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What Is My Gift?


I stumbled upon this website not too long ago. My intentions were to find ghost stories to read to my sisters who had visited me for Christmas. Then, I visited this site just for entertainment purposes. I had no idea that what I had been going through was anything "gifted."

Ever since I was little (5 years old, I think), I'd have dreams that would come true. At the time, my mom would allow me to go to church with my older brother and sister, plus some younger siblings, even though my mom was of Shaman faith, as was all of us. She allowed us to go because she saw it as a way for us to get out of the house and out of her hair, I think. The Church's bus picked us up every Sunday in front of our house.

One Sunday morning, I had a dream that the bus would drive right by our house and forget to pick us up. I remembered very clearly where all my 5 siblings were standing in this dream at the moment the bus passed us.

I woke up and told my older sister about this dream. I thought it was just a dream. She laughed at me and made fun of me for having such a silly dream. She even said sarcastically, "I guess the bus won't be picking us up today!" Nevertheless, we all got ready. As I was standing on the porch, I saw the Church's bus drive past us. My siblings were standing in the exact same spot as in my dream when this occurred. We never did go to church that day. It was so weird. But then I thought it was just a coincidence and never thought more of it until now. Although my siblings were speechless at the time.

I need help trying to figure all this out. I used to think I was crazy until I read the stories on here. I think over time, I kept trying to shut out what I was experiencing because I didn't want to sound crazy. So I think that this has caused my abilities to become less prominent in my life.

I'm not too sure what "gift" I have exactly because unfortunately, things usually only come to me in my dreams. Most of the times, I am dreaming, and yet, I can hear everything around me and know I am dreaming but I have no control over ANY of my dreams. Also, most of my dreams are in symbols, letters, and numbers. I stopped caring about my dreams because I was so tired of decoding them. I dream so much to the point that I am afraid to dream. A lot of my dreams are of people who has passed on or scary events I have never experienced.

For example, one time, I went to visit my sister who was home alone. I asked her where everyone was at. She told me her in-laws had gone out of state for a funeral. That was pretty much all the information she gave me about this funeral and I didn't care much to ask further because it didn't concern me. That is, until I went to sleep that night.

In this dream, a woman kept chasing me. I was running away because I felt that she was no longer alive. I knew, in my dream that she was a spirit. Finally, she caught up to me. She asked me for help. I asked her what I can do for her, and this is what she said to me: "Please, help me. I must leave and cannot return. Someone I love, far away, does not know what has happened to me. You must contact this person for me."

I was scared to death in this dream and after I woke up, even though she was not scary looking in my dream. She had gave me, in my dream, a full digits. I even told my husband about it. I was so scared, I just let the dream go. Then, later on that day, I forgot the numbers. It's as if I never even dreamed it. Try as I might, none of the numbers came back to me.

I asked my sister about the out-of-state funeral her in-laws went to later that night. She said the funeral was for a lady who had died in a car accident. Her death was sudden and not much people knew about it. I was so freaked out at this point. I eventually told her my dream, but that I did not want to see a picture of the deceased lady or know anything further. This happened a few years ago and I have regretted not calling the phone number that was given to me in my dream. At the time, I was so scared, I did not want to believe in any of what I was going through. I just brushed it all off as coincidences.

I told my mom about my dream and the funeral. She looked at me, confused, and asked, "What connection do you have to this dead person? Why would she seek you for help?" I knew then and there, that my mom knew I had a gift. She didn't say anything more because I think she knew that it would scare me. Also, I didn't buy into anything Shaman-based she believed in. I had married a Christian husband and found God.

Then, I had other dreams that came true too. There's too many to list here, but I will write each one separately when I have time. I have had many deja vu, but my dreams don't always come true immediately. Sometimes, it takes up to one year for the event to happen. But when it does, it happens almost identical to my dream.

Oh, and I have to say... I come from a family of Shamanism where majority of them have some sort of gift. My uncle can see and talk to the dead and claims to have a guide. My mom has told me stories of her aunt's dreams about the dead and of the future as well. There are a few who can see into the future. One of my aunt (who I can't really remember) can see the past by touching an object. For example if someone stole something from you and returned it anonymously, she can touch it and know who stole it, as long as you haven't touched it.

