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This Week Has Been a Bit Strange


Everyday is getting stranger this week, it's been a bit weird, every time I touch my mobile I get a text message. Why? Bit strange. It happened twice this morning. It's like I think of just looking at my mobile, then every time I pick it up, I get a text message a second away. Has anyone been through this before?

On Saturday I was thinking of my ex-boyfriend, I wanted him to text me off his mum's phone, I wanted to really get back with Him. Something was telling me he will one day and I should wait because he will. On Monday morning, I got a text and it was coming from his mum's mobile and it was my ex-boyfriend! He told me to come around to his mum's house, so I did and we got back together, we hadn't seen each other for a few weeks. I love him so much and I wished that I never split up with him. He's the boy I want to spend the rest of my life with. There's no other lad I want only the boyfriend I have now. I have had a long relationship with this boy. 7 months where as all my other boyfriends have been 2- 3 weeks.

Why am I getting a text message when I just flip up my mobile every time I get a feeling I need to? I guess I know future events as well.

Hope you like my story.

Thanks for reading

Katie x

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Tara9282 (3 stories) (41 posts)
13 years ago (2008-03-21)
Hey, just read your story and I have also been through the same thing, once or twice. Like last year I was downstairs on the computer talking to friends and my cell was upstairs on my bed and I hadnt thought about it for like 2 hours and then I was like my god moms probobly called me (she was grocery shopping and hadnt said she was going to call, and hardly does when shes grocery shopping) so I go upstairs and in my room and on my bed and flip open the phone and what do you know? 1 missed call! My cell phones caller id is messed up and won't tell me who is calling me- only works for texts. Anyway I call my mom and what do you know? She has called me just 2 minutes ago. Right about the exact time I had said my god mom probobly called me! Lol it was funny and no my phone was ringer off so I did not hear any ringtone or vibration it was just so weird!
Katie (guest)
13 years ago (2008-02-17)
me and my boyfriend are telepathic because we always txt or call one another at the same time. Like my boyfriend picks up his phone and all of a sudden he gets a phone call of me. We count ourselves as one. We are so close and we can feel each other emotions I would say. I'm the sender he's the receiver. I can send a message from my mind and he will get it. When he asks me what word he is thinking of I know what it be I just guess and I get it right. I became psychic the first month we got together. Then
half way through he became psychic then now we are both. 😊
Damien (2 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2007-11-25)
Hey I finished reading your story and well I've also been through the same thing. Touching my cell when in that instant I get a text or call. I look at it and know when it'll ring or sound. I can't explain it but it's comforting to know that someone else has the same experience.

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