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How Can You Tell It's Real?


I've had many experiences in my life. A lot, some would say, could be easily explained away. But, some just make me wonder. Is it all my imagination or the beginnings of an underlying psychic phenomenon? The earliest I can remember when all of this started was when I was around six or seven years old. They say that a child's mind can create wonderful, imaginary things.

So when I started seeing shadows walking in the hall at night, am I imagining it? They weren't all the same. One in particular always scared me... It was in the shape of a very large man walking down the stairs of the third floor, briefly stopping in front of the doorway of the room I was sleeping in then downstairs and disappearing. It would do this repeatedly until I could summon the courage to wish it away, and then it would be gone. Other times, it would be people fading into the house. Nothing more than a group of shadows seeping into the living room and fading away. I never understood why I would see such things.

Then things started to move. Particularly, these small statues of old men in various poses. In my parents' room, they were all on shelves of their own. I would look up at them and I could see their mouths moving. As if they were talking to each other or something. I didn't hear their voices only saw their mouths move. It frightened me to look at them but when I looked away and then back their mouths would still be moving. And then I heard people whispering. It scared me so much but I didn't know what to do to stop it. It wasn't loud whispering but there were so many voices I couldn't tell what was being said.

One night, I awoke to hearing the same voices but it almost sounded as though the conversation was between a man and a woman. My father use to start work at three in the morning so my mom would stay up to say goodbye to him. I figured it was them talking over coffee or something so I went downstairs to say goodbye to dad. When I couldn't find him I'd asked my mom where he was. She said he had already left for work. When I asked who she was talking to she said no one. I was convinced I had heard them talking while I was in bed. I'd finally figured out a way to shut up the whispering and eventually it went away.

I'd stopped seeing the shadows walking in the house and the old men statues don't scare me anymore. I'd figured it was all in a child's mind until odd coincidences made me think twice. In my teenage years I had a lot of deja vu that left me thinking I was going to have a nervous breakdown at an early age. Having my mom tell me numerous times "you read my mind!" made me believe I just knew what she was going to say cause she so predictable. Until other people were saying the same thing.

Precognition never dawned on my when I started to notice I could sense things. It wasn't all the time but I would catch me by surprise when I sensed something and then it would happen. I don't believe that I'm a strong clair-anything. But you can't just write something off when after years of no activity it all starts happening again. I've read a lot into psychics and becoming one but I'd never figure that it would happen to me. It just kept happening one after another. I wanted something, it happened or I got it. Then it just stopped. I wasn't feeling too happy, something was there to make me feel better. Then that stopped too. I figured it was a fluke and that coincidences just happen.

Then last week, I had just finished read a book; one of the character's last name kind of stuck out for me: Healing. Didn't think much of it just that I didn't know how to pronounce it so it stuck to me. That very night my wisdom tooth was bugging me so bad! The very next day while I was at work in the photo department, I was finishing developing some photos and packaging the order when I noticed the last name on the order: Heilig. I was taken aback by the odd coincidence of seeing the very same last name. Laughing it off I finished the order and continued to help out in the customer service department.

The two are some-what connected to when there's nothing to do in photo I help out in customer service. My tooth was bugging and I had put some ambesol to make it feel better. As if the day couldn't get more coincidental, a woman who use to be the dental assistant of my old dentist (which I hadn't gone to in about eight years) came in to do a return. I spoke with her about my problem and she told me to just extract the tooth as soon as possible. Two separate instances occurring in the same day? How can I write that off?

Not too long ago, something happened. I had caught a bout of a sore throat that had me up all hours of the night coughing away into a garbage bin. One night I had woken up in desperate need of coughing up something fierce so I rushed to the bathroom only to stop short and stare at my closet door... That was wide open. I never leave my closet door open and I hadn't gone through my closet earlier that night. Forgetting the door I rushed to the bathroom. I was coughing so hard I nearly coughed up a lung. Making my way back to my room I tried to figure out how my closet door was left open.

Later that day when I came home from work I was feeling slumped and was talking to my mom in the backyard while eating some watermelon. I had distinctly heard the sliding door open, figuring it was my dad coming into the backyard from the house. But when I looked to the door... He wasn't there and the door was still closed. My mom asked my what was the matter and when I was about to say that I'd heard the sliding door open, not a moment later, my dad opens the sliding door to come into the backyard from the house. I looked at my dad and then back at my mom and said "I just heard the door open before dad even opened the door." She just kind of brushed it off and walked to greet my dad. It still bothers me how any of that happened.

