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Two Precognitions


SOn two occasions I couldn't sleep because I could feel like and knew someone I knew was going to die. The first was my step Grandma. I couldn't sleep and I told my parents I had a bad feeling that she was going to die that night I got a phone call later that night from them, from the hospital saying that she had died. Another was my grandfather I had a dream he was going to die a few days before Christmas. Then when I woke up I told my step dad I had a feeling that he was going to die that coming Wednesday and he thought I was joking. Then Wednesday came and he died. I get crazy deja vu all the time and see things like that. Sometimes I go into these trance from what I hear about from people. They say I say and talk about things that will happen and they always seem to. In these trances I feel things that scare me but make me feel welcome. How do I learn to master and control this?

I honestly don't know what else to do. I've never told anyone about this and it keeps happening. Recently I had this huge migraine during it I could have swore I heard someone ask for help, however I was driving with the radio off. The migraine lasted all day. I don't know if things like this will keep happening or if things will get stronger. I want to learn to control this before I cause something bad to happen to me or someone else.

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Vussteer (1 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-05)
I get the same thing ever since I was a kid. I have been able to "predict" 3/4 of my relatives' deaths. I don't have much advise unfortunately because I am still trying to understand my own dreams and why I have them. The one thing I wanted to post to you was about your last comment... The one thing that I have learned is that you should not feel in anyway that these events are your fault. I felt this way when I was a teenager and it caused me a lot of psychological problems because I felt I was like a curse on my family. You should try to talk to a close friend or family member, it helped me to start to become comfortable.

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