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Hyper-sensitivity. What Does This Mean?


There have been many experiences in my life that were "odd" as deemed by my mom. My father I think was freaked by me and wanted to squash any thought that I had any sixth sense. So, I am just now at 27 deciding to ask others what these things mean or make me.

I read a few stories and believe the following experiences make me an Empath.

When I was very young in the first grade we lived in a semi-famous home in Palm Springs called the ship of the desert. Historically, I guess it was built by a famous architect in Hollywood/Palm Springs during the golden era. Well, I would become terribly frightened by dreams I was having and even would wake my mom and refused to sleep in my room many nights. I had "bad feelings" in the room that my parents had picked for me as well as felt cold places in other rooms and wouldn't want to stay there. Many times I'd heard footsteps in the outside deck that led from one end of the home to the other like the deck on a ship hence the name. My father refused as usual to believe me. Not because of myself but for other reasons my parents moved us out of that home, but were trying to sell it in the downward spiral of California real estate. Vandals broke in and they decided to allow a nice woman to stay there in exchange for showing and keeping up the home. Her husband also stayed there. During the Christmas season she had a party and invited our family. My mom and I went without my father and siblings. While we were there we started talking about these strange experiences the woman was having. She stated that she and her husband were getting a divorce and he had left the house. (The reason for her Christmas party she had been lonely and didn't like being alone in the home) My mom started talking about the experiences I'd had. The woman who was shocked said that she'd researched the home and one of the early owners had killed herself after finding out her husband had an affair. After that any couple who'd lived in the home had divorced with the exception of my parents (who did divorce in my 7th grade year for a summer only to get back family is loving but dysfunctional). We went on a tour of the home that night and the adults (I was the only kid in about 3rd grade) asked me which rooms I felt something in and they discussed which rooms they didn't feel comfortable in. Later after a couple of different owners the home burned down. I believe it is being rebuilt.

As I got older I prayed for discernment and the ability to tell good messages from bad. I wanted to be able to distinguish more easily between the two. While attending a Christian school that had chapel on Wednesdays I noticed that when the speakers were talking about something that directly effected my life they would begin to "glow" for lack of a better word. There was a white or gold aura around them sometimes accompanied by a male outlined aura next to them when no one was standing there. I often felt and seen since.

Since I can remember people have also told me all their woes and opened up to me readily. I've always assumed it's because I have one of those faces, but it's more than that I think. My parents have always fought...always we're Irish/Scots and we have tempers...apparently we lack the ability to control them sometimes, just kidding. Emotions ran wild and I picked up on all of them. I am also a Pisces and have gotten often as a kid "She's 5 going on 21" and the like. I can sense what someone is feeling. I absorb their emotions almost. My husband who's a skeptic now believes there is something more to my abilities. He often talks to people at parties and uses it as a parlor trick because he finds it entertaining to shock people with me. I can tell them how they are feeling if something's going on in there life, personality traits, etc. It seems more intense if I focus on the person, touch them, and through my limited knowledge of astrology if I know their birthday I can tell them even more about themselves and what they are feeling.

When I was dating my husband I entered a duplex his family owns. No one had told me, but apparently there was a suicide in the opposite side of the duplex. Before crossing the threshold I said, "I don't want to go in. Something isn't right. Bad vibes." His friend Bob who gets creeped out there freaked and told me to shut up and that I was imagining things. Later on in the morning the guys told me what had happened and that I'd frightened them. For whatever reason the side he'd killed himself on is more calming and doesn't carry the same strange feeling. The heavy darkness is mainly felt on the side nothing happened on. There is also an electrical problem that is unexplainable. The lights in the hall change with the emotion on the side he'd committed suicide on. If all three hall lights come on the feeling is good. If the far back one near where he hung himself is on the feeling is fair, but if all go out the feeling is awful and creepy. There is also a high level of static electricity in that house on both sides. I shock myself the whole time we stay there. I've also felt someone watching me and think it was the young man...he only watches me bath. He'd known my husband when he was young and can get the feeling to go away by simply saying, "I don't think Ty would appreciate that Scott." And it's as if he turns and leaves. I can't see it, but I feel it. I got a name "The Nothing" that just came to me one night while staying there and woke up telling my husband that that is what had caused the young man to kill himself. It had helped push him over the edge. I've seen it only mentioned once on a ghost/haunting show that it could actually be a demon of depression. There have been 100s of other things that happened in this home that were unexplained.

