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To give a little background information, I am 22 years old and when I was in high school I have started getting brief feelings of "death..." The first time I experienced this I had worked with a kid who was a year older than me. He had died in a car accident and two weeks prior I had felt "death..." This has happened several times in my life and "death" was always felt about two weeks earlier then the actual incident. I have felt this about 5 times as well as knew of 5 people who died.

One time I actually had a dream where I was on the beach and kept seeing huge waves coming to the shore and I was very scared because they were coming to shore. 2 weeks later Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. I don't remember the feeling of death this time but my girlfriend at the time was originally from New Orleans and found out that someone she knew had died from the hurricane. It has never really bothered me but freaked me out and whoever died was someone that I either knew, or someone I was close to know. That's really not the basis of my story just a little background info.

The story is of the events of what has happened at my apartment this week. It started on Sunday. I was in my bed sleeping when my girlfriend came home from a football game with her friends. She came home and came up stairs to my bedroom. She had asked me if she could turn the light on and read because she couldn't sleep. I had told her no (I was grumpy). She said ok and went downstairs in the living room to read and surf the net. While she was down there she had gotten a scared feeling, so she finally decided to go to bed and as she was walking up the stairs she felt even more frighten and ran up the stairs as if something was maybe behind her. At the top of the stairs she stared down, saw nothing and came in my bedroom where I was sleeping. She came in be and wrapped her arms around me and fell asleep.

The following day (Monday) I had worked 12 hours then went to the gym afterwards. Needless to say I was really tired. I came home, we ate dinner and watched some t.v. Nicky (girlfriend) had gone up stairs to read and get ready for bed before I had gone up stairs. On my way up the stairs I heard a female voice say "Brandon, Brandon" (my name of course). I thought it was her and I asked her when I got to my bedroom if she had called my name, to which she denied. I didn't think much of it because I was pretty out of it because I was beat tired.

After we went to bed she had dream or feeling where she was really scared. She is very tough person so she said she opened up her mind to fight "it" but couldn't physically move (this was all with her arms around me). When she physically came to, she was clenching onto to me. Apparently as she came to, she said I was talking in my sleep out loud like I was scared. She woke me up and said "Baby, it's ok it's just a nightmare..." I smiled, kissed her and both fell back asleep.

Here's where it gets even more weird. Last night, I was about to go to bed and called Nicky on my cell like three times, right before bed, so I could talk to her for a little bit. Neither time did she answer. I finally text messaged her and said goodnight. About 5 minutes later my phone rings and the caller I.D. said Nicky. I said Hello and I could hear a little girl in conversation but it was muffled so I couldn't make it out. I kept saying hello and finally the little girl said in clear as day and adult like. "Ok, do you want to talk to Mommy now?" and then it hung up. Two seconds later Nicky called me. And I had asked if she was playing a joke on me. She asked what I was talking about and so I explained. She said she just tried calling me and all she heard was me saying hello and then hung up and called me.

Now this may sound like a coincidence but after putting all of things that happened this week I am almost convinced there is either a little girl spirit in my house or around me or Nicky. It could have been mixed up phone lines but I was on my cell phone. Nothing is positive yet but I plan on doing some investigating. I have felt a presence in the past of not being alone in my bedroom but never though anything of it. I'm VERY open to responses. So please respond! Thanks!


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just a suggestion (guest)
14 years ago (2007-08-26)
well if that's a spirit girl I wonder who's mommy and if she's a spirit following you too.
VampireVoodoo (3 posts)
14 years ago (2007-08-25)
WOW that would be freaky... I hope you find out what happened, please inform me of anything :)

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