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Three Dreams in One Night, the Next Day it Happens


Hi everyone, my name is Pelagie Aggark I wrote a my last story about learning that I was a empath. This story that I'm about to tell you happened on Saturday September 29, 2007.

I went to sleep after midnight because my family would be in bed after that time, I dreamt that I was in a dark place just standing there looking down at something. I saw myself just looking at something I couldn't really see, then my brother came and said 'inujuniiqtu' which means in my language he/she is died. I looked down again and saw this person that I don't know who was dead on the floor in front of me, I wasn't scared, I didn't cry and didn't do anything. The rest of my family appeared and looked down at the dead body sympathetically, a different image appeared about an accident near my aunt's house a couple doors from hers. I didn't know who it was that got hit but the person was just lying on the ground unconscious, I was just standing there in my dream while all of this was happening. Then another image appeared, it showed the hallways of the health centre, in bed was a little boy and his family beside him, in another room I heard crying and panicked voices in that same room when I went to go see the crying stopped and everything was calm.

When I woke up the next morning I was lying on the bed in my parents room looking for some good shows to watch, (I all ways leave the door closed because it gets kind of noisy in the morning) my mom opened the door and told me that someone passed away at night, no one know how he done it (I forgot his name already), later that evening my mom got a call from my aunt that Dennis (my cousin) who is only 9 years old had been in a accident, so my mom, myself and my cousin Sophia went to the health centre to go see him and make sure that he was alright. Dennis has a broken left legs and that is all, he didn't suffer from major injuries except for the leg. I went out side for a cigarette with my mom and my aunt's ex-husband's sister Linda, the three of us heard sirens coming from the other side of town where I came from. Shelly (my other cousin) came out side for a cigarette with us and asked us if we heard siren, we answered 'yes', she told us that someone just had a seizure (how ever you spell it) we went inside back inside, they moved Dennis from the emergency room to the next room across, a couple minutes later I heard crying (not a baby's cry) and relieving sighs from some adults, I wanted to go see who they were but I couldn't go because I was alone with Dennis looking after him while he slept. My aunt came back with my mom, cousin and niece I went out of the room to see who they were in the emergencies room. I walked and there was a little girl being checked by the nurse to see if she'll be alright. Turns out that all these occurrences came true from my dream from that night. I know now who were these people but didn't know who they were in my dreams.

That's all for now I hope you enjoyed this story as much I enjoyed telling it.

Have a good day ^_^

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Holly (guest)
13 years ago (2007-12-21)
well I am new to all of this
my premention or I don't really no what to call it?
happend last night
i had a dream about talking to an old friend and her friend
i don't really remember hearing them speak I just remember that they were both there! The next morning I told my other friend that I had a really weird dream! In the evening there a knock on the door and my old friend walks in with her friend and we sit down and talk
this wasn;t deja vu because I have had deja vu and it wasn't a momentery thing, and I din't feel deja vu! It wasn't until afterwards that I remembered having the dream! Can anyone tell me what has happend? I am really confused and unsure? Can anyone tell me what this means?
arcanepower (guest)
13 years ago (2007-10-11)
yes, there's a specific word for it. Can't remember it though. I meditate often, and when I do, I have dreams again(I normally dont) and they are either a foretold part of my future, or a desired future. Go to and go to the dreams section.
Katie (guest)
13 years ago (2007-10-06)
I have dreams and then they come true so I know what it is like to go through this thing. It just dreaming of the future really. I enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for sharing it with us. 😊It can happen to a few people this. It not really nice to dream about the future. If it something bad least you get warned about it. Sometimes you can change what happens which is good. 😊
kristy39 (3 stories) (34 posts)
13 years ago (2007-10-06)
thanks for telling this story I realy injoyed reading it. Yea it is very fuuny how people dream of things and then it realy happens I know what your saying.

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