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I Feel Them, But What Are They?


When I was four or five years old, I was trapped inside a very large church restroom. The girl in there before me had turned out the lights. I wasn't afraid of the dark prior to that day, but the minute the lights went out, I felt wrong. Like I was being watched. By a lot of people that weren't alive. I'm an empath and have felt emotions of people all my life. They felt cold and dead. I screamed. I don't remember anything after that.

Ever since then, I've felt the same feeling in my house, at night. Like I'm being followed. And I get scared. During the day, I hear footsteps when I'm in a room as if someone's walking past me. I turn around every time and no one's there. I'm afraid to turn off the lights at night because I'm afraid they'll hurt me. It feels like they're capable of a lot. They don't talk, they just hover in this big mass of I don't know what. I want to say evil, but I can't be sure. I think they follow me. Either that or it's a new group of whatever they are. I took pictures one night. And there were six or seven orbs just hovering near my bed. Someone please give me an explanation. I don't want to spend the rest of my life being afraid of something I can't see. They're in the dark. Help.

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hales3 (9 stories) (115 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-24)
What in he HELL is the "AO"?! I'm guessing it stands for Angel something or other... Ha.
VendettaSiblings (guest)
14 years ago (2009-08-30)

Whatever you say, dude. You're the one lying in the end, and God help whoever believes you. F this.

runningfawn (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-10)
DarkBeauty, I don't see them. It's like there's an eye inside my body, really deep, and it sees the people without seeing. If that makes any sense. Which it probably doesn't. But now, there's a new one. He's tall, with blonde hair, I think. He stands in my room. He doesn't say anything, he just kind of keeps his distance. The mass feels...grayish? Yes, grayish. Grayish with another color that I don't know. I've asked them why they don't speak. They said they have no reason to.
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-08)
Empathsam I am suprised now that I think of it every post I am in is well intresting or has something I can help with and think you think the same.
Artine (4 stories) (52 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-08)
The prior owner of this account is no longer physically present, as of July 16. This account is now under the use of the AO. We are sorry if you have not been informed until current.
vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-06)

We sure as hell hoped- Thought you were dead. However, we suppose that we haven't had so much luck just yet. 🤔 Welcome back, in that case. Not many go on the chat anymore, btw. You however, probably already heard what happened.

vendettaBabes (3 stories) (335 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-06)

The fear, was it crude, raw, REAL fear? As in, so real that it felt almost out of this world? We would love to hear more about your story. Please email us as soon as you can. VendettaSiblings [at]

Hope to hear from you soon.

Blessings & Safety; Vendettas.
Artine (4 stories) (52 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-05)
Empathsam, let us not attempt to convert one another into a belief system that is simply a Belief System, not an actuality. Besides, he was only a fellow Psychic, even today's legitimate Psychics can do what he did, in the same manner. So let us not be ignorant here, though no offense is intended upon what you believe, what matters is why you believe it.
Enough of that.

The strongest force you have, following the context of the first three commenters, is Love and Light. Those can, and will, be your shield, use them and they will do what you will them to.
As far as explaining the orbs, they are concentrations of psychic energy, due to a soul's energy being formless they can appear as anything - though an orb is the simplest shape to form. Each one can represent a separate entity, or all of them together can represent one. The 'mass' you described could also simply be a mass of energy, a strong and complex energy, comprised of multiple entities.

Is there anything to be afraid of? Only if they do anything with hostile intent. Until that moment, being cautious is recommended.

May Love,
And Light,
Guide Your Path.
Follow Your Heart.
Empathsam (3 stories) (109 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-05)
Follow jesus christ. That's all I can say. And one question. Why is it your almost always posting in the same thing as mine cyopathic?
DarkBeauty (6 stories) (40 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-05)
You said that you see them, hovering around in a big mass! What color is this mass?
All this time since you were 4 you've had this feeling, that people are around you. Maybe there are people that are around you. Once they know that you can see them they are more prone to showing themselves to you.

I always have this experience in my bathroom: when I'm rushing around getting ready to go there are about 2 or 3 precenses in the bathroom moving around just as quickly as I... Although I know that it's not a solid person, small lights kind of like orbs I guess I feel like they're in the way like I'm going to bump into them... Lately I say aloud... Come on' I'm in a rush your in my way and their gone! And in my bedroom everytime I get up someone else gets up, I've only seen it once and it was like fine white dust... Actually that time I sat, it got up! And went straight out the closed window...

You are not just Empath if you see these things...

You say they seem to be capable of doing a lot.
I think that if they we're out to get you they would have already tried. I don't believe anything is out to get you.
I know it's hard but you have to try to control your fears...
Pray for guidance and spiritual strength.

Ask God & your Spirit Guide/Guides to protect you.
Envision yourself surrounded by beautiful white light. In your own mind see this light as it beams off of your body. Know in your mind and heart that this is your God given shield...
Envision it, feel it, relish in it and don't forget to pray.

Be strong... Research Meditation... Google something like 'simple meditation techniques' and see what you come up with.

Don't forget, tell me what color it is and the shape of this mass!

Good Luck and God Bless You!
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-05)
Running fawn at 4 years of age you were trapped in a church restroom which was dark and never felt quite right. In actuality your spiritual light turned on for you making you aware of people whom died and felt trapped on this earth plane. You are describing feelings and emotions of people whom you describe as cold and dead. If you are getting emotions you might want to interact with them to find out why they are still here. There are reasons such as anger/fear/guilt some unaware they have died.

All reglions or philosophy have beliefs of protection. You can visualize light or armor you believe in to reinforce. Also look up what meditation means. This will help you feel protected and separated from the people whom appear to you.

PS ignore negative remarks for there are lovely people whom are helpful here.

If you have a question just post here If you want me to reply. Blessings
cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
14 years ago (2009-08-04)
Sounds like angels are watching you or in other words there has been graveyards or in the old fashioned days they put them any where but on how you are saying it they sound like people who lived and where buried at the church.

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