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Precognition And Ethical Responsibility


I have precognitive dreams. I've had them all my life. The first vivid precognitive dream I ever had was when I was about 13 or 14. I dreamt about a party in which a girl's feelings got hurt. About 6 months later, it really happened. However, the earliest precognitive dream I had was when I was in elementary school. I had a dream about going into a store and eating all the candy I wanted. A few years later, I was relating the dream to a friend (I was probably about 8 or 9) and she claimed that she had had that dream just recently. The details in our dreams were exactly the same. I argued with her and walked away mad feeling that she was trying to steal my dream. Years later, I would remember this incident and realize that (as a result of other experiences I have had) I had probably 'shared' her dream with her somehow. As a teenager, I dreamt of my brother's death before it happened.

Most of my precognitive dreams are not of 'big' events. They are usually of mundane details such as seeing a person walk down a hall or overhearing a piece of a conversation. However, I have events happen to me everyday in which I've dreamt them before. In addition, every now and then, I'll get a whopper of a precognitive dream in which I'm not entirely sure what to do about the situation. Here is an example: About two years ago, as a grad student, I made a friend of a professor. We had a lot in common as far as family background and interests. I told her that I had precognitive dreams and to my surprise she believed me. Most people, aside from my family, don't believe me. As a matter of fact, she even asked me to tell her when I had a precognitive dream that was about her. I didn't though and this is why.

You see, during the summer after I first met her I did have precognitive dreams about her and they weren't good at all. At the time I dismissed them because I thought clearly these cannot be precognitive dreams. She wouldn't do all that. These must be symbolic for me. Unfortunately, the dreams have come true. Without going into a whole lot of detail (because that would get long and wordy), in the dreams, I saw her lying about various things. I saw her think that a short story I had written was about her (I even heard her thoughts in this particular dream and her thoughts were screaming that I had written a story about her while the whole time she kept up a happy, cooperative facade). I saw her and I get into a conflict of a sort in which she became convinced that I was underhanded and trying to manipulate her. I saw other things too that didn't involve me. I saw her lying about the gender of her new-born child to her colleagues and students. I 'saw' her hearing voices: voices that weren't really there. She just thought they were. I saw her purposely cutting herself in a conscious effort to get attention. There are other things I saw her do but they are really too much to go into detail. I also 'saw' (or perhaps I should just say strongly 'felt') that she had a mental health problem. The point is I saw a lot of negative things about this person.

As I earlier said, I dismissed the dreams at the time I had them because they just didn't make sense to me. I also had precognitive dreams at the time about random people that had nothing to do with her or me. It was like I was being shown a movie reel of two-years-in-the-life-of-being-me. Only the two years was two years into my future. If anyone were to say I was crazy, I'd be tempted to agree with them completely except that more and more of these precognitive dreams from the time period I initially had them have come true in the past two years. Thus, I can't chalk up the precognitive dreams I had about her to my imagination. Clearly, there is more to unfold with this person and it is not going to be pretty.

The point in this is not so much to ask for help in how to deal with this friend. Although, if anyone has advice, I'll listen. The point is what is our ethical responsibility regarding precognition? I understand we are each responsible for our own lives. This person made their choices and will have to live with the consequences of those choices. The same is true for me and for anyone.

However, if we dream something 'bad' that is going to happen to someone, are we morally obligated to tell them? I've had dreams about children being kidnapped and raped and killed (months - sometimes years later- the incident will be shown on the news at which point I will realize the dream was precognitive) and I am tortured by the idea that if I had paid attention to more details of my dreams and done my best to hold onto the dream a few minutes longer, I possibly could have prevented or helped to find these missing children. I suppose the question of moral responsibility and precognition is something that can only be answered by the individual. However, I'm curious to know if anyone else has asked these same questions (I'm sure they have) and what answers they came up with for themselves? Of course, there is the dilemma that most likely no one would believe me if I were to tell them. However, that doesn't preclude my obligation to do my part to try and prevent the pain and suffering of another? Does it?

