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Most Houses Can Get that Strange Feeling


Hi my name is Katie, just telling you about a strange feelings you can get in houses. I believe that ghosts do live in houses because they don't know they're dead and they think your house is their house. Have you experienced anything strange in your house or anyone else's house?

Most houses you either live in or your friend's, when you walk into them you can have that horrible feeling inside like your being watched, something staring straight at you but you can't see them. It makes you feel uncomfortable inside and it's hard to speak. It feels like something strange is going to happen and the room gets cold. You can get a nice feeling of a house or a horrible feeling of a house. Every time you turn your back it can be there and when you turn round you see something for a split second and for some reason you scream like it's not you who wanted to scream. You know you saw something why can't it show itself than doing it unexpected or never. I feel like there's not just me in the room.

Sometimes a room I'm in is hot then all of a sudden it goes all cold, that happens a lot. I have seen a ghost at my boyfriend's old house and he saw one as well before I saw him, and one at my house I wasn't imagining it either. Things can be moved or get lost, I have seen my brush move for a strange reason like someone tried picking it up then gave up and dropped it. Have you ever had something like this happen in your life?

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RandyStoneToronto (1 posts)
10 years ago (2010-12-16)
There are several signs by which you can tell if a place is haunted or has some presence in it. The environmental ones and the personal ones. Environmental ones have a scientific explanation in most cases. Rust buildups causing wall leaks, hot air and cold air drafts, reflections, sounds, creaks, etc.

The other symptoms are very difficult to interpret, the personal ones that a person feels... Psychiatrists can check mental sanity, and find nothing and if by any chance a psychiatrist feels the same way when entering a house that has a presence chances are it does have something.

A personal sign would include discomfort, like heavy weight on the chest, or a gloomy sensation of inexplicable darkness even though you have lights on, a sort of an unhappy feeling or loneliness.

Another sign appears after living in the house or condo for a while, a sensation of being constantly watched, you can't think properly, feel hesitation, inability to concentrate, you get irritated for the simplest reasons, negative, pessimistic, loss of self esteem and confidence, and you see horrible dreams from time to time, vivid ones and even dreams of \"feces\" in areas of your house, you also see dead parents or grandparents and relatives in your dreams, and the dreams of being in fights or about to die or in a dangerous situation is very common, you wake up very uncomfortable and even scared, or yelling with a language you have never spoke before, and the stuffy feelings get intensified. You would also have a constant feeling that someone is going to open the main door and come in. When you leave the house you feel better, your mind works better, you think better, you can work better, concentrate fine, yet still have an eery feeling of being watched, monitored, followed. Some visitors, especially religious ones do not feel at ease, they get an inexplicable thirst, drink several glasses of water to no avail. Financial troubles begin to show up after living in such places for a while.

The proven signs for a haunting are the vibes, dreams, and what psychiatrists say it is depression or bi-polarism.

Chinese Feng Shui has some very interesting ideas for your home, chose your home wisely not on the basis of what agents or market or profit tells you. If you cannot feel safe, comfortable and at ease in your own home, the house is not worth a cent.
Feng Shui guidelines
- avoid having large sliding mirror closet doors in the bedrooms.
- avoid having too many doors in one bedroom
- avoid having a bathroom door facing a bedroom door.
- avoid ensuite master bathrooms.
- avoid kitchen door facing bedroom door
- avoid northern exposure.

