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Powers? Explanation


Alright, I'm not sure what has allowed me to do this or even where this came from. Ill start when I was little, I was a big gamer. (keep in mind I'm only 16) and when I would walk to my room at night (Big house).

I would be compelled to run, Not just to run. I would sprint, be completely terrified that something was coming for me. And I know this was not normal, I would be panicking when I got to my room.

I always hear small whispers, like breaths of air. And it would say things, a lot of times my name, rarely anything else. My most pronounced ability would be the reading of others. I can literally just glance at someone, and its like opening a book. It sometimes throws me a little off when I read that someone is horrible, a crooked soul. But it seems I'm always right.

I've tried looking at this from other perspectives, try telling myself I'm crazy. Try telling myself its just a Cornucopia of psychological disorders. But it feels so real, seems so right.

I'm very distant from almost everybody, I've only had two true friends and that's because I read that these people where true. They were going to be there for me.

I feel different, unique. I can't be expressive though everyone thinks I'm nuts.

Ok, To catch up to current. My most recent shocking experience.

I was sitting in my closet, we got a couch and stuff in there.

Listening to music, pretty relaxed. My cat comes in and jumps up on the couch. Sits down and relax, Ready for some petting.

I put my hand on its back, and just keep it right there. Usually I pet him. But I just let it lay there, I just feel some kind of presence, power. (it felt strong, I wouldn't call it a spirit, this felt from within me.) Then my eyes went wide, huge.

Then my muscles, they felt locked (not in a painful way, not stiff just still) then I felt this energy go down my arm, and out my hand onto the cat. He started twitching, like powerful muscle kicks. He looks up at me like I'm doing something wrong and his whiskers go mad, his face was twitching, his legs were kicking, his stomach muscles jumping. (keep in mind I have had this cat for 6 months, hes never had muscle problems, in fact hes the laziest cat I have ever owned. Also I would never abuse an animal, I love animals and think they are a gift).

These were powerful twitches, and I knew that I was causing this.

It kind of wierded me out so I lifted my hand off. And he stopped instantly.

I've never had an experience so strong. I'm able to do it, not repetitively, it kind of tires me. But I am able to do it at least every day.

What is this that I'm experiencing, Transferring.

I know this is not just a coincidence, I can feel this energy.

And I rarely sleep all the way through the night. I wake up on a whim, I can sense people walking into my house. I can sense people listening to me. I'm able to feel another's presence.

I'm not freaked out about this, I love this feeling.

Its empowering, I just want someone to explain these things to me.

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Coffmanben (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-10)
Are there really people out there like me?
Is this really something that I can master?
I feel it strong, its an intense feeling. I've always felt different, seperated from the pack.
But I like myself, I like my ability. I want to learn more.

Saffron, is there any more that you can tell me?
Be completely honest to me, can you tell me some stories?
Saffron (4 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-08)
too, keep your intution intact. There are bad people and covens who find people with such gifts and leach on for life, if they can. They want energy and will hurt, whomever to cover it up. I'm trying to free myself of such long standing situations so, it's on my mind. Keep your gifts protected. While working with transfering energy, practice stablizing it. Keep Angelic, God forces near when you do these exercises, as many things like to spy on us humans. Being young as you are, Really practice transfering while keeping hold on your own energy within and, focus your keeness for knowing true and good from those not, as life is not always kind. Do be blessed as you can write on a computer for help and this is coming out more. If your heart is pure, your gifts are trainning for healing. In need, objects can be moved too, lives can be saved. As spoke on above me here, I've given too much energy and "getting it back' is a fight. This is some vampiric, I didn't give it all, some took or manipulted me to give, I was really young when this started, no internet then. As I recharge, I'm drained. It's been years now, I just want freed, it's bad!, so be careful. With your cat, think gentle, it can help you control your gift as needed, this may help it from freaking so bad too. Have fun, be Careful!
Aimee (2 stories) (6 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-07)
Try looking up psychic vampires. I was just reading about them and what's happening to you seems to be similar.

Good luck, Aimee 😊
Zak-Saturday-Is-Kur (1 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-01-07)
Congradulations! I finally found someone else who can do this! Oh and yes this is enery transfer. The reason you feel tired after you do this is your giving away your own energy. It's ok to do this every day as long as you don't transfer a large amount of your energy. Cause if you transfer a large amount or too much at one time,...well...lets just say it's bad. So if you have any questions about transfering your energy, then email me. ❤

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