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trezhunter (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-06-02)
I am very glad to have googled into your posts! I have had a similar mental transition myself on the nature of empathic/pyschic abilites in the past few years and have experienced them many times, sought them out, and so have many of my closest friends with whom I'm very connected to, as well as brought out latent-empathic understanding, and connected creative energy in others who are overwhelmed by one type of gift.

Most people I meet, or rather choose to, have latent empathic abilites if not already well-tuned ones, be them a form of astral-projection, hyper-sharp intuition, pre-cognition, and a variety of other strange gifts. I can't say it's like playing god, because it isn't to me... It's evolution, it's harmony with the people and the world around you. It can lean people towards solving their inner and outer-conflicts if that is where your heart is, and it can leave you frail and weak if that's where someone else's heart is and you compromise yourself against your better intuition for reasons that are hypocritical to your own views on your personal morals. AnneV is spot on in her method to "disengage yourself as politely and non-aggressively as possible, or you'll feed into (their) energy consuming role." Many people who's tendency is uncontrolled astral-projection tend to naturally act in 'vampiric' role from my experiences, and ones who've come to understand, embrace, and learn from them the other way around.

It's finding a like-mindedness in core character or affinity to a certain style of creativity to be the key factor in sorting these out early and seeing who could use the energy more than yourself. "due-diligence" vs. "neutrality" is truly a frustrating thing at times. But that said, their is an infinite abyssal-well of energy to draw on in your subconscious. So time alone to re-center, explore and learn new things (often subject matter on which you will soon be "tested"), and some like-minded peers, or some completely new energy's and a close friend or two, are just what you need to kick-start the flow again and you can also get a major-boost by helping someone start theirs again, and the cycle goes on!

I have been able to put a window on the time-frame of the event in it's relative location to where I am, but if it's the precognition and something terrible in the world is happening, it's usually too late for me to do anything, let alone a fools-errand, despite the level of emotion experienced at the time. I as you, am out-of-body for these tragic dreams, be them the Asian tsunami, which I experienced exactly 1week prior, or the WTC, which I only saw moments before I woke up to watch it on TV not one minute after the first impact.

Perhaps it's part to do with my connection to certain places. I am Indian by descent, and that may factor into a tendency to have a link with that side of the planet. I visited India a few years back with one of my close friends and his family, with whom I first began to hone the ability to feel energy with growing up. While we were traveling, we made our way to the Taj Mahal, but tensions were high, we were starved of real food for days, and travelling, hot and exhausted from the sun and I got into an intense argument with my friend's father about their handling of our itinerary after he yelled at us from taking too long exploring the Taj Mahal... Everything from the past week came boiling to the surface and I was vehement and on the brink of crying... And POOF... My phone rings and it's my mom back in Houston asking me if "something is wrong"... It's really odd too because it was the middle of the day there and my mom goes to bed pretty early.

With the WTC, my sister was actually visiting NY at the time and was stopped on the highway watching, which is where I saw the commotion from in my dream of the second plane crashing. And before that I was street level witnessing the first plane crash from another person's viewpoint. For me, I consider that the wave of emotion set off by catastrophic deaths is similar to the strange hyper-anxiety I feel before an important or fantastic event in my life is about to happen or I'm about to have a shift in energy or a major paradigm shift in my views. (Which I choose to have on an ever increasing basis) I think strong emotions and connections must transcend time itself if that is what is in the way... But I also think the connectivity between people is based on going through similar feelings at similar times, usually to help each other through hard lessons in alternating or simultaneous correlary experiences and encounters and discussions... Often times with greater emotion involved it's best to just be around that person understand their situation and the true lay of their emotional tensions versus the actual dillema... Sooner or later you'll dream, maybe as someone around them during a relative instance to a turning point in understanding that emotion, or even as them, or someone who's a total stranger, but who's emotions and events lead you to the solution you both have been seeking. Also these connections allow for them to receive the solution or the foresight from you much better later-on as they'll come to it on their own slowly... Or if your well-connected, all-at-once when you next meet or talk and it get's to that topic in dreams.

