 I had a very vivid dream about my 1st dogs death & thought this wasn't true because the carpet & couch were different. One year later & the longest period before a dream surfaced (usually 3weeks to 3months) I saw our dog with yellow fur, yellow eyes, & he couldn't keep his balance & kept falling over. I noticed that this was the couch & carpet in the dream as we had moved a year ago. I realized it was the dream after I saw mom cry at the vet when we had to put him down for heart worms. When I saw my mom cry, I was crushed. I have never seen her cry like that even today. I will always remember the dream cause of mom & the fact it was an exact playback of the dream & me saying "I'm sorry Freckles". Since then I have shared my visions with the rest of the family & they tell me the stories of the ability on the female side of our family, but I feel my brother is 3rd eye blind I hope someday he awakes. & yes mom named the dog Freckles. Bottom line I had a connection with him that I didn't have with anyone or thing. This helped me realize my connection to the subcontious & the fact I have a sleep dissorder & am a heavy daydreamer, so I am contious/subcontious at any givin time. Now that I believe, it happens twice a month where I notice the dream in a contious state as it roles out before me. Although precog is my forte, these are a few others. Clairaudience= I here my name called or someones voice before they magically ring the doorbell or wake me up. Also a fluctuating reverberating noise when I sleep that increases in ambience. I can always guess the 1st numbers to come up in any chance of luck, I can sometimes feel people's moods & make them see the light. I can sometimes hypnotise people with my eyes to sway them. I can feel someone near my aura, so wake me up by not touching me cause I am a light sleeper & have grabbed the hands before they get there... I have astral projected when I was a kid. I still talk to some imaginary friend, but don't know who I am talking to but myself. This is human evolution & I am very excited that more will learn to believe & awaken to a new world where we determine the future with our thoughts. I am here to tell you that quantum physics proves interlaced dimentions & you can change your destiny, for me I just have to dream it twice, where the 2nd dream is the change. & that theoretically this is not a paradox when there are parrallel universes. Science is proving that psychic abilities are TRUE. I know it to be 100% truth. AWAKE!
pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
14 years ago (2009-07-19)
I can relate to your story. I've had precognitive dreams all my life. I can clearly remember having a dream when I was about 8 years old in which I went into a grocery story and stuffed myself of candy which magically appeared. About a year later, I described the dream to a girl at the new school I had just started going to and she said, "Hey, I dreamt that, too!" I told her she couldn't have possibly and just thought she did so I went into more details of the dream. The more details I gave her the more convinced she was that I was describing her dream. I remember being very frustrated that day because I felt she was taking my dream from me (kids:) Later, as an adult, I realize that I probably did share her dream with her somehow.

I had a precognitive experience at about 14 which convinced me that I was having precognitive dreams because for years I thought it was just my imagination running away with me. I posted that story under the title "Precognition, Empathy, and OBE's".

I dreamt my brother's car accident about a year before he died. I didn't realize at the time, though, that this was a precognitive dream.

I have precognitive dreams and I still doubt that they are precognitive dreams until the incident actually happens and then I think to myself "Ok, this is really real. You have to trust these more." Until I have another precognitive dream and doubt myself and the cycle starts all over again.

I'm trying now to not doubt myself so much. Plus, I've started keeping a dream journal so that hopefully I can have some documentation about these experiences.
academylin (14 stories) (303 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-16)
Just realised it's the same person... The author Bird.

Another "telephone call ".

All mediums are, are a spirit line link to the physical.
The earth and people dwelling there need and more importantly WANT people like you,
- who seems to have a natural ability - to connect. Don't you get it, it makes THEM feel better. All of them are suffering the grief and loss you are, a medium brings them messages from the very souls of the lives which they mourn.
Have you never used one yourself,- a medium- that is?
Lin x
Mom2FourBlessings (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2009-01-13)
Maybe it was the year you were born... 😜 I am also 34, and as soon as my story gets posted you will see that we have MANY similar experiences.

Anyway, I don't have any answers for you, other than I do know that the deceased often find it easier to communicate with us when we are in dream states of mind because that is when we are using our brainwaves that are also used for psychic experiences.

Nice to meet you.
Have a great day.

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