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Is This A Family Affair?


The women in my family have all been "a wee bit fae" as my sister likes to put it. Different abilities and strengths, but it seems we all have some special little unexplainable gift. None of us have ever really done much to develop our varying "talents", just accepted them as a bit of a family oddity with a giggle and a wink. Besides, no one has shown anything remarkable - so most of our experiences are shared among ourselves for our own amusement and discussion and enjoyment.

My mother, sister, and I occasionally have dreams that come true, or experience feelings of "ominous" events to come, or simply just know things that we can't possibly know (for example, when I got pregnant the last time, my mother, my sister and I all three knew immediately that I would have twins before I ever visited the doctor and twins do not run in my family).

In addition to this, my sister and I have empathic abilities. The generation below us has now got males with the family's "gift". My second oldest son is quite empathic and possibly even telepathic, although he refuses to discuss it with anyone and insists he doesn't believe in such things. My oldest son is empathic and he and I both had experiences with a spirit in a house where we lived for several years, and we only realized we both had similar repeated experiences after about 4 years of living there, and we were able to correlate that we were interacting with the same "person" because we both described the same man. I have had previous experiences with other spirits when I was younger and so has my sister and an aunt.

All of us seem to have first manifested these "talents" about the time we hit puberty (12-14 years old), with the exception of my daughter, who seemed to start experiencing things at the age of 4 following an illness where she almost died. She was in a coma for several days and after she came home from the hospital she insisted that my father (who had passed the year before) was NOT in heaven like I said, but living in our house with us and that she talked to him (she had only met him twice and any memory she may have had of him was vague). As she has gotten older and more able to express herself, she has expressed fear of things she "sees". She says she can't help it, pictures suddenly pop into her mind about people, frequently people she doesn't know, and the amount of detail she gives is amazing for an 8 year old. Of course, I can't correlate her stories with any fact, but if she's making them up she is very good with details! She also claims to still talk to my father (who has now been dead for almost six years, since she was 3), a family pet who passed two years ago, and her great-grandmother who passed last year. Is it real or childhood fantasy? Who can tell at this point? But I'm inclined to keep an open mind and see what develops, but it's a narrow line to walk between encouraging the development of a possible ability and not encouraging the telling of tall tales!

Anyway, that's always been the pattern for our family's tendencies. However, last year I turned 50 and it seems that in the last several months I am experiencing new abilities which were not previously there, and that previous abilities are getting stronger. As I said, I have never done anything to strengthen or develop what little gift I might have, so I wonder if this is possible, what would cause it, or am I just imagining it? Could it be related to getting older, just like puberty seems to have started it all?

Lately I find that I frequently know who is calling before I pick up the phone, or I will think of someone I haven't thought of in a long time and then I will run into them or they will call me out of the blue; my empathic abilities have gotten sharper, but mostly in the form of warning me away from specific people (I will occasionally get very strong repulsive or negative feelings about someone I don't even know or have just met and getting to know them better never changes the feeling - in other words, if I get that vibe from you, eventually the feelings are proven to be correct) rather than picking up on the emotions and feelings of people in general (although that still happens, it seems that I am better able to block it now and not absorb the feelings).

The new thing that has been happening for a few months now is that sometimes when I am very relaxed, like watching tv and starting to doze, there are a few minutes where I am awake and aware of my surroundings, but my eyes are closed and I am very relaxed and I start to see things passing before my eyes. The best way to describe it is like an old movie in black and white and with no sound. I never seem to recognize the locations or the people - and it is rarely anything extraordinary - simply scenes of people going about their business in their daily lives. It is never a complete story, more like moving snapshots and there does not appear to be any type of pattern to what I am seeing. Are these actually just dreams, or am I seeing things that are actually happening (or happened in the past)? And how can I tell the difference?

Anyway, glad to have found the site, and feel free to email me with comments!

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revsilverson (guest)
12 years ago (2009-08-19)
psychic gifts are indeed genetic. I have no doubt your daughter is talking to the spirits of her deceased relatives/pet.

As to turning 50, I have talked with several people about this phenomenon- we think an increase in psychic abilities occurs because we are finally relaxing in and about life. It is a time to slow down and when we do that our energy level slows downs and psychic energy can enter into our lives more freely. As for the black and white "movies" this may also just be psychic energies flowing through you more easily since they appear to be random images. I do not believe in multiple personal past lives- I believe we can attract images of someone else's life when they were living.

Love and Light
randy (4 stories) (24 posts)
12 years ago (2009-08-19)
The same thing runs in my family as well. Most of the past few generations have had certain gifts, but not many have really noticed them. I, myself can see auras, and can sense presences in a room. My little sister says that she can see angels and fairies of some sort (shes 6).

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