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A Mix Of Good And Evil And Closing The Door Behind Them


It's been a while since I've been on here. I've been going through so much. For a short summary of my past, I've had psychic, medium, visions, and such since I've been a little girl. My antenna is up and down and not long ago I learned that I can control it if I concentrate hard enough. It's different when I concentrate on it though, or perhaps because I'm paying more attention to how my body feels at the time. When I raise my vibration level, I can feel my body tingle all over and that is when I know I'm more aware of things around me. I do sense and feel more than see physically, although I can see them mentally more. I learned that after doing an investigation. Recordings matched what I was seeing and hearing. It was an amazing experience because all these years I thought I was just imagining things at times, but I wasn't. Anyway, before I started looking into what was going on in my life, my house suddenly became fired up out of the blue. I saw and felt this evil woman. Three months later, my youngest came running to me and described the same woman. He saw her in our hallway twice at that point. I had investigators come and they communicated with a girl and there was a man who didn't communicate with them. I insisted the woman was there and how evil she was. Later on another psychic saw her.

Anyway, I've basically had demonic entities coming in and out of my home with other spirits. I know there is a young woman, I believe from the fifties by the way her blonde hair is styled and the way she is dressed. These things are getting to her and while she is yelling for help the other tells me how evil another one one is. There is a doorway in our attic and I have no idea how the opening occurred, but I think it dated back before us being here. I now understand why the attic felt so off to me all these years. I was very good at pushing things aside for the most part. My attic is like a train station drop off.

The demonic entities are relentless and I have no idea how to shut that doorway. I have tried casting things out left and right which has worked before, but there is that one demon that's determined not to leave, including the woman, a child and a short one who has distorted face. Not only have I seen the black cloaked one, but my brother in law and my oldest son have seen him too. I know my oldest sees and feels from time to time but my brother in law has never seen any spirits before this. Perhaps his other experiences here have opened him up or the demon was able to take form, unsure. This demon stands about 7-8 ft tall, has a hooded, black cloak on and has no face, it is only darkness. At times he smells like rotten eggs. I stand strong, but I want him gone and he has told me and my son that he isn't going anywhere. Several of us have been attacked by multiple demonic entities, while asleep and while awake. As soon as my oldest son laid down in bed one night, multiple entities surrounded his bed and tried to attack his heart as they held his arms down on the bed so he couldn't move. They told him they wanted him dead and his heart kept slowing almost to stop and then started beating fast again. His heart repeated these stages almost coming to a full stop and causing pain down his arms. It feels like you are having a heart attack, as I've been through this too. Once he was finally able to tell them to leave, they stopped and left. This very same night my middle son called me. He was over an hour and a half away from home that night. He was terrified. He told me someone kept knocking on the door but no one was there. He felt someone staring at him so he turned over in his bed and then he saw it. A male figure stood in front of him burnt from head to toe. His presence didn't last long but it was enough to get my son to sleep on the couch that night. I will not go into details but the heart thing has happened to me and another friend of our family. My health continues to get worst. I have fibro, degenerative disk disease, and now they learned I have degenerative facet disease, and my knees are degenerating. Only thing is, all my blood work comes back negative. My doctors say it doesn't make sense. Some of my neighbors call our home "the house of disabilities". Everyone who has ever lived here had some type of ailment or disability.

