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This psychic happening for me, was about two to four weeks ago. I had just barely returned from a different state, and had found out one of my close friends went into rehab. I was very upset. It bothered me to think that this had happened because a month before that I had a vivid dream that I was looking down at my arms (when I heard myself say 'These aren't mine') realizing they were too thick and pale. Then I noticed scars all up and down my arms, some fresh some old (razor blade tracks). As I studied 'my' arm. I felt sedated and extremely numb. I noticed puncture holes in places and that I couldn't see my veins. I woke up scared because in my gut I knew it was my friend (whom I later found out had gone to rehab).

As I was thinking about this alone in my room one night, after finding out. I felt myself go into a trance, wishing to myself to leave-- to go find something else to do, to keep my mind off of it. Then in my trance I heard a door slam and footsteps run down the hall. I felt it was my door that had been slammed, but it visibly hadn't moved at all.

Then about five minutes later my sister came in and asked if that was me. I replied, 'I thought it was you.' Pretty soon my grandmother got up to go see if my father had returned but he hadn't.

Everyone had been in bed, in their rooms doors shut. My sister later told me that she and grandma thought it was me going to see if my father had returned. It obviously wasn't. I felt then after it, that I had probably felt so strongly to leave I had made my environment react, to mirror my emotions. (Has happened before in weird terms, and situations)

Later, I told my father what I had found out about my friend. He was the first person I told in my family. I cried and told him of my dream. Then he remarked. 'Do you hear that? It sounds like a woman screaming.' He got my grandma up to see if she could hear it. NO ONE could, just my dad. He said it sounded like a woman screaming in our back yard. He also went to go check. No one there.

I wondered if it was a ghost reacting to my pain and agony. I asked my mother about it later and she said it probably was a spirit mourning with me. But who knows?

Any insight would be gratefully appreciated. This stuff isn't new to me. I've been going through it for about four to six years all ranging in different areas, of paranormal happenings and psychic (plus some otherworldly), so any comments to such would be great.

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cyopathic (5 stories) (513 posts)
13 years ago (2009-08-20)
I am very suprised to hear this. You see you never told us why she was in rehabe so I can't say if she is a psychic or not but I can tell you this your friend sounds like she is a psychic reall strong to get a connection to you and then you see what she sees and feels when you heard a woman scream it was probbly your friend tell us why and I can help more. 😁

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