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Am I Crazy? A Medium? Being Haunted?


I am starting to become very confused on what exactly is going on with me.

Since I was a young child around the age of 3 I have been talking to people I can give full descriptions of that no one else could see or hear. I am now going on 22 and it seems things are becoming stronger.

Over the years I have seen spirits, heard spirits, had things moved on me, and I have been physically touched. I have had dreams of the departed and of occurrences that later happen.

When my mother moved into her home the first visit I took there I told her that the storage space under the stairs had a lot of spiritual activity. I told her full descriptions of a native woman and her daughter and a man that comes in the form of a dark shadowy mass that I believed to be the little girl's father. He was angry but had no intentions of harming anyone. This little girl was killed and had a symbol drawn on her chest due to her mother and father being from different tribes. Later on I found out after careful historical research the area we live in is old native ritual sites and burial grounds. And when tribes had children with different tribes they would draw a symbol on the child's chest and sacrifice them.

After my grandfather passed away for several months both myself, my mother, and my mothers best friend would see him, or hear him. I had vivid dreams of him talking to me saying he was proud of me for coming so far in life and tell my grandmother he loves her. I never thought anything of it as I thought I was just dreaming of him because I missed him so much. It was not until my mothers friend received a phone call from my house while no one was home and heard a man speak the words " why won't you listen to me?". After this we called my grandmother to say we felt my grandfather has a message for her and we have to tell her he is very much around and I told her of my dream where he asked me to tell her he loves her. After that we never had any experiences involving my grandfather again.

The newest occurrences that have been happening over the last month or so are in my apartment. My doors shut, lights turn on, we hear walking, my boyfriend who previously had never had any experiences up until meeting me has heard a woman talk to him. Both times he thought it was me until he turned around and saw me sleeping but could still hear the whispers. I have heard a man speak to me. We both have been touched. We have noticed that since communicating to them through sayings like " were going out please leave the lights off we have left one on for you" or " please keep the banging to a minimum" that things have gotten more active. For the last 2 nights we have not been able to sleep. We are being woken up by the voices or by the spare bed creeking as if someone is climbing in it. We constantly are woken and our first instinct is to stare at the hall way. Actually as I write this story right now I can hear banging in the other room and it is the middle of the day. The experiences use to be only at night until recently. I have done some minor evp work where I leave a recorded on while I go out and have gotten heavy breathing on it and the sounds of my doors slamming when all windows are shut but never talking. I refuse to use a Ouija board as I feel sometimes you let more bad in then good.

It seems that no matter where I live or where I go I am always experience spiritual activity. I can always hear them or see them. And I can always sense or give full descriptions of a person who has passed on.

Am I going crazy? Am I a medium? Or am I just being haunted?

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MrE (1 stories) (168 posts)
7 years ago (2014-03-02)
Anima is very wise, most of his comments are very detailed and accurate.

I would suggest against trying to question/communicate with the entities physically manifesting in your apartment at this point. It seems that communicating is making it worse.

One question is, this happened only at this apartment (the physical manifestations), or have they happened at other places you lived?

My suggestion, if it only happens at this apartment, is to move away.
The place is haunted, and not you. At least, not yet.
Often times, if a spirit inhabits a place, they have no interest in leaving the place. That is not 100% true in all cases. But many times, it is.

Another question... When you asked them to leave the lights off, did they leave the lights off as you had asked?

As far as voices go, I want to add a source to anima's post...
Telepathic. Human beings, when they think, can not help but to give off brain waves.
People that don't balance their emotions, and have overwhelmingly selfish thoughts, impose their thoughts on others, many times in the form of voices.
99% of the time, they don't even realize they are doing it. 70% of the times, the people around them don't even notice.
It still comes down to the same thing... Getting the energy to align.
One thing to remember... If you want to prove someone or something wrong, then you must be ready to be proven wrong yourself.
The approach that works best for me personally is satisfaction, and negotiation... An example being...
"[myself]So, voice, you think the world is a bad place. What would you do to fix it? [voice] burn it [myself] there is nothing you enjoy of the world? [voice]no...kittens...[myself] haha, yes, kittens are cuddly! [voice] nothing is right... Except cuddly kittens... Try not to burn those... [myself] sure enough, but then we'd need cats, and something for them to eat. Plus, someone or something to clean them, they get dirty when feral, and aren't cuddly [voice] I forgot kittens... Turned to cats... Let me think... A bit more..."
Just a rough example, and it doesn't just happen overnight. Each voice has its own personality. Some are close enough that working with one is like working with another.
Others are feral... For me, I had to devote a portain of my sub concious to them to let them run free.
Trying to reason with them or control them made them rage, as a tiger in a cage would.