They try to put fear into us pulling pranks such as flipping the switch so when we wake our lights are on, making objects move, hiding objects temporarily, knocking on the other side of the wall where it is being painted, footsteps, doors opening and closing, doors shutting in your face, moaning throughout the night, turned on fire alarms, loud banging, and so forth. They banged on the sliding glass door in my bedroom so hard in the middle of the night that it sounded like they were trying to crash something through it. I pray out loud and at times you can hear them stomping across the floor. We lost 3 pets last year who all suddenly died or became suddenly ill. I babysat my mother's cat for a week while they went away. Her cat was okay for the first few days spending time with us but after that her cat hid and wouldn't come when I called her. When my mom came back and got her cat, we found out the cat suddenly became completely deaf during her stay in my home. Luckily, two months later her hearing came back after being back with my mother. She is back to herself now. My dog is okay and takes care of himself. He will growl at times to protect me or he will just leave the room. He occasionally snaps at them too. As I was lying in bed one night, my dog started snapping and I looked up and saw an orb shoot across my ceiling. They have also knocked on our front door in some type of melody which was odd. It sounds like they are banging on the door up top and slowly knock down the door to the bottom as the knock gets softer in a melody sound and then it gets louder again. It is the weirdest thing. My youngest son's friend has cried at our home on several occasions. I'm surprised he continues to come back. He saw an orb shoot through our living room. We have all seen white and black orbs in our home. On another occasion an object began to rock on its' own. It was Santa sitting in a rocking chair. I stopped it and it started to rock quickly again. I didn't want to put fear in the child but it wouldn't stop so I had to tell it to go away. As the entity left the room, he picked up a pen out of the pen holder and slammed it back into the holder. Then the other time my son's friend brought over a video game which had an Ouija board type thing in it. It was called something like "out of the box". I didn't even know it was a part of that game. My youngest asked several questions, all having yes or no answers and she replied with a yes or no. Then my son asked her what her name was and she told him Emily. That is when his friend lost it. It answered. I didn't want to scare him more but the psychic told me the little girl's name was Emily. I don't feel it is a little girl though. She has the same black lines down her face as the woman does. My oldest has seen the girl sitting Indian style on his bedroom floor with the black cloak figure next to her. The girl kept talking but my son couldn't make out what she was saying. The one in the cloak was again telling him he wasn't going anywhere.

A few of my son's friends had experiences when my son stayed at their homes such as one with his heart, the other had a hand print on his shoulder and his other friend woke up with claw marks going down his chest from his shoulder. I put the protection shield around my son on those nights but never did it for his friends. My son said he felt fine on those days. I try to remove attachments from my kids from time to time and put protection around them but I need to start doing it daily I guess.

Anyway, I have had a bishop come to my home which didn't work. The spirits and entities scattered and hid while he was here. He wasn't able to get to where they hide. It is difficult to get in there. I have also done visualization, placing white light all through the house and around the house. I have tried casting them out myself with holy water. Of course, using holy water or sage all through the house is next to impossible. They come and go from the attic which is broken off into sections for some unknown reason. I would literally have to get down on my knees and crawl through a small doorway to get to the other side of the attic. I'm not sure why it was built this way. Anyway, after my holy water thing it did get quiet for a few days but then they came back again. There use to be a male here who use to help us from time to time and I haven't felt his presence in a long time. There was a little boy here who died in our home too. I got a picture of him starting to take form. Anyway, when I went up against the woman in my dream state, I believe I helped free the little boy from the woman. I haven't felt or seen him ever since.

After all this has started my husband started to go to church last year for the first time in his life. He has not stopped. I'm trying to keep everyone calm when these episodes happen. They like to mess with my husband because they know it scares him. He's dealing a little better with it but is not completely calm with it. Let's put it this way, I am the one who gets to sleep in the bed near the doorway, which doesn't really bother me and whenever he or my youngest has to go to the bathroom at night, I walk them to the bathroom.

I really need help and understanding on what I need to do. If it is something that takes practice, that is fine too. I need to know how to send these things back and how to shut the doorway. I'm out of ideas. I've tried everything I know. I must be missing something. The typical "go away and stay away" thing is not working anymore. Our community is so active with spirits. I know three other homes on our street who have complained and there are three other people in the community who I have talked to who are also having some activity. I'm sure there is more. There use to be a huge lake behind our home that went to the end of the road. Over the years it dried up. We have a lot of granite on our property too. My mom who lives on the same street found old Indian arrow heads behind her home when we first moved in there when I was young. Of course, the activity in her home is nothing compared to mine. My mother would never house sit for me, not now, after the experiences she's had and we have had here. My mother in law won't either. I need to get this under control as soon as possible. I know it's not going to be a quick process but I need to start somewhere in the right direction. I'm sorry this is so long. I tried to shorten it as much as I could. I didn't want to miss something while explaining the issues we have. So much more has happened. Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated.

