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Was It A Premonition?


Last night I was trying to get to sleep but I couldn't so I thought I'll just concentrate on my breathing like I'm meditating, that'll help. No sooner had I had inhaled and exhaled an image popped into my head of a circular gold shield I couldn't quite see the exact emblem on the shield but it seemed like a phoenix, although it was very hazy almost like looking through water. Then another image appeared I'm not sure where this is from geographically but my first instinct was china, I saw people working in the paddy fields at the foot of a mountain then, out of no-where the sea swallowed them, and I don't mean like a tsunami it was just like a massive freak flood, devastation everywhere this changed to a view of water everywhere with one rock holding four unconscious people, a child of about 1 year old was swept away, then the image changed to a muddy river bank and a frog surfacing from the mud, after this a hazy image of someone on a cliff face holding a staff in the air again this was very hazy like looking through water...

What does this mean is it a premonition or just a cryptic message, help please, this has really got me! I'm just a new member as you can see from my profile but I need answers I've been running away from this for too long.

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phoenix_1303 (2 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2009-11-28)
Thanks PathR your comment is appreciated, It was just so unlike anything I've ever experienced before, it kind of threw me, it put me off meditating for a while but I'm going to start again. My moto has always been in the physical fear nothing but fear itself, time to apply it to all areas I think.

Love and light xxx
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2009-09-13)
phoenix 1303 for prophecy dreams I always look for 3 things, literally,figuratively,symbolically. If we meditate or are in a trance or fall asleep all three can go into a dimension to include past and forthcoming occurences.

Cyptic messages usually have to do with things we are personally go through or someone close to us has problems. So our subconscious mind uses symbols. If we are thinking about a situation long and hard, I believe our psychie goes into overdrive pulling out symbols therefore painting a collage.

Hoping this helps

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