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I have always been able to communicate with spirits, and have never told any one but my mother and my brother. My stepfather and father do not know. It was always either, seeing, hearing or feeling spirits.

Recently, something new has been happening and I don't know if it has to do with the 'supernatural' or just something strange. It can be at any time of day when suddenly I will feel a very heavy pressure on me and I'll start to hear conversations and feelings in my head and a scene will come to me. The sound usually feels like its right in my ear and I feel very paranoid like someone is right next to me.

For example, today I was walking in my hallway to go to the bathroom when I suddenly felt the same pressure all around me and I put my back against the wall (Comfort spot) and stopped, its an overwhelming feeling. Then I got a scene in my head of a lot of water just flowing over a wall of a house and I got a feeling in my stomach of sadness/ panic. The image was only a flash then I got a man saying "why would this happen?" and a murmured conversation between a man and a woman. Suddenly it all stopped and the pressure was gone.

It happens for at least 5 seconds every time, then it's gone. What could this be?

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littledreams (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-23)
Thanks, I think I'll keep a journal of them to keep track now, didn't think about it.
Rilan (1 stories) (103 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-23)
I don't have anything as dramatic as that, but this is a real coincidence that I clicked on your story because just 10 minutes ago, in History Class, I felt heat and pressure in my face and everywhere. I was trying to talk to a teacher and it sure was a distraction.

Your vision seems to be of a disaster... Probably a flood. There are a lot of those imminent with 2012 and everything else. I was half-asleep and saw lots of images the other day and I think it has to do with a future conspiracy that will cause a disaster.
Hiptumous (3 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-02-23)
I have the exact same thing I can hear see and feel things.

The heavy presence was a worried ghost with a warning, probably someone you knew.
It is warning that something is going to happen. It may be De JùVù. Or something to happen in the future.

Keep a journal of what you see hear feel or when you feel a presence if something happens then you can see if its coincidence or not.

Hiptumous x

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