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MissCherokee (2 stories) (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-05)
There is something wrong with the land. Find out or investigate the history of the area where your home is. These things are so 'noisy, because you can easily sense them and 'know' that it is 'them'. The evil demonic spirits attacking your family, have to be overcome with authority. The only authority to be able to do this, that I know of is Jesus Christ. Casting out demons and evil spirits takes effort. The scriptures speak about ' much prayer and fasting '. First off, ask for a special blessing that you may get to know the Lord. I mean really know of Him. Learn of his purpose, and gain a testimony of His truth. With this faith, you have power. Live your life as clean and sin free as you can. Demons cannot control those who have not submitted their authority to them. Ask for forgiveness of any sins. Prayer on your knees every night. Teach your children how to pray and to ask for protection from Heavenly Father. In all things, done with faith, through Jesus Christ, can we overcome such hellacious encounters and infestations. Being sensitive, you attract spirit energy anyways. Good and bad. Get to know the good that is around you. Ask for it to be revealed to you. Ask help from your dead ancestors, who are in the spirit world. Ask for their help on your behalf, to help you battle this attack on your family.
You don't necessarily have to confront the entities to expel them. When ever you see or sense one, start praying. They hate prayer. The flee from prayer. I seen this with my own eyes. Ask another person who is home to pray with you. Hold hands and speak a prayer out loud. Know that this is your direct link to the power that can banish this evil stuff, and keep fighting. It will not happen overnight. Keep your house as orderly as your are able. Open it to sunlight. And when you feel that dread in the pit of your stomach and see them coming, take on the armor of prayer. Speak it out loud. Good luck dear. I hope the beat for you.
Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-13)
Invite an orthodox christian priest to sprinkle your home and family with holy water, and tell him your problems, he CAN help! Besides praying and fasting whenever you can, you should also read the bible and psalms, and PRACTICE the bible as much as you can. If you're christian, confession of sins and holy communion will help ALOT. You see, God doesn't help you magically, you have to earn His protection by PRACTICING your faith, as much as you can. See my PROPHILE for more info. God bless!
mystical2 (16 stories) (483 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-28)
thank you all for responding. I haven't tried crystals before. I have a variety of gem stones though. I will give that a shot. The sage is good but I can't get to all the areas where they hide. The attic is so broken up. I would literally need to get down on my knees to get into other rooms. I'm not sure why it is so cut up like that. When the Bishop came they hid in those areas.
I had an investigation team come out. Only the one male and the little girl showed themselves. A man who was a part of the team, later saw the lady. There are many more than that though. I know one thing... These entities are not stupid.
My family and I are going to start having a Bible study and prayer together each night. This is a way where we are pulling God into our home without giving my family the feeling they are going up against these things. Maybe that will help, unsure. I'm thinking the closer we come to God together, the better off we will be. Can't be a bad thing anyway. I've tried many things and have failed so far. I know we all go through things for a reason. Perhaps this is what was meant to bring us back to God, even closer. Just things which have crossed my mind.
As strange as this sounds, I feel God is with us. I just don't understand why nothing has been done, at least more drastically. I know I'm being guided and told. There have been several times I have been told what the entities planned to do before they did it. I also had a dream about being attacked the night before I was attacked. Maybe I'll write about this. It was like God was warning me as he was in my dream. We were finding churches around that time, jumping from one to another. Strange how things worked out.
Well I want to say Thanks all.
JVALLE24 (guest)
13 years ago (2011-03-23)
Give your kids something a crystal or a necklace and tell them every time they feel unsafe and fear to rub the crystal with his fingers saying
Within the power of the light
send this evilness away in time...
or if they can't remember it to just hold it demanding them to go away!
Here is something you may find in handy I know I do!
I call upon an ancient hour,
Were calling down,
Help us know,
Through time and space allow this evil to be replaced,
With lights, love, strength, power and purity,
I ask all the angels to get together and with force diminishing this evil, bless it be!
Say this every night how many times you like. White candles would help you out a lot.
Sage is very powerful too, water and salt also works, white candles work too.

