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Vivid Dream and Deja Vu


When I was younger, I had a dream about an apartment complex catching on fire. The dream has always been very vivid. At times I remember the dream not as a deja vu feeling, but just as a thought about how vivid the dream was and wondering why it was so real to me. I remember standing behind the complex near the woods looking up at the room that was burning and someone was throwing things from the balcony to the ground below where there were several children's toys.

Well recently, I went with my best friend to her boyfriend's new apartment. The second I turned on the sidewalk I felt frightened as I recognized every aspect of the complex, down to the woods behind the apartment. I said "I've been here before, something bad is going to happen" and within 2 seconds, I tripped on the stairs and fell on my face. That might be sheer coincidence, but the next time we came, the feeling was stronger, so I started to elaborate on my dream to her. As soon as I told her about the fire her eyes grew huge and she told me that two days before his neighbors apartment caught fire. I looked up and could see the black from where the smoke came out of the sliding doors. I thought that was the end of it...

But last time I brought my other good friend with us. She told Stephen, my friend's boyfriend, that she wanted to smoke a cigarette. He told her she could just step out on the balcony. She asked me to walk out with her, and the second I walked out my chest closed up. I looked down and there were little toys exactly like the one from my dream. I looked over at the grass where I stood in my dream watching the apartment I was in burn. I told her we needed to go but she tried to calm me down... All night I was on the verge of tears... I will never go back there because of the bad energy I felt.

My friend's boyfriend is abusive and their entire relationship is based on lies to each other and control. I told her I don't think she should go back anymore because I know her life is about to take a dangerous turn. The other night she told me she tried cocaine for the first time. With her personality I am afraid of what is about to happen to her life.

How can I explain to her what I am experiencing? Is the worst over with the first fire or am I over reacting? I don't know how to respond to this. Please give me your advice or similar experiences.

Thank you


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Katie (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-18)
If someone loves you so much why do they do this! When they lose you they say no other man can love you how much I did! Its like maybe not but least they won't harm me and be nasty to me. You need to tell her before it gets worse he may have problems that's why he is doing this cause the lads who do this do have probelms some even cause death.
Katie (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-18)
Hi the relationship your friend's in will get worse I know because a friend said it too me but I didn't listen I just thought everything will be OK it will get better and he doesn't mean it. NO it didn't get better at all. He didn't trust me then I began not to trust him. He kept starting things upsetting me getting paranoid. He upset me so much telling you the truth he hit me, pull my hair, call me names he thought it was funny he thought I liked It . If I didn't finish it it would of got worse .It hurts so bad that you loved someone so much but it didn't work out how you wanted it to be. You have to forget about them and move on or tell them to change they will change if they loved you that's what you have to do. He will keep her in trust me he will stop her going out and seeing her friends he will make her change.
Soma (3 stories) (12 posts)
15 years ago (2007-08-26)
I hope that your friend can learn to trust your premonitions and leave her boyfriend! The drugs thing... Thats really terrible, maybe you should try taking her somewhere to see drug addicts or telling her scary stories about what happens when you take drugs? Sounds childish but that's what my Mom told me even in my teens and it scared me off real good. If need be, take her away from there by force, you might be doing her a favour in the long run!

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