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My Sister And Our Psychic Connection


My sister died 1/12/2003 in a tragic accident in Montana that also claimed the life of my 22 month old nephew.

A week before she died I came in from a shopping trip and my then husband said, "You need to call your sister NOW." I panicked and called. I had an awful feeling. She said everything was fine, she just told my husband to have me call her back. When I got off the phone he said that he was just joking. I was so mad.

Two days later my sister and I had a conversation about life and death, how we weren't kids anymore and felt our own mortality. She told me she never felt as if she would grow old. We talked about when we died. She said she wanted to be cremated when she dies, as did I.

Two days later she told me she was coming home with her twin boys. Her marriage was not working out and she wanted to be near family. I was so happy she was coming, but told her to be careful, I was afraid for her. I went out and looked up at the stars, I asked God to watch over them, to keep them safe. I saw two shooting stars instantaneously.

Three days later at 5:30 a.m., the phone rings. I get up, my husband is talking. I say, "Is it Sandy? Is it Sandy?" He does not answer. My father gets on the phone and tells me that my sister and one of the boys were killed crossing a truck stop. I fell to the ground and could only repeat I knew, I knew, I knew. At that moment I realized I did know it was coming. The signs were there but I didn't see.

The dreams:

1. I hear my phone ring. I pick it up and I can hear silence, but I can tell that there is someone else on the line (you know how that sounds). I say, "Sandy, is that you?" I can hear a faint voice and crackling, but the line goes dead. I wake up in tears.

2. I see my sister and she looks beautiful. I hug her like I never have before, and ask her where she is. She doesn't tell me but I know it's heaven, or the after-life, whatever you call it. I ask her what is it like? She tells me it is just like here, only much more beautiful. I ask her where her son is. She tells me he is playing with the puppies. I ask if I can see him. She looks sad and says no, not now. I don't understand. I wake up.

Many other small dreams but I do not recall them at the moment.

Back to reality.

I move to a new house. It is nine months after her passing. Two days after moving in, I SWEAR I keep seeing my sister out my back window standing by a large oak tree. I see this three or four times. I mention it (cautiously) to my mother. She pays little mind. The next day my dog becomes gravely ill out of nowhere (he was rather young) so I take him to the vet and he dies that evening. I have not seen her in waking life since. She loved my dog as much as me and I think she came for him. This is Sept. 11 2003 (ironic, I thought).

My sister's best friend is my best friend's younger sister. She tells me she is getting married. She wants me to be a bridesmaid for her and to represent my sister. Of course I accept. The wedding is the following April, in Arizona.

To be cont...

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