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Ghosts Visiting Me And Tauntings When In A Weakened State


I am a 26 year old, happily married mother of one who is pregnant with her second child, I am writing because of the fear inside me, I fear my relationship is being hurt by these strange "abilities" I have had throughout my entire life.

From the beginning as a child I felt watched, I would be so scared of this feeling, soon it would pass, by me moving to another city, or out of a home. I also have dreams of things that happen years prior to them happening, I get a strong feeling of deja vu and it makes me extremely scared, I feel like someone is going to hurt me.

I should also say, the worst times are not now, at one point in the old place we lived in, I would wake up to a demon figure coming up from my husband's body, I would wake up to him choking me, I was so scared, I did some versus my dad gave to me to see if it would get this scary thing out of my life, it seemed to make this thing weak, but it seems to follow me.

As of lately, I am 5 months pregnant, give or a take a week, my aunt died not too long ago, and I did an intervention on my mother, since this I have been tormented by ghosts of some sort, during the day or night, they invade my dreams, I keep having dreams with my aunt in them and my mother, and who I believe to be my grandfather (I never met him) and other family members I have never met, they keep trying to talk to me, and they are yelling at my mom, and then she dies, I feel she will die soon, and I feel since I am in a weakened state, these ghosts are coming into my life to taunt me. Well last night I was very annoyed, instead of the usual touching my hand, laying next to me in bed, ect, I felt like someone spilled water on me, I jumped out of bed, thinking it was my sons baby bottle spilling, but my son was not in the room, as usual, before I see anything, my son gets scared, wants his father, and wants far away from the area I'm in, this hurts, but as I realized my son was not in the room, I also could breath, like I was drowning, I took a deep breath and tried to shrug it off and go back to bed, as soon as my head hit the pillow (I wear ear plugs) I heard crying, thinking it was my son, I took the ear plugs out, the crying stopped, I put them back in an encountered screaming, I took them out, and it stopped, totally freaked out I went to get my husband, and told him I was scared and please to come sleep with me, he was annoyed as usual, but understanding to the extent someone who isn't going through this could be. I kept being woke up in the middle of the night and I am dead tired.

This morning as almost every morning, I wake up and look at the clock, annoyed of not getting any sleep, the clock says 5:45 AM, I go pee, get in bed, the minutes have not changed, but the clock says 6:45AM, this happens about every morning once I have had these things happen to me, it bugs me and worries me, I just want a normal life, my son is affected, and now I have a new thing happening, (one I don't actually mind) I feel like my unborn child I very close to me, and I'm so connected to her, I feel like she is speaking to me, I feel I'm going crazy in a way, is there a way to make this stop or control it a little more? Thank you for your time.

