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Feeling Connections?


Throughout my life, I've been able to sense things pretty well. When I was younger, my grandma woke up to go to the bathroom but fell. I found out the next day, but that night, at about the time that she had fallen, I had woken up, scared.

I feel as though I can feel people's feelings. I really didn't realize it until recently but it's as though their feelings change what I'm feeling. It doesn't happen all the time but most of the time, when my friend is really hyper, I'll become really hyper. When I'm around friends it's like I can feel if some people are awkward around together, even if there is no evidence. Like if certain people feel awkward it's almost as though I can tell.

Sometimes I get random bursts of feelings. I'll become angry just because, or I'll feel like crying for no reason. Those are still unexplained and I don't know if I'm just emotional or if it's coming from other people.

I'm always drawn to the more depressed groups of kids, and I always help them in some way or another. I also have dejavu.

One time, my friend had a crush on a guy, and I accidentally ran into the guy in the hall. Didn't know it was him, but I KNOW I had run into him the same way before, or it felt like I did. Usually my friends that I know were with me both times say it didn't happen twice. Also, I sort of knew that the kid was the one she was crushing on at the time.

Sometimes I get really paranoid and I freak because I think I'm being watched or something. Actually it's happening right now, even though it's daytime outside. It usually happens at night but I'm in my basement.

I have a feeling that I'm attached to cats, or animals, more than normal. Most animals I've met love me quickly, and the same back to them. I've only run into a few who didn't love me pretty quickly. When I met my cat, I felt drawn to her and trusting to her, enough to stick my finger in her cage. She just licked it, and I knew I was meant to have her right then. She's my baby girl, has been for eight years.

I feel as though I know what she's thinking almost all the time, it's like we're connected. She hates it when I leave and usually ends up 'punishing' me by hiding for a bit. She comes out pretty quickly usually. When I meet people I usually get a general feeling about them that DOESN'T have to do with what kind of person they seem to be.

I have a friend who acted like a jerk at first to everyone because she's scared, but for some reason I kept trying to be friends with her. I didn't push, and soon decided she'd become friends with me if she wanted to, and soon after she facebook messaged me and we became good friends. Like, best friends. One of my other good friends we clicked within the first few minutes of meeting each other.

I can tell if a guy is the kind of guy who isn't a good person almost immediately, even if they seem to be perfect. My friends exboyfriend, though I'm nice to him, always felt a little off. I just don't like something about him. He's turned out to be abusive and uses mean mindgames.

This happens a lot, but not with every single person I meet. When I meet someone new, and become friends, I always ask them what they first thought of me. Almost all the time they think I looked scared and like a little girl. Of course, they're all friends I made over a year ago.

Whatever powers I have aren't strong, because I can't control whatever it is I have. It's really annoying sometimes.

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IndigoGIRL (guest)
14 years ago (2010-06-29)
Hello,this sounds like you are an empath or that you can obviously feel others feelings and emotions, if you want to control your empathetic gift (like blocking out others emotions, to do that, visualize a large wall around or in front of that person) Now if you want to feel their emotions just let them into your mind or just take a deep breath and clear your mind. I hope this helps, and don't worry, you will get the hang of this with a little practice.
Blessings-IndigoGIRL ❤

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