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So Confused... Am I Or Am I Not?


So to start, my names Justin and I used to be on this site almost daily last year when we still had the chat. Needless to say I had several life changing experiences on here.

However that's not what I'm here about. Back in the day I had a couple of people tell me that I was psychic. Part of me never believed in them and yet at the same time I did only because of the experiences I've had.

After a couple months though I began doubting my abilities thinking I may not have any at all. Which I still partially believe is true. I need help. If I do still have powers I want to know how to improve upon them but if I don't I just need to know so I can stop pretending to myself that I may have them.

Here's some examples of what has happened to me. I always know when someones texting me or about to call me. I feel sometimes like I'm being watched. Now I'm having dreams about a ghost in my house which apparently my mom has seen and had experiences with herself.

If I am psychic I don't know how I am. I guess in reality I just want some answers as to what is going on with me. Oh and here's a new thing too. Lately I've been getting odd headaches and hearing a loud pitched buzzing from my ears. I don't know what it is and may need help. Sometimes I also feel like I'm being followed by an odd creature.


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icysnow (guest)
15 years ago (2009-11-05)
You seem like you are psychic! Don't give up, sometimes it gets hard and confusing but don't doubt yourself! I know what it's like to hear that high pitched buzzing sound and it can get bothersome, but stay strong! Like Psionic said, I believe that some meditation could definitely help you out also. 😊
Psionic (3 stories) (70 posts)
15 years ago (2009-11-04)
I think you are psychic, you knwo who is texting you, which is called precognition and/or clairvoyance. You say that you have dreasm about a ghost, ghosts try to make themselves noticed, and one way could be to make you dream about them, I think your spirit guide is trying to make him/herself noticed.
I you want to improve your powers, I would suggest meditation and the self beleif that you are psychic, and you can do certian things. Don't doubt yourself. If you believe you can, and try using your powers, this will be the brginning steps to developing your powers, then it is all up to you from there. I hope this helps.

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