A 3rd possible source of the haunting... Before I get into this one, I want to be very clear that this source is EXCEEDLY rare, and almost never happens...
There are living, breathing people that have the ability to walk around in the spirit, and affect the world while in the spirit, and to possess people, while in the spirit.
No real advice for that one, the people that can do that break the rules that spirits tend to follow.

In any case, hope that helps, and God bless.
Anima (2 stories) (16 posts)
7 years ago (2014-03-02)
You do sound like a medium; though I will say its probably much more than this, and such experiences can be very daunting for those who are not ready for them. I have but a small bit of help for you, though I'm not sure if it will help you in every situation that meets one with such abilities. If these beings continue to speak with you, effect your home and life directly, and seem malevolent in their actions against you, understand that 'spirit' is an energy and that we all have the ability to manipulate energy to an extent. I used to hear many voices, some I'm sure come from different worlds, while others were from this one - remnants of energies that displaced themselves amongst the living. I lived in an area filled with Racial Supremacist who ravaged the area for some time. Though racial attacks aren't common here, the energies of the folk who live here are still very much filled with wrath and discontent for my race. One day, around the time I was becoming very sensitive to energies, I was approached by several beings, voices that would constantly down me for my racial ethnicity and literally would try to make me out as a demon and 'destroy,' me with their hatred. Honestly, it took me a while to understand what was happening, spirits of people filled with this hatred had held on to their fury and became 'demons' of their own sort who would try to attack and destroy the brighter energies of individuals around them. Eventually I had to separate my energy from them permanently as they tried to literally destroy my mind. Through meditation and understanding your energy, a person can erect not only a shield against malevolent energy but also change the energy - via their own inner-energy-levels as well. I do not call them demons, for me the word demon only gives them a reason to believe they have a method of fear against you. In this age people watch horror movies of possession and so-called demons destroying others with their powers and such. Don't give them this credit, they aren't demons in my eyes, they are simply malevolent energies trying their hardest to use fear, guilt, shame, grief, lies, illusions and your very powers against you. Simply understand that they are an energy and that the energy they try to connect to you will never darken you, for if you love God, the Oneness, the Goddess, whatever you call the being who lies at the center of all things, and also know that you are apart of them, you can tuff even the poison of evil and transform evil into light and goodness itself. Do not try and destroy the energy, bend it.

Question the voices, watch their reactions, and wait for real truth. It'll come, if they Lie, soon they will contradict themselves; if they are violent, let them rage, but do not give into the fear - that's what they want, understand it and know they are troubled beings whose hearts cannot let go of something so strongly, that they can't even move on in life or have tainted themselves with it. Dissociate yourself from the emotions, so they do not try and break you with them. Confront them with this truth, that they are wrong and that they know it and trust me... You will feel it, they have emotions too, don't forget this. Honestly, I've encountered many spirits who act like demons, will make themselves out to be monstrous entities only to find out they are just people who are extremely troubled by their prior-life and try their hardest to destroy the lives of those around them due to their immense hatred that only grows with every waking moment. Honestly I pity them, because they cannot except the truth - they are dead; non-physical, and will not let this go no matter what. So I do, I pity them, and wonder if they are truly evil or simply lost. I believe in past lives, and so I believe that in my past, I too may have been an evil or ungood entity at some time. I consider this a path of life, for we all make good and bad choices and thanks to perception good and evil are like yin and yang, both could be good or bad for all you know - we must tread the line of grey.

Like I said, I used to hear them all the time. I realized my fear only drove them on. But when I pitied them for their lost nature and hoped they would overcome their sadness and pain and rage and sent them positive energy, the voices all stopped. I hear a few still, but they tend to tell me things like, "Keep going," or that they love me, some other strange things happens time to time but its nowhere as bad as it used to be. I'm 22 myself and I've noticed things have been... Intensifying energy wise in past few years.

