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Feeling Spiritual Energy And Seeing It


It's been a while since I last wrote anything and I thought I would try something different this time. It will not only be helpful for me but also be practice for some here.

I have been practicing how to feel energy better for quite a while now. I still need much more practice but as we know, it takes time. With my house having so much activity, it is the best place for me to practice. Once my house is blessed I will have to start practicing outside my home on the land surrounding me, which is fine too. We actually had a date set for the cleansing but everyone got sick including the man running it, which I thought was quite odd.

What I have been doing is carrying my camera around a lot lately. Whenever I feel a change in the energy or whenever I sense someone is standing next to me or in the room, I just start taking pictures. I have gotten a few, but I have learned that spirits are not always so camera happy either. This has been quite a learning experience for me and at times the pictures prove I'm feeling things out correctly.

One night, at 3 o'clock in the morning, I felt someone standing next to me, so I went into the kitchen to grab my camera and when I got back to the living room I didn't feel it anymore, so I immediately thought, "The stairs". This is the picture where you will see red energy at the top of the stairs.

I have gotten a lot of pictures with orbs using a digital camera and a regular camera but I will not be including all of them. One picture you will see is going to look like a stretched out orb. This one I actually saw by eye. I again, grabbed my camera because I was feeling a presence and then this bright white orb shot out in front of me. I was amazed how fast it happened. The orb got brighter and started to stretch out right in front of me. I took the picture quickly so I wouldn't miss it but I must have scared it away because it disappeared after the flash took. The other two pictures have orbs in them as well. These two pictures were taken with a regular store bought camera.

Another picture I took is another form of spiritual energy. This one is bright blue, red and cloudy white. I took this picture in my kitchen under the window. If you look closely, you will see spirits actually starting to take form. Look to see how many spirits you can find.

One night while I was in my kitchen my dog started snapping in the air at nothing. He had done this month's ago and when I looked up I saw an orb shoot across the ceiling in my bedroom. Anyway, I grabbed my camera while he was snapping away in hope to get another piece of evidence. I got a picture of an orb a couple feet away from my dog. Look closely and tell me what you see. My dog did this again another night and I spoke out loud saying, "Do I need to grab my camera again". I didn't think it would make a difference. I mean what spirit would care about someone threatening to grab a camera. It amazed me but it worked; he didn't snap for the rest of the night. I now just tell them to quit and they leave him alone; it works.

There is one more picture I have included. I felt something, but whether or not it is a spirit, I am unsure. It looks like some type of energy. It resembles a worm to me.

Feeling Spiritual Energy And Seeing It 1
Feeling Spiritual Energy And Seeing It 2
Feeling Spiritual Energy And Seeing It 3
Feeling Spiritual Energy And Seeing It 4
Feeling Spiritual Energy And Seeing It 5
Feeling Spiritual Energy And Seeing It 6
Feeling Spiritual Energy And Seeing It 7
Feeling Spiritual Energy And Seeing It 8
Feeling Spiritual Energy And Seeing It 9
Feeling Spiritual Energy And Seeing It 10

There is one more thing I have included. This is an EVP I had gotten late at night while I was sleeping. Listen closely and you will hear two voices; a man and a girl.

Kind of curious on what everyone feels from these pictures. It would actually be helpful for me to hear your opinions on what you think they are. Or if anything, have fun and have a practice at it. Thanks all.

You can also see same pictures and hear the EVP here.

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Kgyork (8 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-11-18)
heartslocket- maybe your loved ones who have passed still come to visit on the family gatherings.'

Mystical2- I also sense spirits and just recently caught my own picture. I wish you good luck and finding answers. I wish I could help but I am still looking for mine.
Edmund (578 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-22)
mystical2... I never got this story until tonight and I'm on this site a lot. As you know when everybody got sick before the blessing that's not a good thing. Also now that I saw a picture of your little guy he is really sensitive to psychic happenings. Anyway my first thought is that even if the house gets blessed and things calm down I would never ever meditate in the house or the land around it... Because of your psychic abilities you will attract negative spirits. If you need to meditate you need to go to a neutral place or a holy place any place but where you live. Also did you sprinkle Kosher salt in the attic? Can't be anything but Kosher... It will help a little and put some in the hallway the one in the picture where you can see the air conditioner... That spot disturbs me the most.
musiclover228 (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-21)
I am only 13 but I have been able to sence spirts for about 5 years now. From all my years I have never taken a picture of them but I am able to sence their feeling or their needs which comes in handy. If someone could help me or tell me if they can do this to it would help. Also I can have a dream that is about the future and know when it is going to happen about 30 minutes ahead of time. No one in my family can do this so some one please help me.
Domo (17 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-16)
Most pictures with these orbs are dust in the camera, I have found out. But the pictures are interesting.
heartslocket (10 posts)
15 years ago (2009-03-16)
Your pictures are very interesting. I have some pictures that are similar. For some reason our christmas pictures are always filled with orbs, at least they have been for the past two years.

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