Also, while I was dating my husband his friend I mentioned about lived with us. He would often slept on the couch in the same studio apartment we were in, but sometimes he'd sleep in the trailer my hubbie's parents use for traveling. One night he felt a heavy presence and then someone tugged on his feet. Another night we all woke up at 3am with a horrible feeling and couldn't go back to sleep (this is when my husband started to think that maybe something was up with me) we'd sleep and wake up to all the cabinets being opened when we had closed them before going to bed. Something pushed me into the door of my car and ran a finger up my back.

For ten years or so I've also had an OBE type dreams. I am floating and feel my spirit leave my body. I look back and can see it, but can't do anything to stop. I'm not frightened at first, but once I am fully out of my body I am surrounded by darkness and bad spirit vibes. I don't know how to describe it, but it's like any good feeling in the world has been sucked out. Suddenly I am back in my body but I am paralyzed and have the sensation of someone sitting on my chest. I know if I can just move a muscle I'll be free, but I can't get any part of myself to move. I'm terrified and keep repeating Jesus name and hoping I'll be able to move. Eventually I say His name or move my finger and I'm able to move and wake up. I've always thought these were dreams not real, but I recently was talking to a friend and he said he also has these dreams. He also experiences floating sensations while awake, but we both do these things involuntarily.

At this friends home I also encountered "The Nothing" we prayed and anointed that house and that seems to have gotten rid of it, but I still have been having awful dreams ever since encountering it in their home. This friend had also been severely depressed and almost divorced whenever I am near one of them I can sense their emotions and he poured his heart out to me recently. Telling about our shared experiences.

My mom has also been convinced for a long time that I am a "healer" of sorts emotionally and otherwise. I can control the heat in my hands and give amazing massages, but other than that have never been able to heal someone just make them feel a little better. My father recently told me that he had an aunt and grandma who could stop bleeding by reading a Bible verse and through prayer. My aunt also had vision of my dad crossing a bridge and told my grandma he was coming home from England. Sure enough my father was sent home from England (he was in the Air Force) early and showed up that weekend. Could this be hereditary?

My youngest son was born and I don't know how to explain it, but I know I've known him somewhere else. I don't believe in reincarnation but I do believe that there is a life before and after this one. He and I have a strange bond and he is the most sensitive of all my 4 kids. He knows when someone is upset and is a peace maker naturally. He's a Libra just like his brother who is also sensitive but no where near the level of the younger boy.

I am asking about all these things because I had never talked to anyone until the other night and I've never had anyone else have the same type experiences where they were the center of activity. What does all this mean and how do I control it? Can my kids have it? And does anyone know how to make these dreams stop since my second encounter with the Nothing?

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jakeandleon (10 stories) (35 posts)
13 years ago (2010-04-01)
Stopping dreams I think is lucid dreaming. In other words, that's controlling your dreams. =)
mairijeaan (2 stories) (10 posts)
14 years ago (2009-11-10)
Thank you for sharing all this! I identify with a lot of the elements here that I had never associated with psychic occurrences before.
StarryNight (1 stories) (2 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-05)
Shayla, thanks for reading I don't have the knowing somethings going to happen as much as I have the ability to know something has happened. It sounds like you have a lot stronger gift than I do. All I know is that trusting in Christ has gotten me through the really bad dreams and dark feelings I've sensed. I would love to talk to you as well anyone can email me any time at chemicalfreeme [at] (I use all healthy safer cleaning products and stuff so that's where the email came from)

SkyBird, I really think it's an angel in the outline someone with them to send the message and guide but I don't know for sure.

Switt, I think my youngest does...he's just so sensitive. I think I got some of it from my mom and some from my father's side, but I don't believe my mom ever developed it because it wasn't "acceptable" in her family. Not that my dad regardless of the stories I've heard on his side was ever accepting of any of it.

Thank you all for your warm replies I feel really welcome here. 😁 ❤

PS I don't want to judge anyone or be judged here, so pleased don't be offend if I speak about my faith.
Shayla (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-04)
Wow thank you for sharing all of your experiences. I JUST joined this site because I read this and wanted to reply:) Well, I am 13 and paranormal things have been going on around me since I was very little but I started seeing things and hearing them at 10. Now, I am able to know when something is going to happen to somebody and I can describe it clearly by detail. I can feel personality traits as well and people's situations. I believe I have very strong abilities. It runs in my family but we all think mine is the strongest. I would love to talk to you more! Message back?
SkyBird (2 stories) (7 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-03)
I have also see an "outlined aura" except its aura was a dark blue...I still don't know what it is.
switt (1 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2009-10-03)
I have been reading about Empathy too, lately, and from what I have read, Empathy is inherited. So, the youngest one sounds like he has Empathy. Although I cannot answer how you can control it or stopping the dreams, the inheritance is true from what I have seen. My grandmother has an intuition and I may be an Empath, too.
Hope you can find answers to the rest of your questions, and good luck.

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