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Coming Into The Knowing Of Being Psychic


I am just beginning to come into the knowing that I have psychic abilities, mostly prominently the ability to feel what others are feeling and even thinking lately. I'm beginning to feel a little ahead of myself because I just get this sense that people I speak to KNOW that I know things about them even if I haven't even said anything. A lot of people love that about me and feel I'm just a good listener (I genuinely love to listen and help) but I noticed with the more closed off people this is the people who get most offended and I'm just trying to learn how to curb things down a big when I'm around these types.

I know I have always been very empathetic growing up and as a kid I have been SO drawn to nature. I grew up in the woods and as a kid I would just wander through the woods (we lived in safe place) for hours at a time and just feel so safe and especially at night time, I can't explain it, but I always felt the most drawn to the night time and even today at the age of 28 I love walking in the dark.

I feel like I have this kinship I can't explain with trees and like they protect me? I think I even know which trees like to be touched and many I just stand in complete awe and reverence.

I have always been very spiritual and did not come from a religious background per se (my own family didn't practice or go to church) and at the age of 8 I was always drawn to the bible and read it front to back--I've always felt drawn to Jesus. Now that I'm older I still use what I have learned from the bible as a footstone but I wouldn't consider myself religious at all. I am drawn to Spirituality and ever since I've been dabbling in meditation and reading Course in Miracles (alongside Urantia) I have been noticing things.

I noticed the other day I was carrying around this awful just dreadful dead feeling for part of a day and I just couldn't shake it but wanted so badly because I KNEW hey I was feeling this and I pray that it was not associated with the whole earthquake thing (I felt it 5/days before). I was thinking this is not mine, this is not mine, and it was just like suddenly it disappeared and I was happy and just gave it no more mind.

Lately I've been noticing that YES I do hear voices but why do they only say hello? The other day I was laying down close to sleep and it just woke me right out of my sleep 'hello' and just now I heard 'Hello?' like it was right beside me and I got up to check the window outside but nobody was there, it wasn't far away anyways. They just keep getting more frequent. A couple months ago I got this awful feeling a guy I grew really fond of that something was wrong. I had a dream that he walked through a pharmacy store and grabbed a bottle of meds, downed them and walked out. I didn't actually see his face in the dream but knew it was associated with him--I put it off and off and tried to just forget the dream thinking I was over thinking it. Well I finally got courage to call him and check up (I am in my own relationship) and found out he was so angry with the way his life was going (has high expectations to live up, fathers a Doctor, etc). But the strange thing is I started talking to him and everything that I told him seemed to make so much sense and it calmed him down so much and he was like I was right about everything. I brought up his brother who killed himself that he has always felt guilty about and when I said his brother would NEVER want him to live like that it was like it was coming from outside of me--like I was relaying it and It surprised even me. He immediately started crying like he was finally able to let that out.

Growing up I never was even aware how attuned to people's feelings I was through high school it was a miserable roller coaster ride most of the time. When I was 25 I finally got on meds to stabilize these highs and lows and finally when I got my doses down to almost nothing that is when I was finally able to get some sense on what was happening to me.

I grew up drawing all the time and just recently I learned of a thing called Spirit Art? I have only been able to advance in drawing people just by starting with a pair of eyes and then moving on to rest from my head so now I'm thinking I have this sense which I gave up but curious to try again. I am also very drawn to photographing buildings and trees.

One of the things that helped most is letting go of the toxic family relationships in my life and physically getting rid of the clutter I had stashed around my house holding on to all that--this gave me the sense of self I think I needed for me to get to this point and now it feels like things are coming full circle (well, this could be tip of iceberg, lol) and I can for once put things into perspective.

PS: I am of half Alaskan Native American descent (but adopted).

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AnandaHya (guest)
13 years ago (2011-01-23)
interesting. I see parrallels to my life and its nice not to feel alone. I turned 28 Aug 2010 I wonder what the world has in store for me. I have tons of shields so for most people I just appear "normal" or whatever they want me to look to them. Only my close friends and some college folk know any different. I'm glad you found some peace and I want to take up painting too but haven't found the time to do much.:) Peace, light and love
revellanotvanella (2 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-18)
thanks nikki,

I was thinking that was possibly how it worked but unsure so just the fact that you said that offered me a lot of comfort. Id like to see some of your stories going to go over there right now:)
Nikki67 (33 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-05)
Hello there,

I hope its ok if I bring myself in on the conversation at this point as I feel I have something to contribute to both of you that I certainly did not know when I first started out. Free will. I did not know that I could set boundaries on the types of energetic beings (ghosts, spirit guides, entities) that were coming around. So by offering my attention and focusing (merely by thinking about them) on them I was essentially inviting them in. I recommend that you follow your gut. If you feel uncomfortable or scared then set up boundaries. You can set boundaries by saying aloud what your free will is and who may drop by. An ex. Of what this looks like is: "All that is not mine please leave. Only those of the light may be here. All others must leave now."

If you sense a presence always ask if its from the light. Send it packing if it isn't. Also, you have control over your ability to sense others when you want to rather than being a receiver for everything that passes by you - by learning about your chakras and grounding yourself. You can choose when to turn it on and when to focus it and turn it on. That's the good news. Free will.

Btw...I also cry when I witness something beautiful in the human spirit. That means your heart chakra is 'open'.

