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Feeling How People Die


I am hoping there are others out here who also share the feelings I do. I can stand beside a stranger and tell how they are going to die. I also can have the same feelings for my family. I am not afraid, I just get this sick knotted feeling something bad is going to happen and it does, but I cannot ever feel who it is going to happen to. I just know it is bad.

Please, if anyone can help me to understand what I am going through I really would like to know. I have had that feeling that something bad was going to happen if I leave certain places and I left and it happened, I see in my mind how people are going to die and they do. I just don't know when it will happen. I would like to understand more about what is going on and if I am having any signs of the unknown.

Has anyone else gone threw this and if so what can you do to understand what it is all about? I foresaw a wreck and less than 15 minutes later it happened. I have lived a normal life and could be your next door neighbor and have not let this control me until this last year, I sometimes start to shaking and feeling sick when I know something is going to happen and if it is something really bad I have to sit down and calm my mind so I can get out of public view, please help me if you understand any of this at all thank you

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edcasabonne (1 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-01-25)
I have a strange ability/curse... Its not like claivoyance or telapathy (both things I have never seen much less thought even possible until recently) I don't know how to name it... But here it is (I swear I'm not crazy) I can feel certain people... Family, friends, even strangers... I can feel it when they die... Even if I'm 1000 miles away... I get this wierd feeling of sadness and loss and it's like my blood runs cold. I get shivers down my spine. It happens at certain time and I note the time and then I find out later that right around that time (I'm usually within about 30 min) the person has died... Sometimes I don't know who it is, but when I do I'm usually right... Does anyone else know about this... Am I just going nuts? I'm confused... Help would be appreciated...
yournotalone252 (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-22)
hi. I can also do this. Well every single time I touch someone I see how they die. Mine is also like a movie. It could be tomorrow or in 5 years... Idk. But I have been doing this a long time. When did this start happening with you? How old were you? I can probably help you with this.
revsilverson (guest)
12 years ago (2010-01-10)
can you foretell the future involving other types of events rather than just death. Being psychic means you need to be prepared to see and feel some pretty unpleasant things. Seeing how children died violently upsets me the most. You should attempt to find out how accurate your death visions are. Keep a journal of who and when you get these feelings being as specific as possible regarding time of day, which day, phase of the moon etc. You might see trends emerge that will help you control and explain your visions.

Love and Light... Always
Jodi1976 (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-08)
I see deaths as well. It is though I am watching a movie. I don't always know just when it will happen but I know it will. I have sinced my own near death. It is a tense feeling when it is yourself in the movie. I see the angels that guide the newly dead away. I wish I could say there is a way to see this ability clearer but I am not sure how. It is a gift and if there is a way to change that person's fate then that too will be revealed with the feeling or in the movie so to speak. Sometimes it is just their time. I have sat with 2 grandparents as they passed and I must say that physically death isn't pretty but on the spiritual plain it is beautiful. Its like the beginning of a beautiful trip.
midnightgold (30 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-08)
I haven't had anything like that happen with me involving strangers, but it did with close friends and sadly some family members or friend's family members. The first few times it was somebody I knew and was close to me (including my grandfather) and I carried with me a horrible guilt "for thinking it" until a few days to a few weeks later they did in fact pass away. Not understanding it all I felt even more guilty like I should have done something about it, like have the chance to say goodbye. I had a day dreamy, spaced out feeling that overcame me and it seemed like my spirit left my body and was somewhere else as I actually either watched somebody explain to them some sort of afterlife or I myself explained to them it was okay to die and not to be afraid... I saw where they were going and I saw the person accompanying them, and talked them. Each time I came out of this daydream state I was very shaken up and horrified, I felt somehow I had invaded their privacy and should not have seen or known this. I'm not sure the reason why these things are seen but I do take comfort in the fact they went in peace after death and they were not alone (angles, guides, god?). I used to have a nasty habit of absentmindedly blurting out how long somebody had left, and not realize what I'd just said. I only hope my friends will forgive me. Do you just see the accidents or the deaths, or do you see anything beyond that? Can you describe in more detail what you see, and do you feel you are supposed to do something about it or do you whisper a prayer for them?

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