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Premonition Of A Friend Returning


Every once in a while I have these weeks where I know when things are happening or I sense something about someone. Last summer I started my new job, I love my job it is the best one I have ever had. I have met many great people there, but the one that I'm writing about is a very funny kid and we are relatively close in age. This kid only works during the summers because during the rest of the year he goes to college. So just last week I was at work and every once in a while I would think of him because the rest of us would be talking about him or I would how he was doing.

That morning had already started out weird because I had dream about a change that happened at work that day it was really weird, but anyway I turned around because I had to pick up a box and looked it up on my manifest sheet and all of a sudden the kid pooped in my head I saw him exactly how he looked the last day I saw him, I laughed and went back to work then I turned around and he popped up from the outside and said boo I was really taken by surprise because when he left he said he wouldn't be returning that year because he was graduating. Maybe it was all a coincidence but that whole day had really freaked me.

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Crossfire (10 posts)
13 years ago (2009-02-22)
sounds normal too me, you just thought about him so much you had a dream about him.

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