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The Door Won't Stop Shaking


My older sister's door has been shaking for the past couple nights. And now I find that it shakes even during the day! I was home with my mother in the other room, sick, and the door suddenly starts shaking violently. I cannot see it, but I hear it and a mixture of fear and irritation courses through me.

It shakes around nine p.m when my sister is in her room and when I am in mine and sometimes at other times as well. Not only is it irritating me but it is also scaring my older sister. This has just recently started happening around the time I got a cold from my friend and I want so much for an explanation before I do something. Stupid, for lack of a better word, and get mad and yell at the door like it can yell back.

It stopped, once when I said "My God! Stop shaking!" I was extremely irritated with a head cold and a throbbing headache and yelled at the door. Which might be ridiculous to some but I have yelled at inanimate objects before. And they didn't do anything to me.

It happened repeatedly throughout the day. Sometimes quietly, and sometimes not so quietly. I have gone up the the door, grabbed the handle and shaken the door. And it doesn't sound the same. It does not sound as if something is trying to get into the room or open the door. It sounds as if it is simply shaking and not only is it irritating me, it is arousing my curiosity.

It doesn't happen to any other door, only my sisters. Never mine, never the bathroom door, nor any other door in the house. An explanation would be oh so wonderful.

Thank you.

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ElieN (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-12)
If I where you I would just laugh at the door As if it was a joke this is because if something is trying annoy you and if you don't be annoyed you will then annoy it back. It sounds weared but it might work.
Edmund (578 posts)
14 years ago (2010-03-11)
TheEmoShortKid... Interesting... It happened to my brother and I when we were kids... A spirit wants in but isn't quite strong enough yet... Yet is the key word... In our case our Grandmother came down and blessed the door with Holy water... That night it almost shook off of the hinges... Grandma regrouped and blessed the door the next day with Holy Oil and it stopped shaking.

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