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Obe And Hearing Voices


Several days ago I had my third out-of-body experience. It started out as a very vivid, lucid dream and then turned into an OBE and hearing voices. It is interesting to note that I had listened to this Paul R. Scheele "prosperity" mp3 three times in the 24 hours before it happened - once in the afternoon, then once before bed, and once again in the morning just before this occurrence. I think it is interesting because all three times I experienced going into a much, much deeper trance than I have ever experienced before, and I have listened to several hypnosis/hypnotic discs several times in the last month. However, I had stopped for a while and this was a new track. I had only listened to this one twice before yesterday, and that was over a week ago. I guess what I'm trying to say is, out of all the tracks I'd listened to, for some reason this one took me much, much deeper than any of the others had. Yesterday when I listened to it awake I almost felt like I was floating, even though I was just sitting on the couch.

This morning I had been dreaming but I was woken up by my boyfriend as he was getting ready to go have breakfast with his brother, around 6:30. He made enough noise that I couldn't go back to sleep, but I've been getting over a cold and was still tired and felt I needed more rest. So I thought, well, this prosperity mp3 really relaxes me, it put me right to sleep last night, why not listen to it again? So I did, and immediately went back to sleep. When the mp3 ended, I took the headphones off and fell back into dreams.

In a dream, I was walking down a foggy, early morning hiking path. I walked for a while, very happy, and then started to climb a small hill. In that moment I became incredibly conscious. I think it was the most self-aware I have ever been in a dream before. In that moment, I knew I was dreaming, I knew who I was, and I was very present. Best of all: I suddenly knew I could fly.

With a burst of joy, I ran forward and leapt into the air and into immediate flight. The difference that I immediately noticed that was different from my last flying dream was that the moment I started flying, the whole world around me disappeared. Instead of feeling like a literal flight, like the last dream had, this one was simply floating in black emptiness. But in my disappointment I immediately remembered that I was in control of the dream, and the landscape would soon return. I floated/flew and waited, and slowly below me I discovered I was actually near the ocean. Soon I was flying joyfully over the ocean, though it still wasn't like the other dream. This time, I could simultaneously feel myself lying in bed, just like I had in the OBE, and my hands, arms, legs and feet were numb/tingly/buzzing like they were then, too. But I was flying! I went into a steep dive and dove straight into to the ocean. I swam for a bit, then leapt out of the water and was flying again. It was wonderfully happy.

Then I felt myself laying in bed again, but floating right there maybe a foot above myself at the same time. I wasn't in my body, but I felt my body at the same time, and the sensation in my limbs. I was no longer flying. But it wasn't like I had sleep paralysis, either. This was very peaceful. It was just an OBE back in my room. Then the strangest thing happened. I heard my brother's voice speak: "M41IYIYIYIYIYIY" It was a strange number/letter sequence very similar to that but I can't remember it exactly. It was like he was right there in the room, speaking. It wasn't like dream-hearing. I heard this voice with my actual physical ears. The best way I can describe it is that it was almost like getting feedback on a radio or cell phone. I almost felt like I was listening in on something. I got the strangest feeling that though it was my brother's voice, it was not my brother. But, to tell you the truth, how can I know for sure?

The voice said a couple more sentences in English, but it was strange, because I was trying so hard to understand and yet it was like trying to comprehend a foreign language. I could hear the words, I could identify them, and yet I couldn't for the life of me understand the meaning behind them. I had no idea what the voice was trying to say. Then, here's the next strange part: I heard my voice. Speaking. But I wasn't saying anything. I wasn't trying to say anything. It was like listening to someone else with my voice, but right there, next to me in bed. My brother's voice responded. It was all still plain English. I heard words, and they were in sentences. I knew that it should make sense, yet for some reason I could derive absolutely no meaning from them.

Then my brother's voice asked, "Can you hear me?" This stood out in my mind, because I felt like this was the first time the voice was actually talking to me. Granted, I don't really know if it was. But it felt like it was somewhat surprised that I could hear it. Of course, it could just has easily have been asking in a bored voice, a sort of, 'do you copy?' But the words I remember. I at least caught their meaning. "Can you hear me?"

I tried to respond, except I was still attempting to use my body. I felt my lips move, as I tried to say, "yes." But the word yes did not come out. It came out garbled, like I was trying to talk though water. I found I could not communicate with these voices, and in that exact moment it startled me back into full awake-ness. And I actually heard, with my ears, as the sounds from the voices fell away and the silence in my room because deafeningly loud. It was fascinating because I have never experienced hearing with my ears like that, while asleep or in an OBE. And I don't remember ever hearing voices before.

Anyway, this experience was really unique and interesting. I don't think I would have thought anything of it, or even written it down had it not been for the voices. I've never had that happen before. Has anyone else had any similar experiences?

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Athena_and_Kej (23 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-06)
OBEing is an amazing thing to be able to do and still remember all of it! I am a "Warrior of Light"... Part of the Galactic Ground Crew... And I find myself OBEing many times "doing" work to stop immanent events from occuring... Sometimes just being a spy standing on a street corner watching a house... In someone else's body... This is the amazing part... Seeing through the eyes of another... Going back in time... Going forward in time... Even OBEing in this time.

So the spy thing is to train us to get information and then someone else reads your story of the OBE... Then the next days or weeks someone else who can do what I do... Gets to go and do the mission to stop the "Act" of misdeeds. Of course this is all high level stuff... Not the little things like the robber (s) holding up a mom and pop store... This is like stock brokers using methods to make "Stock Manipulations" on a large scale and then shutting them down.

Anyway some stuff we are allowed to remember and then there is stuff I know that the Galactis don't allow us to remember...

Smiling I am happy to be part of doing the right thing for humanity... I am a Warrior of the Light!

Athena and Kej
tien (1 stories) (3 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-26)
Thanks Nikki:) I've been checking out her site and it seems full of all kinds of interesting things. Maybe I'll find an answer there somewhere.
Nikki67 (33 posts)
14 years ago (2010-02-22)
Hi Tien,

I recall one of my lucid/astral dreams whereby I was aware I was in a dream and therefore said to myself, 'self', let's go flying. Actually I was very smitten with a guy at the time so I said to myself, Let's go visit Milan! I flew like a bird over continents eventually landing somewhere in Europe in what seemed to be another century, as I found myself peering into the face of a very unhappy little girl dressed in a drab grey dress. When I told Milan about my dream the next day he informed me that to direct the dream I had to be more precise and say the time and place I wished to visit as well as whom. In his opinion I'd visited him in a previous life (wrong body, wrong time, same spirit). There is much to learn about astral travel and lucid dreams... Feel free to check out to see if any of Monica Holy's posts give you answers.

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