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The Story Of My Psychic Life Until Now


I remember when I was little I would fly, as I got older and started reading I knew that I had experienced astral projection. I would visit places for the first time and know that there was something missing that used to be there, I'd ask someone and they'd tell me I was right, they'd ask how I knew. I couldn't tell them as I just knew. As a small child I was very wary of men. I would only trust my dad or granddad. I wouldn't go near anyone else. I think this was a premonition as I was hurt at 5 years old by a man.

I was always 'somewhere else' as a child. I don't know where I went, but it was safe there and no-one could hurt me. I had numerous psychic experiences as a child. I knew I was never alone. My Grandad died when I was 3 years old and I knew he sat at the foot of my bed watching over me as I slept.

I am artistic. I have always loved painting and drawing but in my teens I stopped my art and these psychic feelings lessened. They still happened, just not as often. I think creativity enhances them. I was 15 when my gran died. She visited me in my dream the same night. I wasn't aware that she'd gone until I woke, and two years later to the day my beautiful son was born, her parting gift to me. Nothing strange happened until my son was around 3 years old, He said one day 'mummy, when I grow up I'm going to be a beautiful lady like you' to which I replied 'but darling you're a little boy and little boys grow up to be handsome men' to which he said 'no mum because before I died I was a lady' my re-incarnated gran maybe? Who knows, he has no memory of this but he is very like me. What am I? Psychic, clairsentient, clairaudient? I don't know I'm hoping someone here can tell me?

I know this. I can feel other people's pain intensely. If I help a friend with a problem I give them almost all of my energy and end up emotionally drained for a week. I see shadows in my peripheral vision, see sparkles most days and whilst on holiday I saw a large red orb next to my bed with no physical explanation for it. I hear whispering at night, and sometimes I experience a great fear like there is an ominous presence in the room with me I feel like I am never alone but sometimes I feel a presence and such a strong feeling of love comes to me. Your thoughts will be appreciated.

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phoenix_1303 (2 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-10)
Thanks Cravell, it helps a lot, I like to think that we are re-incarnated, it makes sense to me. I know what you mean about the bad presence hurting you, I don't feel it so much now I've moved house and this house has a much nicer feel to it if you know what I mean?
I think the bad presence was linked to the last house I lived in, in that house bad things happened, like plaster fell from the ceiling in my bedroom right onto where my head would have been on the pillow if I'd been in bed, the bathroom had a very old ceiling above a false ceiling in a metal frame, this fell down while I was in the bathroom, I heard a creak and a voice in my head said move to the side of the room, I did and the entire ceiling collapsed around me, I didn't have a scratch but I was very shaken up, the workman who came to see the damage told me I was very lucky, I could have been killed as it was very very heavy plaster. Another night in the same house I was sitting up in bed reading and something physically was pushing me out of the bed, I was totally paralysed, couldn't breath or make a sound, that was scary! But hopefully it's gone now, if not I will definately take your advice, thank you so much for your reply x
Cravell (4 posts)
11 years ago (2009-09-10)
you are like me, more or less.
I think you're a sensitive one.
So sensitive even the slightest thing would be out of your sight.

About your son, maybe he really is your grandma's reincarnation or he was another female in his past life.
Hindus and Buddhists and some native believers have stories about things like that. One that I know is they believe that your relatives would reincarnate as your relative (again and again) --your dad is also your great grandchild, etc (their spirit is the same).
And scientifically speaking, we humans do have memories of the past in our brain. Our brain have special 'room' for them, even though it is a really teeny tiny space.

I think you should not give too much attention of the feelings of fear that you have (because of the bad presence). Trust me. I ever did that and the presence started to killing me. Made me couldn't breath, push me from behind (when I was at the top of the stair), etc.
Then I pretend that it was all an accident and I pretend that I don't feel that presence. Mostly by talking to my friends, play games, anything that could distract my main attention. Soon after, that presence left me along with fears it brought.

Sorry if it's too long,
Hope that helps.

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