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Growing up, I always sensed that I was different. I know that many people feel this way, but it was always like there was a specific reason that I was put on the Earth and went through the many trials of my early life. My mother and father were heavily involved in drugs and partying and they eventually gave up their rights to me and I went to live with my grandparents. This was not a much happier home, but despite the constant turmoil, I was always centered. It was like there was a higher purpose or ambition in me that made me different from the rest of my family.

I had never been exposed to, nor did I believe in the spiritual world at all, even in early childhood. My family was Catholic, but I had never believed in God at all, even at the age of 5. There was a particular experience at Knock Shrine in Ireland, an abbey where the Virgin Mary was believed to have appeared to the people. It was a spiritual awakening for me, but not because of the Virgin Mary. I realize now that this was probably the first time I was visited, but at the time I knew the presence only as a voice in my own head. (I still only really know it this way honestly.) It told me not to accept what I had been told about life and death. It was the first time a profound thought would send chills through out my body. A few weeks later I was laying in bed next to my Grandmother and I asked her "where do you go when you die?" Naturally she replied "You go to Heaven." But I shook my head and looked at her sternly and said "Where do you REALLY go?" She tried to explain that you really DO go to heaven when you die, and that I would be joining Jesus and the saints, words that were usually enough to comfort a young child, but I was only more frightened because I knew she had lied to me when she answered.

I would be obsessed with death and the afterlife for another four years, often losing sleep worrying about things which I think were just beyond my comprehension at that age. It was that encounter with my Grandmother which had disquieted me because although she had sought to reassure me, I had actually read her own uncertainty about the Spiritual realm. I learned years later that my questioning had really shaken her. She had already been questioning her faith for years and my very adult line of questioning had forced her to lie about her own beliefs.

I continued to have obsessive thoughts about death and dying, although I kept my thoughts and fears to myself. It was only when puberty struck that I began to experience other unusual traits about myself. Always considered an "intuitive" child, I was beginning to be able to read people from sight alone, and could sense the mood and tensions in a room as soon as I entered it. I knew almost instantly if a person was going to have a positive or a negative influence on my life. When people were working against me or speaking ill of me, I always sensed it.

As I grew into late childhood the abilities were more defined. I began finishing people's sentences and picking up on their thoughts. More interestingly, people began being able to read mine. It's like my thoughts volume is turned up high when I am feeling something strongly. Even to this day, people can always tell when I am thirsty, hungry, cold, etc. I saw it at the time as just being very good at reading people. This opinion would slowly change as my abilities became more specific and more unexplainable.

I have always believed in the paranormal, but I never considered myself to be connected to the spiritual realm in any way. Others I have met (including complete strangers) have tried to tell me otherwise, that I am a strong and important spirit, that there is work for me to do. It was not until very recently that I began to wonder if the impossible might be possible...

I do not believe I am a medium. I believe I am tuned into the living realm in a similar way. I have come to understand that I am an old soul, that I am a source of energy to other souls or spirits. I think I am "haunted" by the living in a way. Other people's emotions sometimes manifest around me physically. Sometimes my own emotions effect things. Street lights go out quite often when I drive or walk by them. At least six or seven in one short trip. Sometimes lights just flicker instead.

Last night I believe I was visited by a spirit. I have encountered otherworldly entities before, but never had I experienced them in a physical way as I did last night. Something or someone touched my hand and then hugged me. It was a very gentle feeling, like a tingle, and I think that is because the spirit did not want to frighten me or startle me. I believe it was someone I know, but I couldn't identify them. But the spirit was defiantly not from the living realm. It is still here in the room with me now. I feel like it is a good spirit, but that it will try to contact me further. This is all new for me. Any advice?

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flymetothemoo (1 stories) (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-11-05)
Anne- Thank you for your comments! They really struck me with the simple truth of what you say, but I've never thought of it in that way. It is funny that you should mention unconditional and universal love becuse that is indeed something on my mind more and more.

I have always been ahead of my peers emotionally and spiritually, but I used to think this was because I was more focused on those things. Now I am realizing that there is so much more to the world than what I can see and that sometimes seeing is not believing. There is a higher truth.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
15 years ago (2009-11-04)
Yes, you probably saw my article there on because I'm the author of that site as well as this one. I'm also the author of, and Though I write the content (articles), the actual design and layout is done by marvelous web developer, Martin. I'd post more on those websites but this one keeps me busy!
am_I_psychic_no_I_see_ghosts (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-11-04)
This is way of topic but, AnneV, you were on I just randomly remembered your first story.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
15 years ago (2009-11-04)
Let me see if I can respond in such an eloquent and succinct manner, which will be difficult because you're talking about life experiences and wisdom that would fill a volume to explain.

All society is shaped like a pyramid. The general masses are very wide and at the bottom. As you develop your consciousness you move up the pyramid to the top which is very narrow. There is no good or bad to this, it just is. As you move up, the people that can relate or comprehend what it is you're experiencing becomes less and less and less. Until at which point the knowingness becomes complete and you move on from this plane of existence. You're still here so there is still more to know.

You will continue being leaps and leagues ahead of your peers and society. This can work for or against you, depending on how the ego checks out. It can be a curse or an utter blessing. A frustration or a love.

So you now know that there is more than the physical body. You know that we just don't all go to heaven and live there happily ever after (or even hell for that matter). You know that there are spirits and what might even be termed a guide. You know that thoughts act like a radio wave and can transmit and receive. You know all sorts of amazing things. And so...

The next stage gets even more amazing. Next you will start to see things beyond the physical because eventually, and inevitably, your own vibrations will start to raise to a higher level (more finely). This is just how vibrations work. This isn't hooey, it's science (read about string theory and how, through vibration, it uncurls and reveals more universes). To see beyond is just having a different frequency. The higher your own vibrations, the more you can see, hear and feel. What and where is the next dimension? It's right here in front of us, but most can't see it. That spirit that is with you now can touch, hug and love you because it can alter its vibrations and breach into this realm. It's always easier to go down than up.

The next stage you'll start to ponder about where one thought, person, or thing starts (and ends) and where another thought, person or thing starts and ends. You've already done this with thoughts. It will slowly dawn on you that there is no beginning and no end, just an illusion of such, experienced through the ego and vibrational states of awareness. This will feel like a death because that's what the ego is. Its predominant fear is the loss of itself and to get to this state, the ego must die in some form.

The next stage is to understand that all things are perfect. That this is a schoolyard and it's perfect that the children come, play, pull each other's hair, flight (in all its brutal ugliness) and so on, but eventually, they get out of first grade, onto second, then eventually high school, college, get a PhD and then they are out of school all together. To deny the first grader this, is to deny ourselves. Were you any less perfect when you were very young and believed in almost nothing? Of course not. You were at the perfect place at the perfect time, as you are now.

The next stage is unconditional and universal love.

The next stage is being one with everything.

P.s. If you want my two cents on where we go after this life, feel free to write me at eclecticraven - at - I've had a lot of personal experience with the other side (decades) but I felt this post was getting long enough.

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