- aaaaaand finally... Make sure when you go to buy a house to ask the agent to give you a moment to sit down and feel the house, inside your mind, say hello to whoever lives there, human or other, and say in your mind I want to live here, is that ok? Go about the place as if you like it want it and want to live in it as your own, and see if you get a bad or good vibe.
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
13 years ago (2008-10-30)
hi MysticMoon17 yeah it can be quite scary. Especially when your on your own and you feel like being watched. I see ghosts so I just think its ghosts/spirits and Its like they are there all the time around me. Halloween is coming up and I'm so scared because all this week my psychic abilities have improved. I just think it could be our spirit guides at the end of the day. Watching out for us.
What do you think?
Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
13 years ago (2008-10-30)
hi Vampire_Angel that must of been awful for you to change your room. I wish I could change my room but the other spare bedroom is also small like my room. No matter what room I sleep in. I would still experience things where ever in the house I will see ghosts. Ghosts on the landing, bathroom, bedroom and other people's houses. Freaky! I feel like I'm getting watched all the time and one time I felt like I was getting watched and it was bad then a ghost showed up so I knew there was something there all along. I knew I wasn't going mad. I stare a lot because I feel like I'm being watched al the time.
MysticMoon17 (1 stories) (8 posts)
13 years ago (2008-05-06)
Hi Katie!
I totally know what you mean! Since a long time ago I can walk into a room and feel like someone is glaring at me... Or standing behind the shower curtain or something. It's really freaky. And especially in the dark... Its like I can feel a hand reaching at me.
Vampire_Angel (8 stories) (123 posts)
13 years ago (2008-03-29)
This happens to me all the time. My house was built in the 1800's, and we moved in about three years ago. This house doesn't have as many wierd expieriences as my old house did, but I still have to deal with them. I have heard something that sounded like someone was walking up my stairs, felt like I was being watched, and recently got so scared of my bedroom, I had to change rooms.
Katie (guest)
13 years ago (2008-02-21)
LOL spirits don't hurt there friendly things all my life I have been thinking of robbers now I know why! Maybe I saw spirits when I was little thinking they were just people my parents knew. They just come unexpected when showing up that when you get the fright then after that your ok standing near them. The one's I have seen are from my dreams. I have seen other people's loved one's as spirits. I'm just wondering why they are coming to me.
They never seem to talk but they look so real at first. Then they end up not being cause they look so clear but you can just see right through them. Its amazing but I feel sorry for them. I still have dreams about me being in other countries and the spirit world.
hollinor (3 stories) (127 posts)
13 years ago (2008-02-20)
Katie, please don't say hearing is just the start, LOL! 😆 I hear and feel a lot more often than I see, but even that has increased exponentially over the last couple of years. The house I just moved into on the 1st of this month has already started up. But I know better now than to move into a house where I feel unsettled ( ). I felt comfort inside this house, so I knew it was okay. I heard men talking, and a kid crying last week sometime. Then my roomate tells me that she saw the spirit of a child twice in the kitchen yesterday. Apparently she hears kids all the time in that house. And she's seen that spirit on several occasions.

I get the cold spots all the time! What's really freaky is what my space heater in my room registers on the thermometer. It will be up to 82 degrees and then the numbers will start dropping. At least I know it's not just me, I have mechanical proof, LOL!
Katie (guest)
13 years ago (2008-02-20)
I would say that is a ghost/spirit cause in my house last year I used to walk past rooms and the doors used to always move. I always got a feeling when something was watching me then a spirit would show up. At night time I have seen a light shine through my door while everyone else is a sleep then all of a sudden someone would step in front of it. When we first moved in to this house I was 7years old and I could hear someone running up and down the stairs that's when I used to hide under my sheets it was so scary. Ever since I was little I have been psychic knowing my future and past of my family and me. Last year I have only just started to see spirits/ghosts all my stories most of my stories happened last year starting after Christmas. The last thing I have seen is a red skull of a man then then Halloween 2007 I saw a spirit and I thought it was my dad but it wasn't cause the door wasn't open didn't hear the door open. I would say your going to be a psychic medium soon cause the stuff your going through and hearing is just the start! BELIEVE ME!
abilicous (2 stories) (18 posts)
13 years ago (2008-02-20)
I have had strange things happen to me in my house. A DVD has opened by itself, the channels of my TV have changed by themselves, faucet knossels turn by themselves, and sounds like someone is jumping around when no one is there. It creeps me out.
Katie (guest)
14 years ago (2007-10-09)
I just try ignoring it now because I have got to get on with my own life and forget about these things really. It is scary but I still get to sleep the other night something tucked me to bed on Sunday night and it wasn't my parents they were down stairs how weird is that.
kristy39 (3 stories) (34 posts)
14 years ago (2007-10-09)
hi there katie I know what you are saying. My sister apt is hunted. She knows it is to she can't sleep at night. I think they need help to find the light. Sometimes spirits gets lost they don't know where they are.
nich (guest)
14 years ago (2007-09-19)
hi there katie! I understand your situation and feelings about what happened there in your old house. In my hometown (philippines) we have this house (which is my grandparents) held some different types of entities as well as spirits, both good and bad. My aunt usually fought w/this bad entities in her dreams always demanding them to go away and fight them physically in her dreams (which she always won) I guess this is because of her faith and strong will. You see, this entities in our house are so jealous that they don't want us to prosper, any project in regards to the house they always see to it that it won't happen, like making one of the family members sick or even worst hospitalized. I heard, felt and even seen some of them. This black silhouette you've seen? I saw some in that house and even at my best friends house. We even have "doppleganger" in our place, these are the entities that copies someones image. How eerie?maybe,one day I'll post some of my experiences in this site. Just be strong girl and have faith in Him. That will be your strongest weapon of all.

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