Meditate and center your energy prepare your self! Don't talk about this at home were they can hear you. In fact try to look at this site and the comments some were else. Remember they can hear anything so if you feel like someone is listening do not talk about this. If you feel like you can't do this don't there are professionals that can help you. I hope the problem can be resolved I wish you the best and if you need me email me I will try to help you as much as I can.
JVALLE24 (guest)
13 years ago (2011-03-23)
They feed from your fear so don't be afraid. Teach your kids about this in a nice way and teach them not to be afraid. Demons and evil spirits hate sage because it's so powerful and it purifies your house. Sage is an old Native American cleansing remedy. Salt and water burns there presents. If I were you I would buy big clear crystals and put them in salt and water for 15 minutes and then put the crystals all over the attic to close the portal temporary until you find a way to close it permanently. Sow then no fear and they will fear you. They may do scary things but you can do so much worse. It's all about the positive thinking know and feel the power within you and fight him back with all. It's your house so they need to go away. They can't harm you if you show no fear. There are good people protecting your family ask them for protection and guidance. These demons have crossed the line and they need to go so with your laud and powerful voice demand them to go away. Trusts your inner good voice! Crystals are very powerful so when you go to sleep cleanse them with salt and water for 15 minutes and put them around the beds so that they can be protected. In your dog or pets try to put a crystal in the collar. Please protect your family and show the evilness who is boss. Us special people have got to stick together and please if you need me for anything email me at Jacklin_valle [at] Be very careful and protect your family!
Love, Light and protection among your family...
Humindigold (guest)
13 years ago (2011-03-22)
I must state that that's quite "alot" you've been through.I'll share a few of my encounters with them "demons" with you, and conclusively tell you how they were handled. I can vividly recall when I was about 11. I was painting at that moment, when suddenly, a hand sort of grabbed at my chest, and I couldn't even tell my brother whom was beside me for I was violently gasping for breath (I was in excruciating pain, I should state). My brother noticed, and ran off in a haste to get Mother but before he stepped out the door, the pain ceased, and I felt relief wash over me (I thought I would die). This particular episode occured almost daily for about a month, and for some unknown reason, I always forgot to tell mum. I decided that I couldn't have these attacks anymore. I was really mad, and wanted to make them demons pay (I recall that one had very long horns, and his face, was pure darkness). I let this anger lead me to the floor where I knelt down, determined to get some answers out of God. I called on him three times, and the third time, oh boy I did get an answer. I saw a pair of huge beautiful wings, and a new, sweet presence. This calmed me down (just a bit). I went on to speak my mind, and challenged him (God).I voiced that if he is greater than them demons, he should proove it (the lights got brighter when I said this), lest I'll never believe in him. To my surprise, I never had these attacks again (it was after this I begun to feel the rich light pleasant presence of God). I have had more attacks, but were taken care of rather swiftly, and until date I mock these demons for I know they're under my power.Finally,i think you've no diseases. I really hope this helps.
Panhil (4 stories) (79 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-22)
I agree with Lynrinth you have to stand together or the demons and spirits will obliterate you morally. They see you as weak because of you disability, you must prove them wrong and show them just how formidable you are then they will fear you, also do you have a cruicifix in your house?

Light be with You
lynrinth (9 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-21)
Holy cow! To say your life isn't hectic would be saying it mildly. Have you thought of prayer. You always talk from a 'psychic' point of view. Maybe prayer? You never mentioned that. Well, you said your attic is like Grand Central Station. And it sounds like you're New York City. Every spirit wants to visit with you, good or bad. Maybe it's tell to say, closed! Just say, enough! As for the demons, they sound like they're annoying bugs, or something. That's good! They're relentless, the kind that just don't want to go away. But it sounds like you are a strong person. However, with your disease, it sounds like they are wearing you down. Plus harassing your family. You must bond together as a family to stay strong against these spirits. Just firmly, quietly, but very strongly, and together as a family, say It's time to leave. Have you thought of having a paranormal team come in? Or moving. I know someone else will have better advice. God bless.

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