I'm not sure if I can chalk it up to just coincidences. I know for a fact that many of the women in my family have had their share of "coincidences" that could relate to either being psychic, God or just bad juujuu but for me it makes me wonder... Can all of this, any of this, be real psychic phenomena?

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Edmund (578 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-17)
isabol22... As an adult a good gage of how real a possible psychic event is... Is how your senses/body turn on and how long it lasts. If your hair is standing up, pulse racing, eyes wide open and your hearing sharpens and it lasts for a few seconds your body and mind is telling you something is there. If someone suprised/scared you it only lasts a split second. Children are usually pretty open and don't react the same as adults... Unless its really scary... But if a child is telling you things they shouldn't /couldn't know... Like you with seeing your G-ma as a nurse... Its well on track as a psychic experience.
Iunderstand (3 stories) (153 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-14)
To shudder- Then I welcome you into our fellowship. You will certainly meet some very interesting and intelligent people on this site. Just beware of the young ones who like to start fights. Hey feel free at anytime to shoot me a message on one of my stories, especially if you have any questions. My knowledge of empathic ability is quite extensive, though please don't take me for a boaster.:)
Iunderstand (3 stories) (153 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-14)
To intotheblack- Yea I got a touch screen phone to that I always use. Using it right now. Its even more annoying when you have to go through and change all those little instances. The autospell totaly sucks too. It gives you a list of all the words you aren't trying to spell.
IntoTheBlack (66 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-14)
[at] shudder

I can spot that you are typing from an iPhone. I wish that they would stop auto-capitalizing the word after the period in the cases of "etc" and "esp". It is truly annoying.
Shudder (1 stories) (5 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-14)
I think I know where you're at. It's taken me a very long time to come to the realisation that I'm different to a lot of other people and it's not because I haven't had plenty of experiences but because I've spent most of my life questioning those experiences.
Whether what you experience or not is real... It comes down to frequency and reliability. The more often it happens and the more often you intutition etc. Are correct, the more you'll put your faith in them. It kind of seems to be a natural progression. It's taken me a long time to trust myself!
Iunderstand (3 stories) (153 posts)
13 years ago (2010-08-14)
Ask yourself how often you feel the need to try and convince yourself these things aren't real. What are your dreams like? Can you describe them? The kinds of dreams you have are clues as to how deep your "psychic" ability goes. We each have a body, soul, and spirit, each have their own set of receptors and transmitters. That's a really basic description though. We are all capable of being "psychic".
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
13 years ago (2010-08-12)
The too gullible think everything they imagine is real and the hard liners think everything but facts based on evidence is imaginary. So it's good to question what you are seeing but also have some confidence that what you see may be more than what meets the eye. Shadows are a hard thing to peg. It's like a cloud; it can shape into all sorts of neat things but it's still just a cloud. Shadows can play tricks so we should all use (like you did) common sense and not jump to conclusions until the shadow does something shadows don't do like morph into a solid shape, make a clear noise or something else quite out of the ordinary. Feel free to read the shadow article I wrote on this site: In your case you may be seeing spirits.

Hearing voices after coming out of sleep is not uncommon. We are generally picking up frequencies in the etheric. I can hear full blown songs when coming out of sleep, or radio waves in full clarity. It just is. It's not really paranormal, it's simply that we are experiencing life through a filter and that filter is removed when we sleep and only starts to come back into being when we wake up. "Altered states" are just our diminishing of the filter. The filter is the ego, the noise of life and the physical body that obstruct subtle realm data.

We are all psychic! It's just a matter of degrees. So for you to have some of that is very natural. There is too much hype around psychic abilities like it's so special - it's quite ordinary. Can you just imagine what your life would be like if you actually worked on this? This psychic muscle which has atrophied would come to life and your life would be incredible. The small experiences would become so common place that you'd just accept them for what they are. The spectacular experiences would be introduced into your life and eventually, you'd just accept the truth that you are an amazing microcosm of All That Is and can perceive and do just about anything.

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