CloudyCloudyCloud (51 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-22)
You're welcome; I'm happy to help. I definitely agree with you, that hearing other people relate their stories does help. Thanks for putting your experiences into writing so that other people like me can relate. I think that at the very least, writing is a positive way for us to understand how we feel.
I'm glad I ran into you and that you brought up spirit art. Thanks for letting me know where you found the topic.
Your account of mysterious voices saying hello sounds familiar to me; I think there are a lot of other people who have mentioned this, so there might be other stories on this site that would help give you some insight. As for my own experiences relating to that, I have encountered poltergeists and sounds, but have never heard any words being spoken to me.
Also, I do have an idea of what all of these similar experiences could mean. I learned this from the book "The Holographic Universe", which really has helped me so much: The author believes that there is a direct connection between hauntings/paranormal activity and the person experiencing it because that signifies telekinetic ability of that person. This implies that you are involved in the activity and are receiving because you have an underlying telekinetic ability. I think that everyone who is interested in these topics should read this book right away.
Here are my recent experiences:
Last year, I had a frightening encounter that I'm not afraid to talk about. I came right out and told my dad about it the next morning, because I wanted to make sure that I was safe in case it wasn't a poltergeist.
I was hanging out in my room late one night, sitting on my bed with the window cracked and the shades open. I couldn't see outside because it was so dark outside and there was a glare from the light in my room.
I felt like there was something next to me, so I instinctively looked at my window beside me. I didn't see anything but suddenly heard loud footsteps walking away from my window. It sounded like a man with dress shoes walking down the concrete, slowly, and then I heard the gate open and latch shut. Then I heard the second gate click shut. I quickly shut my window and closed the curtains.
I sat there in disbelief and was clearing my mind, while staring at the curtains. Unmistakably, right before my eyes, the curtain began to flare out toward me and I heard a simultaneous exhalation that seemed to blow my curtain toward me. I backed away from it for a second and then grabbed it to see what was behind it. The window was definitely closed still.
I left my room, and went to the front of the house to look out of the window. I didn't see anything or anyone walking around out there.
It was so hard to sleep that night.
The next morning, I wanted to make sure I wasn't tripping and I peeked over the neighbor's side yard (my window is on the side of the house) and to my dismay, there were woodchips on their side.
Also, I've been hearing a muted "thud" noise in one corner of my room for over a year. It recently went away and I don't know why, besides the fact that I've been in a better state of mind lately.
Also, get this...
I have been house-sitting for the past year. I felt that scary feeling that I wasn't alone many times. One night I heard a finger tapping the window right behind me while I was reading. It wasn't a branch or the wind... It was an obvious tapping, getting my attention. I left the house right away (although my friends said I could've walked into a trap).
A more recent experience at that house was scary but for some reason I was a lot more brave:
Over the holidays I was there for 4 weeks and dreaded sleeping in that bedroom again; so I slept in the front living room every night.
One night, I was reading when all of a sudden, there was a loud scuffling noise about 5 feet in front of me, like someone was standing there and I heard them. It was so clear that I knew for sure what it was. Then I looked back down at my book and about 5 seconds later, I heard a creaking floor board in the same spot. I said, "GO AWAY" firmly, and a second later there was a LOUD tap on the metal doorknob of the front door.
I think there is a direct connection to my emotions and when I'm feeling low I tend to encounter scary things like this. It has lasted for a long time and I really don't like it. I openly talk about it when it happens, with a few people, then never really mention it again.
That's why I found that book extremely insightful.
I think that a few things I should point out about my personality are that I am empathic. I work at a zoo and kids befriend me, and I feel like I give them the acknowledgement that they need. Animals seem to trust me and I think of them as real friends. I cry pretty easily, especially when something beautiful happens. It really does confuse me that other people around me don't cry when they experience beauty.
All of these things are meaningful to me and I've been trying to just do my best to attract positive, good energy. I've had a stalker at the zoo who wouldn't stop visiting me despite my explanation that he is outstaying his welcome. A security guard eventually had to intervene.
Maybe all of this has a little to do with having positive energy and being attractive in that sense, because there really is a lot of negative energy out there.

revellanotvanella (2 stories) (8 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-21)
Thanks Cloud for the encouragement and right now I do feel more comfortable with following my own intuition than consulting a psychic about it until It leads me to someone I can feel comfortable sharing my experiences with. I certainly would not call up a hotline but right now I've been compelled to read up all I can on meditation.

It does offer comfort to hear stories of others going through the same thing just because there's not many people willing to hear stuff like this in day to day life. Occasionally, I've had experiences where people have felt very compelled to open their heart and listen to me--that helps tremendously (stranger from riding the bus)

I found the Spirit art (also search 'Psychic Art') through Facebook
CloudyCloudyCloud (51 posts)
14 years ago (2010-01-21)
that was a really interesting story. Thanks for sharing. I'm not equiped to give any advice at this moment, although it does sound like you did the right thing by reaching out.
What sparked my curiousity was the topic of "spirit art". When I was in high school, I was always drawing eyes and then finishing up the face from there. I did it so often that one time I realized it was an irritating habit!
If you have any suggestions about where I can learn more on that topic, let me know.
I think you should really follow your intuition and the inner voice that reminds you of the activities that you want to do. Maybe those activities will help you develop your psychic ability.
Would you consider talking to a psychic, in person, about developing your ability? I hope that you get the advice you're looking for.
Thanks for listening,

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