I want to open up myself to whatever gift I have. How do I start? I know this is a lot of information, but its all true. I'm sorry my story isn't really an interesting one, just a long explanation of certain things.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
7 years ago (2015-04-03)
I agree with annamarie. I also recomend a mind blowing autobiography of a powerful shaman, of the yanomamo tribe that will help you: "SPIRIT OF THE RAINFOREST", by Mark Andrew Ritchie. At Good luck!
colormeeternal (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-05-30)
Some call this a person with this gift a "sleeping prophet" I have visions, no deja voo yet. I speak and hear things in trances, a lot of women in my family keep thses things secret, but then we share when we can't keep them to ourselves anymore, I have a cousin desparately trying to abandon her gifts, she has turned to drugs and alchohol. Alright I am bieng too serious, just a thought, why don't the blinding things happen when I am driving? None of the things that keep me unaware of the phsical world right arround me happen when I am driving? That is a good question. I went and saw my friend and psychic advisor the other day, I don't talk to her much about the stuff, I just love seeing her if I can once or twice a year, to know there is someone more wise than me or my family, I was afraid to tell her my biggest problem was I was having a hard time mixing up my feelings with things, and I got a reading instead, but she touched on all the target info about me lately that is the reason for my inhibitations about my sights. That helped alot! I got a good warning that spoke to my soul, I got good advice how to move forward, and I feel my spirit showed her my lack of faith I have had lately, My faith has increase since seeing her. I don't know if its against the rules to promote a psychic, I'll wait to share her name. I have the dreams, but when spirits try to show me something through anothers shoes, and I see their death, and problems and stuff I push it out of my mind, I like to utalize my gifts for my own personal growth, and if a loved one needs help, or a friend I will share, but I used to have a bit of an ego when I was younger, so I don't pay attention to all of the things that come through me, one gift I have while sleeping rising and going into a trance, where I only know what happened because some one saw me do it, and begin speaking secrets I would not know, but on accasion my fiance was freaked out about this, and he was a little too free with the information, so I told my grama he was probly dreaming. I don't want everyone to know all my gifts, I want to be sure they need to know something before I share. Me personally the in an others shoes dreams never came together like yours, no matter how much I saw or knew even If I saw a whole crime, it never but once matched anything on tv or in the paper, and they found her killer. So I don't feel an obligation to the spirits putting me in others lives and experience, except how it can open the doors to bieng less judgemental of what I don't understand or who. But that is me, I am taking the steps that will reveal my destiny. I hope you will utilize the best of your gifts for the best reasons your heart can feel strongly about, and so don't betray your concience, be open to it. Your concience is a big part of you that puts the pieces together and sees the truth you need to see.
revan (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-19)
I remember having a dream 2 years ago. In my dream I was at my friends house (which I have never seen before). Then I hear her and her sister scream. I watched them run out of the woods behind their house followed closely by 2 demons. When I talked to her about it the next day she said I pretty much gave an exact description of her house and surrounding land. What exactly does this mean?
liahg8567 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-06)
I have a similar story to yours. Recently I have wanted to develop these abilities more, but I am completely lost. I have had the dreams that come true. I have had deceased people contact me in dreams. I can also feel spirits. I don't know exactly what my gift is either, but I know that I would really like to be able to develop these gifts. Best of luck to you!
LostPsychic (3 stories) (5 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-06)

Thank you for your wisdom. I have come to believe that some evil spirits are attracted to me because of what I feel and see. I understand what you mean because in the past, I have felt like there was something angry present. I feel like the more I understand my gift and improve upon it, the more spirits (whether good or bad) have started to come to me.
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-06)
For help on solving dreams and visions, and developing your psychic gifts, click on my profile name and read my stories and other posts.

Oracle101, Psychic and Medium for 43 years
Always happy to help others
Annamarie (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-05)
Hello. I have this gift also. Some dreams will be straight. You will see the exact same things, as you do in your dream. And others you will have to interpret. Dreams are Gods way of sending you messages. When you get dreams that threaten your life, you need to ask Jesus blood to cover you, and ask for Gods protection.

Love god, and worship him, and you WILL be given so much more. Now I have given you Gods word, you cannot disguard this without considering. God is life.

By the way, if you start seeing spirits, and feeling spirits, deamons will be attracted to you, and try to posses you, trust me I know. You must never ever turn awy from God. I'm 17 year old girl, but I know so much.

If you need help, contact me
Darkdemonfox (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-05)
I wish I knew what my gift is... I just keep having these feelings like I am meant for so much more but I just don't know what. 😭

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