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Obes At Camp


As the title says I had two Obes (Out of Body Experiences) at camp

The first was when I was just waking up from inside my dark blue sleeping bag. (Well the sleeping bag was on a wooden bed in a cabin so you could say that I was on top of a bed) I was very tired and chanted I will have a lucid dream as usually to fall back asleep soon I fell back asleep in my sleeping bag, but to my surprise I was in the air instead of on the ground I saw all the cabin people's bed in my cabin with tier sleeping bags just like mine on top of wooden beds, my friend Tishara and the cabin leader were inches away from my sleeping bag, I realized at that moment that I had finally done a controlled Obe!

Those two years of studying other peoples Obes and how they did it had finally paid off! I moved my hands around to make sure I wanted to fly. Unfortunately at that moment everything faded back to pitch black. Tishara had woken me up by this point and was shaking me. I guess, that while I was looking at my hands I never saw the cabin leader leave (she was no longer there) and I did not see Tishara shaking me. Oh well at least it was a good Obe:3

The second Obe was also when I was sleeping I had again fallen asleep inside my dark blue sleeping bag this time during turtle time. (The time where everybody is resting in their cabin.) In the Obe Tishara and my cousin Christina were dragging my feet so that I was almost falling off the bed my eyes were closed and I had somehow gotten out of my dark blue sleeping bag, but something was wrong, I could NOT hear what they were saying! It was as if I was watching a video of Christina, Tishara and I and a person had muted the audio. That is all remember before I was awoken by Tishara. I am not sure if that was a dream or a controlled Obe without sound.

Help for having more controlled Obes would be nice. I can not pass the vibration part sometimes I do not know any ways to get out of my actual body unless I am very tired.

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Kittkat (5 stories) (18 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-13)
sure! I emailed you a message with my gmail account my email is BNcatsrule[at] thanks for the list of websites by the way.
fossilera (4 stories) (124 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-12)
I can help out a little with this, if you want.

Basically, I did some research on how to have more OBE's, and if you want, I can email the experiment I tried on myself and results to you.

My email can be found on my profile, or

Perfectworld88 [at]

Short summary of experiment results:
-Had two conscious OBE's within days of each other.

-multiple "half" OBE's (I say this because they were past the vibration stage, but not quite there)

-Pretty easy technique used, and doesn't require too much.

General tips:
-You might be experiencing fear issues. Fear of any kind will often prevent you from going farther with OBEs. For me, I got scared of the vibrations when they first happened. The easy solution was to tell myself mentally that there was nothing wrong with having them.

-If you have an OBE, try first to get the hang of moving the astral body around. This way you won't get too "excited" and get put back in your body so quickly.

Additional info:

-I Agree with Evangeline, in that hemi-sync tapes may work when trying to OBE. Some of them were used in my experiment, and the results were successful.

Here's a list of material that I've found useful to use or read

"Astral Dynamics" (Robert Bruce)
"90 Day guide to an out of body experience" (Robert Bruce)

All Three Books by Robert Monroe:
-Journeys Out of The Body
-Far Journeys
-Ultimate Journeys


Paid For:
-I highly recommend getting "The Gateway Experience" Series from the Monroe Institute. These are pretty pricey, but you can get them cheaper through a site like amazon or ebay. (The cassette versions are cheaper still because fewer people use cassettes anymore)

-The Metamusic series from The Monroe Institute. I only have a few titles, and those are great.

Free hemi-sync:
-Here's a place to get started

Finally, if you want, I can also send you a guide I made that has links to a bunch of other hemi-sync people have made for free.

Kittkat (5 stories) (18 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-12)
okay thanks for the help Evangeline:3 I think I might try that
Evangeline (3 stories) (7 posts)
12 years ago (2010-07-12)
Hey KittKat! Interesting story. Have you ever tried binaural beats? There tones that can help you to meditate or have an OBE. You can buy them at Also try to have an OBE in the early morning hours when your blood pressure is lower. Good Luck!

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