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My Dreams And Visions Of A Ghost


Ever since I was little I was always seeing future things, dreams, feeling people's emotional moods when they least show it, seeing past events that I was never there for, And I can for some reason remember the strangest things. But I can't understand "Why?" I don't have any Psychic's and/or Mediums in my family in which I came from so Why do I keep seeing these things? I saw my first ghost at my bedside one night when I was 5... And being a 5 year old like is the only age of mine that sticks out allot. And as I move down my life more and more I begun remembering exact times, dates, years and months that somethings happened on. I can even remember what happened when I was born! And when I was still pretty small I would be in my room all alone, playing with my dolls, just like a normal girl would... And then all of a sudden I hear strange voices in my head that sounded like a deep and dark man's voice calling my name repeatedly. And I ran out of my room frightened of the strange voices in my room constantly calling my name. And just recently May 11,2010... There was a school bus accident on the end of my street. And 2 months before I had a dream and a vision of the same thing happening and there it stood on that day. My bus stop is there actually... And if it wasn't for that voice in my head telling me to go down there later than I should of... I might of died. In Fact... I seem that I never could die... I choked, I had this medical problem with me which SHOULD of caused me not to breathe, and how many cuts in my life. But the cuts depending on how big they were healed in a instant hour... Or in 7 days maximum. And I don't have that much of a medical history because I was born healthy and still is. July of 2010, I was just taking pictures of my room because we redecorated and I wanted to post those on my facebook. And I took a Picture of my window that had new curtains up. When I posted that on my Facebook I was looking through them and something was telling me I took a ghost picture. And I felt there was a presence around me the entire time. So when I got to the curtain photo I seen this white glare coming off my window. I thought it was just a glare from my camera flash, but I proven to myself it wasn't. The blinds were semi-closed, and the glare wasn't even really coming off the window. And I looked at the picture more closely and realized I captured the picture of the ghost!

Then I studied it and saw the face of it. It had this blue eye almost-like it took up his entire eye, I saw the nose, and his mouth was opened up as his tongue was still inside his mouth but you could see it. And that's the same face I saw in my dreams one night. I opened my closest in my dream and he was in there... He was looking down at me with a really creepy smile and everything, and the same ghost I could of sworn I seen peeking in the corner of my hallway. He had a blue glare coming off of him and everything, And I seen a little girl in a white dress skipping across my room one night. I was just texting on my phone until I felt my necklace rise off my neck and then I only noticed when it dropped. And there she stood the little girl with her hair back in a pony tail as her white dress fell to the floor. I never will forget that day either. Well I still kind of want to know who I really am I I thought I was a Clairvoyance but am not sure of i. And I would like to share more of my stories but it might just be in my next story. Thank You for reading this.

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