Something's changing...

I'm sure that your grandfather and grandmother are pleased with you. You took it in your heart to speak out in such a way and for that you have shown love to those who even exist in a plane of existence far different from our own.

Much love and light to you.
- Anima
deewhite82 (1 posts)
10 years ago (2010-08-29)
You are a haunted medium who is being driven crazy. Dont give them the power... Sleep with music on, the more you ignore the more they will try, but everyone gets tired... Even spirits.
ExoticX2C (1 posts)
11 years ago (2010-02-05)
Honestly I have the same problem I see shadows of people, full body appericians, and hear stuff all the time and when I was a kid I had an imaginary friend that resembled an amish boy. He was very nice to me and even saved me once. I believe he was a good spirit but the negative ones I think are evil. Deamons will follow you where ever they want and they can switch forms so you think its a harmless ghost. One came to me recently pretending to be a little boy prob 5 years old. But instantly I knew what he really was. When you get that sick feeling like something isn't right its your inner psychic telling you to leave it alone. Using evp's and videos with deamons only fuels the fire that they already have. They hate us because we are made in Gods image and the more vunerable the person is to emotions and energy the more they mess with that person I found. I have so many stories of ghosts and deamons I honestly wouldn't even know where to begin. Fyi... If it doesn't feel right and it feels negative open a bible and talk to the one that gave you that amazing gift. I think God made everyone able to be a little psychic some more than others, but I really believe he gave us this ability to help people not to talk to deamons. Ghosts are here for a reason and like 80% of them arent really "lost souls". It seems the experience with your grandpa was actually him because he left you alone when you told your grandmother what he needed you to say. The things going on now sound a lot like you have a deamon. Look up "What Deamons Can Do To Saints" by Merrill F. Unger
Chapter 2 Third Sentance down. "The more spirtual and victorious the believer, the more subtle and vehement are the satanic and demonic assalts against him."
"Scripture calls these cunning artifices "wiles." "Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil" (Ephesians 6: 11) This book also states what I previously typed..."a danger especially faces christians who may be credulous. Their problem is not unbelief but credulity. Satan stands ready to take advantage of their naivete, particularly in an era where occult religion is threatening to supplant pure biblical Christianity. Deamon activity is responsible for some physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual problems, as the Bible clearly teaches. But it is not to conclude by any means that all such problems have demonic origin."
If you are a psychic like I think you are you can feel when it is not right. Hope this helps you.
Tessalovesmusic (3 stories) (72 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-16)
Ew, they touch you too? When a ghost touches me it just feels wrong. But it sounds like your a medium. The ghost that haunts my house has issues, I think hes bipolar or something because some nights hes nice and some nights hes mean and starts messing with me. I have to get ear plugs because he won't shut up some nights. I sounds crazy just saying that. But its all good for a mean ghost I would recommend white sage, Just burn it like incense and spread it around the house its gets rid of all negative vibes and can make the ghost go away for an extent of time. Hope that helps.

Blessed Be,
Tess ❤
darkbeauty663 (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-13)

I use to let things go by and not acknowledge the activity going on in my current residence but once it started to get worse with such things as being touched and so forth my boyfriend and I have been smudging the apartment we just started doing this so are not sure if it will work. I realize that even if I move past these current events that I will most likely experience many more new things in the future. I am just glad to hear that there is a reasoning for this.
Edmund (578 posts)
11 years ago (2009-11-12)
darkbeauty663... I would say that your not crazy because your boyfriend can verify the activity in the apartment. You are psychic because of everything that you experienced in your life before the apartment lends itself to that... The hard part is determining if the apartment is haunted and to what degree and how much influence you have on the situation there. I believe that if your psychic you will get visitors every so often... I also believe that if a place has a ghost or is a little bit haunted a psychic person can kick up the activity... Just because their psychic. The first thing I would do in a new place is not to acknowledge them... At least not at first until you get a good feel over time if its just a person who has not passed for whatever reason or if it could be something or someone more sinister. Spirits with an evil intent tend to always lie about everything all the time.

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