I have been having many instances occurring lately of remembering dreams from when I was just a kid from 5-7 years old, only they are just happening. These are in my own life, and are MOSTLY in my body... Or at least someone else in the same place as I go to. I think that the terms "seeing through someone else's eyes" is a perfect metaphor for that aspect of the gift of foresight. But from these I'd have to say it's less where I am, and more who I am that is synched with those people, place, and time. Maybe it's a form of regression, but I solve many complex problems in my sleep regularly and that is likely the connection to a problem I was onto at that time, even if I didn't get it at all and the events and people were totally strange to me then and now. I constructively use my empathic ability to DJ, it's a feedback system that is truly a remarkable gift... Initially as a tool for zen-like centering, and then to cycle energy with a crowd of people, with your close friends, it's elevates and connects, both you and everyone around you. When you do it with the heart intent on the purpose of the music, to get people dancing, freely and together, you can connect everyone in an instant. I could easily get a ton of gigs, but I have come to prefer mostly doing it for my friends and keeping underground, at their parties and their houses due the purity of the energy involved... And personal comfort at no superficial or sacrificial cost. It's more comfortable, it's for levity, and it empowers everyone... A great way to hone my skills for massive or far-away events which are far more anxiety-laden, especially when you are blowing minds and there's an intrigued attention upon you... ESPECIALLY from over your shoulder.

My conclusion is simply that I have a function to play in improving the quality of life and helping minds and hearts broaden views, by opening inner and third-eyes. The connective creative force is attached somehow. Basically it's like a psychologist might even say... That dreams reflect what's going on in your life... But rather than drawn out metaphors and icons, we have actual events and actual feelings, sometimes outsourced (perhaps since our minds are not grounded in religiously "significant" iconic metaphors, and rather the world we truly are a part of and the only life WE as ourselves will live. That's not to say I don't have fantastic dreams... But there is a distinct difference) Precognition in that context is best used as a life lesson tool for me and the world around me, and by that I mean the people who's hearts are open to just thinking on things and taking a step back from arguing, hating, or brooding and spending more time analyzing and solving and accepting or overcoming specific-limits and personal ability to make positive shifts in significant matters at challenging times (usually for them, me, and everyone else!). It's not always going to get to sharing the dreams, but the solutions arrived at will be shared ideas, outside of the typical self-centered life-correlating people do, and given time to think I'm able to get to the extended solution, and deliver it after coming to find that I haven't had to mention any of the pre-cognitive side of it.

((Hope I wasn't too confusing... I did notice I restated a few things I read on the post and reply's, but it's my personal understanding of it all. I really must need to write it out myself too! 😜 and it's beyond late! You all take care, and live it up!))

❤Much love!
pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
15 years ago (2009-09-21)
Thanks revsilverson. I think you are right. In a way, I have been playing God. I had never thought that by labeling ethical/moral to the dilemma of revealing psychic information as an inflation of my self-worth. However, I can see that it is. It's not my job to save the world. Thinking so only puts me in the way of another person's path to enlightenment. After all, we are each responsible for our own choices in life.

Regarding my problem with my friend: This future knowledge has been driving me CRAZY (and it's scary) for the past two years. I waiver between "yes you are indeed very crazy and need serious psychiatric help" to "no you are not crazy and it is all real" when my dreams come true. Dreams are coming true everyday. I have, since I posted this article, (and after talking about it at length with my family) decided to drop the issue concerning this person from my consciousness. I thought that I had done that but clearly I haven't. If there was a specific action that I needed to do, I believe I would have been shown or given specific information on what exactly that action should be. I haven't been given that information. Thus, at most, all I can do is offer insight, advice and comfort for the people involved IF they ask for it.

