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Lately I have had visions some came true others didn't or I am waiting for them to come true,

This visions are clear and real they come to me in the normal day schedule like just come to me when I'm walking or eating, I never think of that when its happening, lots of them have come true.

When they come to me is like when I'm dreaming I do not remember them so I think I should start a journal with them, like I said in my other story about astral projection, about lucid dreaming it happens to me a lot, I'm only thirteen and I have other abilities, but I'm worried about this one especially because it just came to me one day like that it just appeared like my other abilities mastered except psiballs and shielding but this ability it's different.

Sometimes I get the chills out of nowhere and it is getting me scared, as I told in my profile I'm really having a hard time here in my country and in my family too: (so please I need all your help in this aspects, I can help with aerokinesis and atmokinesis so please email me my email is: dafg37 [at]

Another thing: if you can please pray for my country, I know you may think Venezuela is a bad country, but once it was a very good country, the best country in South America please.

Email me

thanks Diego

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