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The Ghost At My Piano Teacher's House


I was at my piano teacher's house sitting in a nice chair, daydreaming about the person I love, and waiting for my mom to pick me up from piano when I heard a voice. She (it was a girl ghost) said "that must be hard" at the time my sister was studying a book she had recently gotten so I do not know if she was talking to me or my sister. Then my mom came in her gray van it was time to leave piano for my sister and I so we could go to a girl scout meeting. The ghost girl followed I saw her running towards us she was much like Molly only not well... You know if you have read my past stories (sorry if you ever see this post Molly the ghost) and she looked about 16 she had very long hair, and was running towards the gray van we were in. She got into the car and tagged along I learned a few things about her while I was there. One was that she hated violent things Two was that she lived during 1976 Three is a prediction I think she might be a good ghost and haunts my piano teachers house, but I have never heard her there before this is my first time hearing her. When we got to the girl scout meeting place she tagged along but we were listening and voting about activeates she got bored and left.

Molly has come back I still see her but she is not harming me I just see her creepily staring at me and running around.

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Rashidah (guest)
12 years ago (2010-09-04)
I think that you should of submitted it on the ghost story site... No offense ❤

I believe that this is a ghost that resides there in your teacher's house.
Kittkat (5 stories) (18 posts)
12 years ago (2010-09-04)
come on peoples please please comment... What do you think about this real story?

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