I feel like I relearn this issue all the time (perhaps we all do). Every time I see something in the future that is cause for alarm, I am plagued by what should I do and what is the right thing to do and what is the ethical/moral thing to do and what is the responsible choice, etc, etc, etc. I'm sure a lot of us are. Generally, if I can calm myself down, I can then realize that all I can do is speak the information or not speak the information. Actually, your words and Anne V words made me realize something. In the future, I'm going to discuss my precognitive dreams (at least the ones that put me in this existential crisis) with someone I trust such as my mom and my aunt (and/or this site) who are both very open and receptive to my dreams. It really does help having other people to bounce ideas and dilemmas off of especially when those are born of psychic experiences. This is why this is such a good site.
revsilverson (guest)
15 years ago (2009-09-19)
there is a reason some of us have the gift of precognition and others don't. Sometimes it is better to let someone live in ignorance rather than fear your precognitive dream that they have cancer for example. If the dream doesn't come true then you have caused pain to another human being. I think you already solved this question- if people are recepetive to hearing about your dreams then tell them- if they aren't don't.

Calling revealing info in dreams that may or may not come true (no psychic is 100% accurate) ethical or moral, is playing god. You are inflating your self worth to think YOU are the one to have to reveal these things to others. You don't. And sometimes you shouldn't. IF however you sometimes feel strongly compelled to reveal some psychic info then do it. It is a message from the divine spirit that now is the time for you to step forward. But it won't happen all the time. If any of us, psychic or not, is to be told things about their lives, the divine spirit will put them on the path of revelation. The divine spirit loves us all and if it will benefit us- it will be revealed. If not- it won't.

Thanks for writing about this subject- it is a very tricky issue and needs frequent discussion.

Love and Light
pegs_deborah (3 stories) (112 posts)
15 years ago (2009-09-16)
Thanks, Anne V, for the advice. Regarding the friend, I disengaged myself from her presence approximately 2 years ago. I really do see her, as you intimated, a energy consumer. I personally think she is a person who feeds off the energy and attention from others. However, it took me a lot of heartache and pain before I realized that. The issues with her are coming back up because we now work in the same place. Although I haven't spoken to her in a long, long time, being in the same area as her has gotten me to questioning ethic responsibility towards my precognitive abilities. However, I will say this. This experience with her was a huge learning experience. I learned that I am not responsible for the reactions or feelings or choices of others. I learned to step back and stop trying to 'take care of everyone' (which I learned the hard way is really a form of controlling people and ego gratification). It's interesting too that these lessons I learned from this experience with this person also came to bite me in the rear regarding a few other relationships in my life. I guess I needed to learn to step back and let people make their own choices, (even if they are bad ones in my opinion) in a big, big way.

Regarding ethical responsibility, I guess I did answer my own question. I wish there were easy answers to these questions but obviously there aren't and there never will be.

Thus, to answer my own question and take your advice into count, I'm starting to lean to the idea that if I know something bad is going to happen to someone then yes I should say something. I think we should always try to help people as much as is humanly possible. However, it is not my responsibility to make them believe me. What they choose to do with the information I give them is their responsibility.

Thanks for the advice and for being my sounding board. If anyone else is reading this, I am interested in your opinions. I don't want to give the impression that I've closed the discussion.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
15 years ago (2009-09-16)
You ask a good question and in some way already answered it yourself. Sure, if you feel morally obligated to communicate a dream with someone in danger then do so. Like you said though, who is going to believe? Unless you're a recognized psychic with a track record, you'll probably be dismissed but then, you've done your due diligence so it doesn't matter. If we don't get our ego involved and say that they "must" believe you then you just become the role of the messenger; a neutral figure without the drama.

As for your "friend", if she's doing all that then beware. If you're sensitive enough to see her destructive patterns then disengage yourself as politely and non-aggressively as possible, or you'll feed into her energy consuming role. No one can put themselves on you unless you let them. Even when I was a child of 8 or so, my step mother would rant, scream, slap on me and I would just look at her like she was the 8 year old and I was the 45 year old. No matter how much she flew into her rages to get a reaction, I took no part of it, so keep that in mind with this one. Easier said than done though, I know. Our ego wants to be right and "show them" the error of their ways, but when we let it go, then we are there already. She will then shed from your life like an old un-needed skin.

Thanks for sharing your story.

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