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bbdeathspark (4 stories) (617 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-22)
YOu must not base help on purely religious things alone. This could easily workj by saying Allah as well, or Buddha or any other god what have you. Plus, God isn't as powerful as you think, He can't be the solution for EVERYTHING. But yes, God truly does exist, so do angels. ^_^.
Reneene (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-22)
Since I have written my statement to you a few months ago on what to do, I have to tell you that I was wrong and I hope that you did not do what I suggested doing. God has lead me back to Christianity and I am no longer involved in anything that has to do with Islam or any other false religion. Since the last article I wrote to you, I have had dreams that God is speaking to me, I've seen an angel and I get words just before I wake up from the Holy Spirit. God has lead me back to him. The demons are going away. They are going away because of my faith in God which gets stronger and stronger each day. I do suggest telling these demons to leave and that the blood of Jesus is all over you and your room and the house. That you command them to leave (because you have authority over them... They just don't want you to know that!). The thing is, you MUST BELIEVE. Also, you can say psalm 91 every day. It is the truth and if you call on the name of God, he will be there for you and you should not be afraid of the terror by night. No evil shall befall you! Good luck and e-mail me if y ou have any questions!:)
Reneene (2 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-30)
Hi! I have had similar experiences as well. I always knew that I had some sort of gift, even as a child, but I didn't know what to do with it. I was able to control my dreams and could do magic in them as a child and always felt like I had some type of power in my hands. I have dreams now that come true and I've been starting to predict things. I can also sense how people are feeling and am starting to use it for the good...I'm in the medical field. For the last ten or fifteen years, I have had some spirits following me around... In fact, I can hear them calling my name now as I'm writing this (but I am choosing to ignore them as if they don't exist. I used to be terrified of them and they love that. They feed off of your fear and the power that you give them over you. I wasn't spiritual before, but I am now and the power of God/Allah is real. If you are spiritual or in any way, I would advise you to go to become more involved in whatever religious branch that you belong to. You may even be able to find someone within the religious branch that can help you get rid of them or lessen their power. Keep asking around if no one will help you or believes you. The most important thing is to have "faith" in God or whatever you believe in and to know that you are in control... Ignore them. It may get a little worse at first, but keep it up and they will get used to you ignoring them. One thing that I have learned about mine is that they can't and don't hurt me. I may get pushed or poked or they "try" to open my eyelids, but that's it. That is the only power they have. They have as much power as you're willing to give them. You can also say this in arabic: "A udhu billahi minute al shaytan al rajim. Bismillah ir rahman ir rahim". I wrote it in a way that you can read it and it will sound how it's supposed to sound. The meaning of this phrase is:I seek refuge in Allah from the outcast Satan. Allah is the Arabic name of God. That you reside with God/Allah. You can also try to play this on you tube throughout your house. They are the last three suras in the Quran. They are protection prayers in the old arabic language:
Niki08 (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-29)
Honestly, if you aren't a paticularly religious person like myself (agnostic), taking control of the situation by commanding the presence to leave you alone works most of the time. Personally, I lay down rules; such as "my home is mine and unless specifically invited in, none are allowed here", "Nothing paranormal nor supernatural will tamper or interact with myself, my home, or my loved ones, unless my loved ones specifically choose to concsiously interact with you.", and most importantaly, when I catch the rules being broken, I speak aloud clearly in a sort of commanding voice "Get out." Honestly, I don't see them anymore I just feel them around me and for me that has worked most of the time. When it doesn't, I hug my boyfriend or ask him to hold me and just sit with him quietly in contact and in my head repeat over and over until I feel 'alone' with him again "Get out of my home and leave us alone".

Whether or not you want to pursue your abilities is entirely up to you, if it's not something you're comfortable with, do some reasearch and see if it's something you're interested in, if not, I would suggest you try either the praying or just telling them to leave.
On a side note: If you're not in a position to speak, whether you're in front of company or whatnot and you don't want to 'make a scene' or something by telling 'no one' to leave/get out, just a sort of stomp of your foot as you think it helps to show assertion and that you mean it. Anyway, I hope I could be of some help to you in resolving the aspects that make you feel less than comfortable.

Congratulations on your second child and I hope you have a peaceful and happy life!
molly_lee29 (1 stories) (9 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-28)
I am 13 and have expirenced a lot of demons and spirts taunting me befor. Say this prayer befor you go to sleep it might help.
It helps keep bad things/ taunting away.

"God, wash me in your blood. From the foundation of the floor, to the roof tops and ceilings, I rebuce all spirits around me."
cherelann (1 stories) (6 posts)
14 years ago (2010-07-28)
Hi, I have had similar experiences but not to the extreme as yours. There are certain times that I can't sleep and I find myself up all night because everytime I fall asleep I jump up abruptly or when I fall asleep I wake up feeling my body totally paralyzed. I would try to move my body anr yell but I couldn't. I could see and feel everything around me but I just couldn't move my body or say anything. There were times when I woke up the nest morning with unexplained blue marks on my body. What helps me through this is prayer, eachtime this happened I would call out to Jesus in my mind repeatedly until I feel my body get released. Praying helped me a lot so I do not cease to pray but I still have a lot of dreams which almost always comes true. I spoke to a PUNDIT abot my experiences and he told me that there is some sort of entity at my house or in my bedroom and I have to do some sort of clensing to get it out or it will always happen, but the thing is, I got baptised in February and I pray a lot and ever since that I don't get the night attacks but I sometimes still feel the presence of something in my room but I try to dismiss it in my mind eachtime I sense it and that works. So my little advice to you is to pray and ask for protection for yourself, and your family.

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