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Possible Visions And Precognition?


This happens to me all the time and for no apparent reason. My friend Destiny, and my other psychic friend Lauren can see ghosts and Destiny can see visions and ghosts. I can see Auras and I was born with the ability and I have always seen them until recently I googled it and that's how I figured out what it is, but back to the real story here. I asked Destiny why do I do that and she said right before she has a vision she does that or if she is trying to see a Spirit, but I have never really seen one accept when I was little I saw a man in solid white by my bedside when I was leaving my room.

Sometimes I will just look at my phone or start thinking about how whoever hasn't called or texted me back in a while, and I actually timed my self and I thought, I bet within a minute someone or whoever I'm thinking about will call/ text me, and they do! Like once I was in the car and I was thinking about hunting with my Papa and then about 15 seconds later I looked out the left car window and a truck drives by with a four-wheeler that's covered in mud and has huge gun racks on the front and back.

My sister's mother-in-law is very religious and she is like me, she can talk to spirits, can see auras and something else I don't remember but she is the only person in my family I have ever told about and she completely understands me and she said that I attract a lot of people because I am made of pure light and nothing but good. That's why a lot of evil spirits or negative energy is never really around me because she said that I scare them.

Also I have dreams and they are like this. I have had two dreams before that really really upset me. The first one was when my dad recently got out of prison for 1 year for a DWI. My dad came to me in a dream and he died. I don't remember how or why but he said, don't worry it will be ok. When I woke up my face was wet from me crying and it scared me so bad so I ran into my parent's room to see if he was really still there, and he was. The other one was recent and all of my family was at my house including my great grandmother that is 89 and who lives in Indiana and I live in Texas. I got out of my bed and someone was telling me, it's time to go. It was pitch black outside and my moms 2007 Honda Accord was outside and I could see the red taillights and inside was 2-3 men and they said, "It's time to go to heaven", but I told them I had to tell my family I loved them and I would see them some other day. So I went inside and I went up to everyone and gave them a hug with tears in my eyes saying this to them, I love you and I have to go now, god wants me home and I will see you again.

Once I told every one they all looked at me silent with shocked faces. So I go back out to the car and they said, are you ready? I told them ok, but right when they started up the car I said wait, I have to tell them one more time. So I go back in and tell them all once again and this time they were all crying and I was sobbing. This happened at least 5 times of me going back and forth, but the last time I went in I was about to go back out when I remember waking up from my dream. I have had dreams that I die and go to heaven, other times I feel the most wondrous peace I have ever felt. I have heard of astral projections and out of body experiences. I can't ever tell if that's what happens to me but I think so because I will have dreams were I am awake and I know that I'm dreaming and I can control what happens. Some dreams I will be at some random place I have never been but within anywhere from 2 months-5 years because there are some people who predict things but that's not it. It's not the next day or within the same week but for me its years and I will drive by some place and I will look at something and it will be a place I have never been to before and it will look exactly or almost exactly how I saw it and it instantly reminded me of that certain dream that I was at that location. Sometimes I think to myself, god wanted me to be at this place at this time for some reason, and sometimes it takes me a while to figure out why this all happens.

Sometimes I have dreams of where I used to live that's way out in the country and is in a huge 200 acre pasture. But 9 out of 10 times that I have a dream about there whether its recurring or not it's about something evil and bad. It scares the living heck out of me because I keep on thinking that something very horrible happened on that property that I don't know about and I heard that recurring dreams are trying to give you a sign or warning of something to come.

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