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Power With Age


As long as I can remember, I have always been a good guesser. It hadn't occurred to me until recently that it wasn't a coincidence. At age 9, I had my first prediction. Hurricane Katrina was only forming when I knew it would be disastrous. I felt a cold tingling feeling on my spine. It made me shake and I felt danger. I was scared of what I felt but stayed quiet about it. Since then, if I wanted to find out if something was going to happen, I would concentrate on a subject and if my spine tingled something terrible would happen. I predicted lightning storms and hurricanes. At age 11, I was drawn to this lonely kid at school. I didn't find out until later that he could see aura. He became my best friend. At age 12, I was drawn to this other kid in school. We had the same abilities which included eye techniques (we could analyze everything in our line of sight), weather changing, spirit sensing, and energy manipulation. My friend and I once turned rain to hail by making the energy around into a thin sheet of ice and sending right under the clouds. When I was 13, I saw a dark shadow watching me from my bedroom door. I sent a wave of energy at it and it disappeared. Since then, I have managed to control energy more freely. I still sense some spirits around me and I always send a wave of energy at it. Usually it works, but lately I have had the feeling that a spirit is still around. So I have started working with a crystal that my friend gave me. It repels sprites when I concentrate my power in it. Please can someone tell me how to use crystals. It would be a big help. Also, I read on this website that someone astral projected. Can someone teach me that? It would be amazing. -SilvesterCat10

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aleishia1300 (6 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-09)
well maybe when you get that feeling you should try to help get people out of the disaster area before it happens like with deadly tornadoes or hurricanes or a flood... Or something like that because if you know about it you can save innocent lives... Its a great gift to have!

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