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Strange Buzzing during Danger Premonitions


I would really like to know if anyone has ever heard of, or had the experience of constant buzzing or humming sounds going along with a premonition... Since I was a child, I've had premonitions and many of them have been about the weather... Mostly through dreams. I've been in two major tornado storms, one at age 11 and one at age 19. Both times, the night before, I dreamed the scene almost exactly the way it happened. As strange as those two experiences were, those dreams didn't give me information to save a life. A premonition of mine not too long ago, saved a little girl and her family.

One evening a few years ago, I couldn't sleep. An hour had gone by and my anxiety grew. I felt uneasy and had a feeling that's hard to describe... Somewhat like a "controlled" panic. As my husband and my three kids slept soundly, I lay in my dark bedroom, tossing and turning, trying to get this strange buzzing noise out of my head. As I closed my eyes, a few times I envisioned a missile or bomb traveling through the sky as though it was "on it's way"... I couldn't get it out of my mind. This constant hum/buzzing noise sounded almost like the hum of electricity and it crossed my mind, perhaps my house had an electrical problem. Covering my ears with my pillow didn't make it go away.

I can't explain what lead me to the feeling I had to get my family downstairs. I just knew we needed to be together. The night was quiet, except for the hum in my head, so waking my kids and husband created a bit of a stir, but soon, without too many questions, we all carried pillows and snuggled on blankets in the den.

The constant noise in my ears was gone. As I lay with my family, no more than ten or so minutes from going downstairs, I was surprised to hear thunder far in the distance, but rapidly getting closer. Within five minutes, an intense storm was on top of us. The lightening flashes became almost constant. Suddenly, the lightening and thunder became blinding and deafening. Suddenly, it sounded as though a "bomb" went off and lightening struck. Our power went out and over the screaming from my children, the smoke alarm went off. My husband jumped up from the floor and yelled "we'd been hit". Suddenly, the lights came back on and as we huddled together near the front door to get out if our home was on fire, my husband searched the house. Nothing. No fire and the smoke alarm had stopped.

After a few minutes of searching the house upstairs and in the attic, I asked my husband to check the attic once more, just in case. As he checked and turned around, two large windows high above our fireplace, too high to see from the den floor where we were, high up in our den revealed a glowing orange sky. Our neighbors house was on fire. I phoned 911.

As the rain, thunder and lightening crashed, we opened our front door, assuming no one could have slept through that explosive sound. Neighbors must have been leaving their homes to help. No one was up. Lights were out. Who could have slept through that? Everyone did... Except us because I couldn't sleep. My husband ran next door. He banged on the locked door as the upper left side of the house burned high into the sky. Even the heavy rain wasn't touching the intense flames. Our neighbor was awakened by my husband's frantic yelling and knocking, but not by the lightening striking his house. His daughter lay in her bed, just one room away from the fire that was now spreading rapidly across the entire roof of the home. Both men ran up the stairs and got the child, hurrying out the door. Mom and dad made it out fine.

The family got out, but their home was a total loss. If one or two more minutes had passed, that 3 year old little child may not have made it.

I often wonder what the noise in my head was, why I knew something was going to happen, and who or what was warning me. I have never heard the buzzing noise since that night, but you can bet... I will never ignore it if I do!

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Stormahawk (guest)
17 years ago (2007-09-17)
I can hear buzzing noises when experiencing a weird out of body experience, in which I am neither in body nor spirit form, but rather aware of both existances. That is usually accompanied by a loud buzzing noise, virbration. I cannot see, but I am at the same time aware of my surroundings (like I cannot see a chair but I know there is a chair, its really hard to describe). It's not an astral projection, but I can definetly feel and hear the electrial buzz. I cannot explain. My exepreinces are similar to an ethric projection, but not the same. Any ideas? Please replay.
Katie (guest)
17 years ago (2007-08-25)
I heard buzzing noises yesterday forgot where though maybe in my house. I see ghosts teen ghosts. I saw a boy in my bathroom I have a picture of him a little his arm and bit of his body my face was in the way of taking the picture but I know what I saw and my camera saw. Bad things happen with a buzzing noise I should say and a bang cause that's what I heard last night it could be a ghost or a person outside making a mess.

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