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This last year I am 100% on it seems. But I fear telling a nightmare I have been having. I never dream and when I do I can't explain why but it is uncanny how accurate. Even my husband won't call me stupid anymore. A few others in past must be scratching their head and I know in my heart they must wonder how what I said happened so to speak. I died once and if that is why or I just have good woman's intuition I do not know. But recently the intuitions are not long off time gaps like before.

Recent news has me wondering what to do, the dream happened 1st. I really want to write this here to document so I can say yeah or know I am just stupid. Hope I am wrong. If it ends up right is there law enforcement that won't put you in the loony bin? I know what I would think if someone said what I fear so what do you do? Probably stupid but don't know where to go to see if it is more than a coincidence and help our country. After posting this I probably will never have another dream and that would be okay too. Most often there not positive anyhow.

Turkeys, boats and water Nov certain day not mentioning. That is all I wish to post. Should I just call and seem like a jackass or wait and if on the money again then try too. One bad event in a dream in 98 proved sadly true years later. I even had people remind me of it. I knew about the Skyway, a horrible personal event down to location, births before announced months later, I got a good gut feeling for things. Because of what I am dreaming I don't want to post and give someone unstable an idea. Yeah like writing this some don't think I am not. But the news lately is so unreal. Since my dad died timing is getting better. We were the 2 in the family that called, visit at the moment most needed. Talk about driving my son nuts when a teen and he wondered how I knew things that he tried to hide. Can you get tested for it? If I am, can I help law enforcement with it? If I get more dreams after and if this bad gut feeling happens? With deaths I see owls, 2 for 2, and the smell of cherry tobacco and feel a presence too has happened. It gives me insomnia sometimes and seems like between 2am and 5 am I am at my best.

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AnneV (4 stories) (1050 posts) mod
11 years ago (2009-09-23)
If you want to enhance your abilities to the point of working with law enforcement you may want to tone down the "stupid and jackass" references. Your higher self won't reward you by talking down to it or acknowledging others that do so. Thank your higher self for sending you these messages and for your high level of accuracy.

That's very interesting about the owl reference. I just dreamt two nights ago about a person I know getting shot in the temple after an altercation with some unsavory folks, but what's interesting, right before the vision, I saw this huge owl pass over (a snow owl but it seems to have an eagle's body). I, as usual, wrote this down in my dream journal and have asked the person involved with this other person to ask them to be careful.

Don't beat yourself up if things don't come true. If you (or any of us) were 100% accurate you'd probably be working for the CIA and none of us would be able to share with you. So hey, welcome to our world!:) Any excellent psychic knows full well that 100% accuracy is almost unheard of. That's okay! That's why we're here and sharing with one another; ever increasing our own abilities.

You know how I test myself daily? Every morning after I get my cup of coffee, I try and "see" the three numbers for the daily lottery here in Washington state that were drawn the night before. I write them down then go look them up on-line to see how I did. It's a free way to test yourself every single day. I also play small games like guessing which of the four elevators at work will open when I'm waiting and things like that. I do this so I can build a rapport with my intuition and really start to feel and trust what that looks like.
Keep on posting!

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