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Not Sure Little Odd Occurances


I'm not to sure if I'm Psychic, but I've had lots of weird experiences. These past 3 months have been very odd. I start to see things happen in some of my dreams. Or I'll just think of something, and some how it happens. But yesterday really freaked me out. I was on a long road trip and I heard this song 2 times but I couldn't remember the melody. I was thinking about that right before I walk into this gas station and when I walk in the exact song I couldn't remember came on.

The Next odd situation was on the same trip. I was thinking about this song that had a catchy tune, but I never heard it on the radio. Its more of a Old time song. About half an hour later the song comes on. The final experience with music came at the end of the day. I thought of a song and it was the song was on when I turned on my radio. Many things like this have happened.

But the one I thought was the most oddest occurred about 3 weeks ago. I was going into an restaurant and right before I walked in I had this vision of my ex girlfriend and her mom being in the restaurant. I walk in shes there with her mom. Granted it was her favorite restaurant it was still odd. As I said many of weird little experiences have been occurring. Any thoughts or comments would be helpful.

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