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Am I An Empath Or Can I Just Read People Well?


Hey guys,

I'm new to this site, and have been reading many stories, which have all fascinated me, as I can relate to many of them.

I've had a very long history of experiencing a cluster of abilities which I can't really explain, and was hoping some of you could explain it to me?

It all started when I was only 3 or 4 year olds, and I would have very vivid dreams of close family members/relatives dying, or burning in fire for eg, only to have them die exactly 1 week after the dream. I'd also have premonitions of events that were about to happen, for example I woke up one day, I have the weirdest inclination to write down these three song titles that crossed my mind, and that I had to turn the radio on, only to have the next three songs played on the radio be the exact same ones I had written down, in order. It's strange because I got this inclination as soon as I woke up. Another example is when I look at people, I know what they are going to do next...for eg, I don't know why, but I looked at someone and for some reason I knew they would trip over at that moment, and they did! And a few times I would be washed over with a sense of gloom, as though something awful is going to happen the next day, which it does... (eg, the day before a school camping trip, I kept telling my friends I had a strange feeling, we shouldn't go on the trip because something bad is going to happen). They and myself thought I was just having a panic attack, but the next day, funnily enough, on our first day at camp, our camp site was engulfed by bushfires...we were extremely lucky to make it out in time!

It's little things like this that I experienced as a young girl. Then growing up, these all faded, as I tried to suppress them. But now I am nearly finishing my medical degree, and for the last few years I've noticed that I'm able to sense what people are feeling. I can sense what's wrong with them without even talking to them. I know what they're thinking, and I know the reasons as to why they do certain things. Unlike empaths, I don't actually feel what they feel. Also, I've been able to judge people very very quickly, within seconds, and accurately tell them about their past experiences, and explain to them why they are who they are now, and just knowing what's going on in their head.

For the last 6 months or so I've been learning tarot, and have done quite a few readings, all of which have been fascinating. I become engulfed by the cards, sensing a power in them and an intuitive feeling on how to interpret them, and then relay them to the questioner. So far every reading has been totally accurate, but then again, I always put it down to the power of the cards themselves.

My medical mind tries to explain this all by saying that I should just be a psychologist, because that's what they do, but I know there's more to it.

Do I have an ability or is this all just normal? I'm really new to this.

Thanks for your help guys x

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krista (9 posts)
15 years ago (2009-10-03)
You have an ability that you need to explore. Write down the questions that you have, light a white candle, sit quietly in a room of your choice (peaceful to you), and meditate. Allow yourself to relax and listen to the inner voice for the answers you seek. If that doesn't work try asking the questions just before you sleep, and when you wake hopefully the answers will come your way.

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