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Clairvoyance Or Just Deja Vu?


Often, my (realistic) dreams come true. Usually I have one then it comes true about a month to almost a year later. In August before my freshmen year began (August 2009), I had a dream one night where I met one of my best friends. In the dream, I was sitting at our lunch table and she was beside me. This... 'vision' was all blurry, but my friend's face was even blurrier. She was saying something unintelligible and then suddenly the 'vision' faded away. I met Anita, my friend in October (we started talking then) and about in January, my vision happened exactly like it did in my dream. Anita was talking and I was spacing out, looking out the window and everything was blurry, but Anita's face was more blurry (might be bad grammar, but I don't care).

On another account, on the 7th of May (about we were reviewing how to say if you're going somewhere and on what day in French and My teacher had the days of the week up on the board in french; lundi, mardi, etc...) and I turned to the board to look at it and in the background, I heard my teacher yelling at two boys acting up and I had dreamt this exact same scene 4 months ago!

Also in 2008, I had a dream about taking this History test and saw a bonus question on it about the Revolutionary War (during this dream we were on Columbus sailing the ocean blue... Lol) and near the end of the year, I had that same test and aced it. What I wanted to know was if I and truly clairvoyant or just experiencing deja vu.

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Ocean_Eyes3 (guest)
8 years ago (2013-03-18)
I have something similar. Its not all that often now, but I will space out and "see" a clip in my head, like a short scene, except all I see is myself, doing something. Everyone else is blurry and I can hear things but its fuzzy. When this happens I try to write things down, such as what happened, but I find that after a minute, the vision fades away. Months later, the scene will play in real life, sometimes it is Deja Vu, but its happened so many times that now I try and change at least one thing to make my vision false. I'm unsure if its the best idea. 😕 All I can say is that I'm in the same boat.
madading (1 stories) (10 posts)
11 years ago (2010-06-24)
i think you a clairvoyant but if you relly want to know try to meditate this will help your abilities if you truly have them and you might find more things other htan being a clairvoyant. 😊 😊 😊

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