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The Spiritual Light?


I have been doing a lot of reading and more self understanding of being an empath and a telepath I believe now I experienced a lot more than that so I am feeling great now:) spiritual journey is awakening extremely, so I am not sure if this is part of my next spiritual step or is it my fear resisting?

This is a dream but I made contact with my deceased grandfather of almost 3 years ago.

I am with an old friend from middle school. She kind of had the rep for being the kind of "bad girl" but I know she had a good heart. The next thing I knew we were walking in my old neighborhood grocery store, as we were walking we stopped in front of a floating door, there was steam coming from it, and it was gold. She opened the door and as she went through she said, you can come see the light all you have to do is ask god...but, when I looked at the door it was pitch black through it, so I got really nervous, almost if having a panic attack. Then I look to my left, and my deceased grandfather was there. I gave him a big huge hug. I cannot explain the comfort and joy of that experience... I knew in my dream that I was connecting with him on a spiritual level. I knew he was deceased in my dream. I talked to him, he mostly just nodded up and down, then I woke up. Was he saving me from the light? What is the light? I have glimpses of this beautiful light in other dreams... Or Is that my fear of crossing into that step spiritual dimension? Any advice thank you! Love

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Xiamara (1 stories) (4 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-08)
I'm not a worshiper of one god in particular, I believe in a multiple gods and goddesses. I think what you saw on a more universal level is maybe the side of evil. I hesitate to call things light and dark because those are not good an evil.

I'm aligned with darkness and draw comfort from the darkness and from night. Its all about intuition sometimes what looks too good to be true is. Evil is often wrapped in pretty packaging. If you have that dream again ask your self if that is really your friend you are seeing or just malevolent forces deceiving you into a false trust?

lauryncamille72 (7 posts)
14 years ago (2010-04-29)
The Golden gate with steam (maybe smoke) is hell. Your friend is leading you astray, by telling you it is light and ask God, the devil thinks and portrays he is God, There is only 1 God who is in Heaven> the devil will tell you anykind of lie, In your dream you saw the darkness, RECOGNIZED the lie, the evil etc. Your Grandpa whom was watching saw you make the right decision, for you did not walk into the gate of hell, this is called discernment, and Grandpa is nodding his head telling you, you made the right decision by recognizing the evil and not going towards it. He did not save you, he is confirming to you that GOD in heaven see's you and he (Gpa) is in Heaven! I don't know whether you are saved by grace through Jesus Christ but it is evident that your Grandfather is! If you are not saved Gpa is telling you to get saved, if you are saved Gpa is telling you he is proud of you! You 2 did connect spiritually somehow, you are very blessed to get such a awesome and revealing dream.

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